Has Ancient Apocalypse been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know

Canceled or Renewed?

Ancient Apocalypse is the latest series available on Netflix that explores the concept that there was an old civilization that walked around long before hunter/gatherers, and who have gone unnoticed by the ages. After watching all eight episodes, you’re probably thinking if the show has been renewed or canceled. This is what we know:

What exactly is the Ancient Apocalypse about?

Ancient Apocalypse is one of those shows that feel like it could be on the History Channel at 2 am when you come to your home after an evening of partying and you throw something on while eating the barbecue. I’m not speaking from personal experience obviously!

In the eight episodes, Hancock and his crew fly across the globe to historical sites by pointing out and highlighting the archeological evidence from ancient cultures that existed long before the hunter-gatherer ancestors of our own and showcasing the ancient civilizations that existed long before their time.

We cover a wide range of Ancient Apocalypse across the site and include a complete season overview. Find that here!

 Apocalypse been renewed for Season 2

Does Ancient Apocalypse been renewed for season 2?

As of the writing time, the Ancient Apocalypse has been unable to be renewed to a new season. Due to its nature and material, it is possible that the show will be renewed.

The majority of the time, Netflix examines numerous indicators before making a decision to renew a show. This includes how many viewers initially view it before taking a look at the drop-off. In certain shows, cancellations and renewals can happen very rapidly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) Sometimes it may take months for to Netflix decides on the future of a show.

So so far, Ancient Apocalypse has had fairly positive reactions from critics and audiences The show is succeeding in bringing in viewers. There are also opposing opinions on both sides of the argument obviously!

Since the show is being watched in many regions around the world, we are confident that the show is likely to continue for the second season.

This is the ideal kind of show to watch and it’s a very tasty addition which makes it a great show to watch.

We’ll make sure to keep this page updated with up-to-date information in the next few weeks and months, as we find out more!

 Apocalypse been renewed for Season 2

What we know about season 2 thus far:

There isn’t much information about season 2 as of now considering that Netflix has not yet approved an extension. But, there’s a strong case for a second season to come.

If this happens then expect Hancock’s findings to come into the limelight and new theories and intriguing discoveries.


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