Has The Serpent Queen been renewed for Season 2?

Canceled or Renewed?

The Serpent Queen is the most recent period drama that airs on Starz which focuses on the turbulent history of Catherine de Medici. If you’ve been watching this show, you might be wondering if it has been renewed or pulled. Here’s the information we have about the sequel:

What is the Serpent Queen Season 1 about?

The Serpent Queen is the most recent historical drama to grace our screens. It is a darkly humorous take on Catherine de’ Medici who is married into the French court as a teenager who is orphaned and hoped to make the riches of dowry and also produce descendants.

However, the dream is destroyed when Catherine finds out that her husband is actually in a relationship with an older woman. She cannot bear children. Catherine is determined to maintain her marriage and rule France for the next thirty years.

Is been renewed for season 2 of The Serpent Queen has been renewed for season 2.

As of the date at the time of writing, Starz has not renewed The Serpent Queen for season 2. However, they do have a decent track record of the renewal of historical shows. With the huge success that was The White Queen and The Spanish Princess (both of which received orders for the second season), It’s certainly not out of possibility that it will also be renewed.

However, the viewership for this show is more than Becoming Elizabeth which was recently declared to be ended.

With that in view, let’s go to go out on a limb and say that it’s likely that this show is going to be renewed in season 2. Given Starz hasn’t given confirmation as of now (at least as of the moment when we wrote this piece! ) We’ll have to watch and see.

We’ll keep this page updated with additional information as soon as we have them.

What we know about season 2 thus far:

There isn’t much information regarding season two at the moment as Starz hasn’t yet approved the possibility of a sequel. The conclusion certainly opens the way to a fascinating second season, however.

If the program is renewed with a new president, you can expect to see more breaking-the-fourth-wall tension, drama, political intrigue, and hints of romance.

At the moment, we’re believing it’s likely that the show is going to be season 2 however we’ll aim to update this site once more details are made available.

Do you want to have The Serpent Queen return for another season? Or do you feel that the story has gone off its course? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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