Has 1899 been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know

Canceled or Renewed?

1899 is the newest thriller, coming straight from the genius mind of the producers of Dark 1899, the twisty-turny German Netflix Original. After watching all eight episodes, you’re probably wondering if the show was renewed or canceled. This is what we know:

What is 1899 Season 1 about?

An entire group of European migrants departs London aboard a steamer called the Kerberos. They’re determined to build their own new lives and settle in New York.

But, along the way the Kerberos crosses paths with another abandoned ship that has been a migrant for months at sea known as the Prometheus. As they probe more deeply into this mysterious ship the more terrifying shocking, disturbing,

and horrifying the mystery grows. What begins as a straightforward trip soon becomes so much more, as each passenger begins to doubt the truth of their experience.

Giving away more information is a disservice to this show, and it’s definitely one of the shows that you need to be patient with – even though the urge to watch it all over again is strong on this show!

We cover a wide range of 1899 throughout the website with a full season recap and review for each episode. Find that on our website!

Does the season of 1899 already been renewed to season?

As of the writing time the year 1899 is not yet been renewed to a new season. Based on its nature and material, this could be changed if it produces good figures for Netflix.

In general, Netflix evaluates a variety of metrics prior to renewing a show, such as the number of people who initially watched it, and later considering the drop-off. For certain shows, cancellations or renewals occur fast (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) Sometimes it may take months for to Netflix decides on the future of a show.

The first season of the 1899s received a positive response from the public, but less positive reviews from critics who expressed their displeasure over the slow pace and lack of dialogue. The show has been well created, and there are definitely many recognizable similarities between Dark and Dark.

Given the way in which the show is structured and the fact that Dark has been awarded a second and third-season renewal and we are predicting that it is likely to continue for another season. The creators have said that they are aware of what the plot is and have mapped out a logical plan before the time. This is the ideal kind of show to watch and there’s plenty of possibility for the next for show to expand into.

What we have learned about season 2 so far:

What we know about season 2 so far

There isn’t much information about season 2 at the moment considering that Netflix hasn’t yet green-lit an extension. But, there’s a strong case for a second season to follow.

The conclusion is when Maura “wakes awake” in 2099, with the entire experiment devised by her father. Our own speculations about this (we believe that there’s a second simulation within the one we’ve seen!) However, it’s evident that our characters are scattered across two different regions The mysteries that have been resolved have only opened the door for more to be revealed.


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