Has Blind been renewed for Season 2?

Canceled or Renewed?

Blind is the newest TVN drama that blends action with mystery, action, and thriller elements, with a stunning well-rounded ensemble cast. If you’ve been watching this series, you might be wondering if it has been renewed or not. So, stop worrying! We have the following information about renewals:

What’s Blind Season 1 about?

Blind is about three characters; Ryu Sung Joon a passionate police officer, Ryu Sung-Hoon a judge and Jo Eun-Ki, a social worker. The three are caught up in a rabid serial murder investigation. Taecyeon is also a part of the cast Ha Seok-Jin, and Jung Eun Ji also makes up the impressive cast.

We continue to cover Blind on our website and we have recaps for each episode. You can find that information here!

Is Blind been renewed for season 2?

As of the date of this writing this, tvN had yet to be renewed for Blind for season 2. With the high ratings of the last weeks, it will remain to be seen if the network decides to renew the show in the future for a sequel.

The ratings began with a 3.3 percent share in the US, however, since then, it has been fairly constant at about 2.4 percent on average. The show isn’t widely available as well, which could be an important factor.

Since the majority of Korean dramas are only aired for one season and the ratings aren’t going through over the top, so we believe Blind isn’t going to be renewed.

We’ll make sure to refresh this page with more information as soon as we have them.

What we have learned about season 2 so far:

The majority of Korean dramas are restricted to the duration of one season, as described above, with the very rare case from current Netflix shows (Love with. Marriage and Divorce and Hospital Playlist, and so on.) Then it is highly unlikely that it will be renewed.

But, there’s always the possibility of the actors returning for a sequel or spin-off that features similar characters. We don’t believe that this series is being renewed.

We usually try to keep this page updated when more information is available.

Do you want to be able to Blind come back for another season? Do you think that the story has already taken a turn? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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