Has Rings of Power been renewed for Season 2?

Canceled or Renewed?

Rings of Power is the most recent prequel out of Amazon Studios, and it is not a prequel with the power of 10,000 Rohirrim horses, but with one billion dollars. The most expensive television show of all time is an episode that tells the story that takes place in The Second Age, set thousands of years prior to The Lord of The Rings.

However, as the show actually been renewed? Are we seeing the final episode of Galadriel, The Stranger, and Mordor? Here’s the information we have:


What are Rings of Power about?

The story is set in the second era, which is an era that was relatively peaceful. We’re going to tackle the creation of the Rings of Power here, the emergence of Dark Lord Sauron, and the downfall of Numenor. The events are spread out over thousands of years however they have been reduced to a manageable size to fit into this particular series.

Galadriel is the main character Galadriel, a perfectly armed warrior who smacks his butts and kills snow trolls with no sweat. Many of the original characters not included in the book appear as well, like Harfoots, the Harfoots (basically Hobbits, let’s be real!) as well as Southlander Bronwyn.

Are there plans to make episode 2 of Rings of Power?

Get ready… Get ready… Rings of Power has been renewed for another season! The show was renewed for an amount of 5 seasons and Jeff Bezos poured his might behind the show in order in order to create a hugely successful show. The news of this was announced shortly after the series debut in September. Then, in recent weeks, the news was announced that work is already underway for this season next.


What we have learned about season 2 so far:

The plot details are a bit thin on the table at the moment, however, showrunners who are first-time J.D. Payne, as well as Patrick McKay, have recently told The Hollywood Reporter that they’re creating Sauron into a “Walter White”-Esque antagonist. You can read the entire article here. It is known that Amazon has been particularly concerned about how House of the Dragon has been performing. In a THR piece, we find out:

Dragon is significant because now there’s a benchmark. It’s the closest thing to achieving success. When they first saw Dragon increase in its second episode and generated twenty million people, the crew was shaking the floor.”

While viewing numbers are obscured and Amazon has been keeping its cards in its pockets however it’s certainly within the possibility that Rings of Power is leaking viewers each week. Then surely it isn’t performing the figures Bezos would like If Amazon is so worried.

We’re about two years off Rings of Power Season 2 It appears that Amazon will hurry to accelerate production in order to be competitive with House of the Dragon, which was also renewed recently.

In the eyes of us here at TheReviewGeek Based on a number of viewers and reviews and the audience’s scores, House of the Dragon has been crowned the winner in the initial round.


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