Has Gangs of London been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Gangs of London is among the most acclaimed shows that will come from Sky studios. It ignited the channel after it debuted in 2020. With its visceral style and some jaw-dropping action scenes, the second season intensifies violence, yet at the end of the day, it doesn’t solve the major storylines. If you’ve finished watching this episode, you could be wondering whether this show has been renewed or canceled. You don’t have to worry about it!

What are Gangs of London Season 2 about?

The plot unfolds one year following Sean Wallace’s passing. Asif is now in control of the streets and has brought his new lapdog, Koba, to instill fear among the other groups and to keep them under control. But a rebellious force is developing behind the scenes, with the intention to shake this new world order from its precarious position.

The main character is Elliot who is employed by Miss Kane but largely because his father was abducted and he’s begging for his return. In the end, he’s inevitably entangled in this gang conflict again, at the moment that Billy Wallace returns to London after a long absence. In the end, everyone gets thrown back into the thick of it once more.

Have Gangs of London been renewed for season 3?

As of this the writing of this article, Sky hasn’t been renewed for Gangs of London season 3,. However, it’s just it’s a matter of time until they will. There is no resolution by the end of the series and all the elements are set for an exciting third season that will follow. If you’re in need of an overview of what transpired you’ll find it included in our explanation of the ending article here!

Usually, streaming providers look at several parameters before renewing the show, such as the number of viewers who first tune in and take a look at the drop-off. In certain shows, cancellations and renewals occur rapidly. Sometimes, it could take months before the final decision is taken about the future of a show. In general, Sky tends to take some time before taking a decision. It’s worth noting that the show will be streaming each week for the duration of the week on Sky Atlantic alongside its simultaneous launch to NowTV along with Sky OnDemand so it could be a while before we get any concrete information.

So so far, Gangs of London season 2 has been receiving a mixed response from both audiences and critics alike. In light of the manner in which this season concludes, we’re anticipating the possibility that Gangs of London will be renewed for a third season.

We’ll make sure to keep this page updated whenever we learn more!

What we have learned about season 2 so far:

It’s difficult to know much regarding season 2 to the moment because Sky has only recently released this episode on their website.

We’re within the gang war zone and, at the time the season is over, everything is set on a cliff edge for the next season to gradually ease into.


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