Has Cobra Kai been renewed for Season 6? Here’s what we know

Renewed Or Cancelled?

If you’re a big fan of Cobra Kai, the spin-off series that was based on The Karate Kid movies that were released in the 80s, you might be hoping for the return of a sixth season for the beloved show.

However, is Cobra Kai been renewed for Season 6? Are the odds of a new season being beaten to death by the Netflix powerhouses?

What we know as of the date of writing:

What happened during Cobra Kai Season 5?

We’ll not go into the important plot details in case you haven’t yet seen Season 5 already. As a quick summary of the storyline, we’ll inform you of the story of how Johnny and Daniel eventually became friends (to an extent) and joined forces to take on the head of Cobra Kai, the merciless Terry Silver. In another episode, we got to catch the attention of John Kreese in prison where the man seemed to be beginning to change into an improved per.

We do touch on a couple of spoilers in this piece, however, if you’d like an entire rundown of Season 5, we have all the coverage of the entire season on our website with a full review of the season as well as recaps of the episodes.

Do you think Cobra Kai get a sixth season?

There is any official word regarding the possibility of a sixth season at the moment, however, because it has become a huge success for Netflix it is likely that the odds for Season 6 happening are extremely likely.

The creators of the series The co-creators of the show – Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg along with Josh Heald – are actively planning the next season. This is a good indication that it’s likely to occur.

What can we expect to happen in Cobra Kai Season 6?

If you’ve seen Season 5, you will be aware that the show ended with a positive tone. Robby, as well as Miguel, were friends. Johnny found out he was going to be a father once more and Silver was dealt a slap.

On a less uplifting side, Kreese went into full-psycho mode and was able to get out of prison!

What is this implying about Season 6? We don’t have any specific details about the plot at this time, however, the co-creators of the show suggested a few potential plot lines during this Variety article. It also included a discussion of Kreese and the way he could affect the season. Schlossberg stated:

In the meantime, there’s a supreme Cobra Kai snake out there that’s really angry at everyone currently. We’ll find out if things go smoothly in Season 6 or whether Kreese will have something important to speak to. It seems like it’s likely to turn out to be the former.

Heald spoke about Johnny as well as the steps to follow in his journey. He stated:

The possibility of an unborn baby in the pipeline is definitely a significant aspect of the development to Johnny Lawrence and a big change in the relationship he has and his friends Miguel, Robby, and Carmen.

The team also speculated on what life might be like outside the Valley for the teens who are karate enthusiasts with the possibility that they could participate in this year’s International Karate Tournament.

We’ll be revealing more plot details as Season 6 is officially announced but tell us what you’d like to see be the case in the upcoming season by commenting below.

What date will Cobra Kai Season 6 be out?

The show’s creators have been working hard in the development of Obliterated an action-oriented comedy on Netflix We’re likely to not get Cobra Kai returning to our screens until the year of 2023 or so, at the very least. It’s in the event that Season 6 is given the green signal and, naturally, we are sure that the show is going to get the green light in the near future. Fans will be furious should it not!

We don’t have any information at the moment, but we’ll refresh this page as soon as new information regarding Cobra Kai Season 6 is released.


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