Has Take 1 been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know

Has Take 1 Been Renewed For Season 2?

1. Take 1 is the newest live-action show coming from Korea that allows legendary musicians to join the stage and present their best performances in one go.

How do I know what What is Take 1 on?

The show’s title is Take 1 is a documentary about music series that comes from Korea that asks six of the most famous musical famous figures from Korea to stage a show that will only play one song performed in one go. The musicians must think about a single question: “If you could perform only one stage before your death and you could only choose one, what would you choose?” It is not an easy answer and this pressure gets increased due to the fact they only have one song from their lengthy career. Also, the musicians have a couple of days to plan their performance before performing the song before their fans.

In each episode, a performer takes onto the stage and delivers a passionate and exhilarating performance, hoping for no regrets after the director calls “cut!” You can read our complete season recap here.

Has Take 1 been renewed for season 2?

Netflix is yet to confirm whether it is planning to renew the show for a new season. It’s a brand new type of variety show which means it may take a long time for the show to gain traction with its viewers. However, so far the show has been praised by both fans and critics.

In general, Netflix decides whether a show will continue to air another season based on the number of views and demands of the viewers. The cost of production is an important factor and depending on the performance during the first season, it is evident that they went all out.

When you take all of these aspects into consideration given, it’s very probable for the program to be renewed for season 2.

What we know about season 2 so far:

There haven’t been any announcements yet, we do not know what the future holds for the show. It would be fascinating if the show is extended for the second season, as the possibilities are endless. Netflix will decide if it is worth it to continue to keep the show solely made up of Korean artists. It will be interesting to watch many of the top performers in Korea like BTS, Blackpink and many others take to the stage.

The show can also be expanded to include how to include music legends from other countries like Shakira, Davido, and many more. Consider this: If Drake were forced to choose just one track from his career to perform, which one do you think it would be?


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