Has The Orville been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Orville started out as the basis for a Star Trek parody, but Seth McFarlane’s sci-fi show has evolved into something more powerful and profound. Season 3 explored the subject of what is meant by being alive, for instance, as well as some episodes, addressed such important issues as gender transition as well as suicide, and the power of forgiveness.

Naturally, The Orville is still an original comedy, so there’s still laughter to be shared. The dramatic subplots in the show distinguish it from other space monuments that are no longer in existence. They are one of the reasons for the show’s continued popularity.

What happens if The Orville is back for the next Season 4? Have we seen the end Of Ed Mercer, Kelly Grayson, and the other members of the Orville team?

We know what we can at the moment of writing.

Has The Orville been renewed for Season 4?

A lot of people were hoping for Season 4 to be announced at the annual D23 Expo this year. However, there was no confirmation about a new season for The Orville, but since the show has been to be a hit with critics as well as the public it would be a disappointment should the show be removed.

In an interview that was published on the TV Line, Seth McFarlane spoke about a fourth series, however, he was not sure whether the show will be renewed. He stated:

“It’s difficult to define exactly what Season 4 would be because when we began creating Season 3, half the events that took place — the changing of the Alliances and Kaylon becoming an ally, Kaylon turning into an all-time ally and the Moclans becoming adversaries — I couldn’t have imagined it. It’s just something that happened to come out of writing in the writer’s room over the course of time. Sure, we created threads in the past and the majority were simple, which can be leveraged to make for a payoff in Season 4. however, how it all connects and evolves… I’m not sure what happens if we’re picked !”

Fans of the series are surely eager for Season 4 and if you’re dissatisfied that there’s been no official announcement on the new series now, you may be interested in joining the ranks of fans who have signed the petition on Change.org.

What might take place in Season 4?

Season 3 concluded on a positive end, despite the tragic passing of one major character of the season in the concluding episode. A number of the most important plotlines were concluded. Therefore, there’s not any necessity in Season 4 as Season 3 concluded on a positive, conclusive note.

With a huge universe to explore and the potential for more adventures, there’s plenty of room to explore another year.

If it gets the green light, we’ll probably witness Ed and Kelly become closer after they appeared to fall again in love with one another in the middle of Season 3. The romance that exists between Isaac and Claire will likely grow too maybe through an examination of how marriage looks when one spouse is a person and the other is a robot!

It’s just speculation, but should you have your own suggestions about Season 4, share your ideas with us by leaving a comment below.

Who could be in Season 4?

If the show returns the show will probably meet the majority of the principal cast members back. To help you remember, they are:

Seth MacFarlane: Capt. Ed Mercer
Badr. Kelly Grayson
Penny Johnson Jerald: Dr. Claire Finn
Scott Grimes: Lt. Gordon Malloy
Peter Macon: Lt. Cmdr. Bortus
J. Lee: Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr
Mark Jackson: Isaac

Unfortunately, there are cast members who will not return for Season 4. Norm McDonald who played Yaphet, the gloopy green alien was killed in the year 2000, and regardless of whether his character will come back, we’ll no more be able to enjoy his hilarious voice work. Lisa Banes, who played the character of Xperia Black, passed away following her involvement in a fatal accident.

Without spoilers, The show will have another cast member that is not in Season 4 because their character came to an abrupt close to the end of Season 3. If you’ve watched the show, you’ll already know what we are talking about.

When could Season 4 be released?

If the show gets the green light to run an additional season, we may be seeing Season 4 in 2023. Of course, this assumes that all the cast and crew are able to fit the show within their schedules. Since they’ve not been given the official confirmation of renewal, they’ll likely be busy with other projects in the next couple of months. We may have to wait a bit longer to get to see them back together.

We don’t know much as of now, however, in the event that The Orville does get a fourth season then we’ll change this page accordingly.


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