Has Barbarians been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Barbarians is the newest historical drama that is available on Netflix taking our viewers to the time that ruled barbarians in the Roman empire. After you’ve watched all eight episodes, you’re probably thinking if it is renewed or not. We know this:

What’s Barbarians Season 2 about?

This time it’s more complex and intricately linked. After having established the relationships between characters the last time, Barbarians season 2 starts to seek deeper friendships and greater betrayals making way for an intense and bloody conclusion to the season.

Prior to reaching this point, however, the story continues one year after the major battle that took place in the woods. There is a conflict between the Germanic tribes that have formed a loose coalition under Ari’s leadership, but there are those who are skeptical of his rule. Ari has a wife, Thusnelda and they share one child. Of course, this can cause tension with Folkwin as the fact that he had a partnership with Thusnelda.

In the meantime, it is clear that the Roman Empire is determined to get revenge after the battle. Tiberius as well as his son Germanicus gather their forces and seek the assistance of a tribal leader known as Marbod who is an integral part of the tale as time goes on.

Are Barbarians seen a renewed season?

As of the writing time, Barbarians has not been renewed for the third season. Based on its nature and content this could be the case if it produces good results for Netflix.

The majority of the time, Netflix evaluates a variety of metrics prior to renewing a show, such as the number of viewers who first view it, and considering the drop-off. In certain shows, cancellations or renewals occur fast (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) Sometimes it could be months before Netflix makes a decision on the future of a show.

As of now, Barbarians has received a mixed response from viewers and critics, with a lot of critics pointing out the historical errors and the story. But, the show is currently doing a fantastic job of making it into the top 10 of Netflix across different regions around the globe.

Based on the way that this show is structured and the big cliffhanger at the finale of the second season, we are predicting that it show will return for the third season. It’s the perfect kind of show to watch and also very delicious!

We’ll keep this page updated with up-to-date information over the next few months and weeks as we have more information!

What we have learned about season 3 thus far:

It’s difficult to know much about season 3 as of now considering that Netflix hasn’t announced an extension. But, there’s a strong case for another season to come.

If the situation is reaffirmed the fate of Thusnelda is to the Gods when she is escorted across the ocean to Rome and those who remain behind might have won the fight against the Romans however, the battle isn’t finished.

We have already mentioned that we’re predicting that this is likely to be renewed but we’ll make sure to update this site as soon as more details are available!


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