Has The Handmaid’s Tale been renewed for Season 6? Here’s what we know:


Has The Handmaid’s Tale been renewed for Season 6

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Handmaid’s Tale has been Huu’s long-running dystopian series, and season 5 has been a rollercoaster throughout the course of its run. After completing the entire 10, you could be wondering whether the show is renewed or even canceled. We know this:

Has The Handmaid’s Tale been renewed for Season 6

What’s The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 about?

The story begins following the shocking demise of Fred Waterford. With the blood of the Commander upon her nose, June is absolutely bloodthirsty and eager to carry that revenge on Serena. In the end, her fury displaces her family and leaves Luke and Moira trying to contain her rage.

As this happens, Serena engages in some intense psychological warfare, taunting June from afar using notes and an eagerness to extend Gilead’s influence into Canada simultaneously. We saw it the previous year, there’s a following of Gilead, and this year they’re much louder.

Canadians are beginning to take a stand against refugees, with massive posters and marches to push those Americans out. Serena is pregnant, yet she is elevated to the role of diplomatic power as a way to make a connection between Gilead and the world. And is there a better method to express solidarity than to have a funeral publicized for Fred?

The result of what transpires here is felt throughout the rest of the season in the event that June and Serena are on the same side of the fence with each other.

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Has The Handmaid’s Tale been renewed for season 6?

As of the writing time, The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 is been renewed for an additional season. It will be the sixth and final episode. Due to the series’ plot, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Streaming platforms typically measure the number of people who first watch the show and afterward, look at the rate of drop-off. For certain shows, cancellations and renewals occur fast (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) In other cases it may take months.

The Handmaid’s Tale, this show has received a positive response from viewers and critics. The announcement came out some time ago the announcement that The Handmaid’s Tale would be returning for season 6 and the show would follow up by leading to The Revenants, which is Margaret Atwood’s next novel.

We’ll make sure to refresh this section with current information in the coming weeks and months as we learn more.

Has The Handmaid’s Tale been renewed for Season 6

It is difficult to know much about season 6 as of now however we can confirm that there is a plan to alter the plot, but not necessarily stay close to the original material. According to the course of an interview for the Deadline, Miller was quoted as saying:

I’m currently working at The Testaments while I’m working on Season 6 of The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s wonderful to have another book to turn to. I believe that the viewers of the show on television must accept the fact that, just as the handmaids did not adhere to the original book The Testaments is a sequel to the show. This means that I’m not necessarily trying to make those things happen as they appear found in The Testaments but everybody is expanding in those directions.

It’s safe to say that season 6 is likely to be quite dramatic and with Nick, Janine, and Luke’s fate still unknown at the moment. It’s not clear if anyone of them can make it to the end alive and what role Aunt Lydia and June and aunt Lydia have a role to play in this.

As we said We do know that the show has been renewed however, we’ll have to wait and find out what’s in store for us in the coming year when Handmaid’s Tale returns!



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