Has Dead to Me been renewed for Season 4?

After a long wait and a long time, we finally got the dark comedy Netflix that was worthy of its name. Dead to Me came with real-life laughter and genuinely emotional moments to provide us with the Thelma & Louise sort of female duo who had everything.

Here’s what we know

Jen and Judy are the perfect balance act in the third season of Dead to Me now available to watch on Netflix. While Jen is a fiery, authoritative persona in their relationship, Judy brings calm and kindness into the room. They are beautifully played with a great performance by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini and it is so good that season 3 is their entire show.

After you’ve savored season 3 of Dead to Me, you’ll be thinking about whether Dead to Me will come to an end for another season. We have some information about the possibility of season 4 of Dead to Me on Netflix.

What is Dead to Me season 3 about?

Dead to Me is a collision of one of the biggest ironies worldly ironies that eventually transforms into an uneasy marriage. In the end, it is a serious exploration of subjects such as loss and grief, and the necessary steps to conquer these issues. Jen (Applegate) along with Judy (Cardellini) are faced with the finding of Steve Wood’s remains as well as the subsequent participation of authorities from the FBI as they investigate, as their lives are thrown into chaos.

Judy discovers the shocking reality behind her bouts of lightheadedness. Jen is surprised by her maternal love by meeting Ben Wood, and the Greek mafia quietly floats in the background, ready to strike at the earliest opportunity.

Is Dead to Me Is Dead to Me renewed in season 4?


Unfortunately, Netflix has confirmed that Dead to Me will not be returning for season 4. It will end at the conclusion of season 3, and no continuation of Jen’s final lines in the series, “Ben, I need to say something to you”. The good news in this report can be seen in the fact that this decision to stop the show was an artistic one that was taken by the producers, which includes Applegate who also serves as executive producer. Amazingly, the announcement was made back in the year 2020, at the time of the peak of the COVID epidemic.

Liz Feldman and Applegate both agree they both agreed that “this was the most effective way to wrap up the plot”. Shows such as Dead to Me warrant a proper conclusion, and season 3 definitely isn’t a disappointment. Feldman expressed her gratitude in a touching way for the impact of the show on her professional and personal lives. “From the beginning to the end, Dead to Me is precisely the kind of show I wanted to create. The idea of telling a story that was born out of the loss of a loved one has challenged my artistic abilities and strengthened me as a person.”

What we know about season 4 so far:

The show hasn’t been renewed, we can say the case from our perspective. We’ll be coming up with comprehensive reviews and recaps of each episode of season 3, followed by our opinions about the season and season as a whole. At this point, we can say with certainty there is no way season 4 isn’t happening.


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