Has The Walking Dead been renewed for Season 12?

Canceled or Renewed?

The Walking Dead has been an integral part of AMC’s programming since the beginning of the 2000s. The show has inspired a variety of movies and spin-offs as well as an avid fan base that has been following each show’s each adventure. There’s no ending to this hugely popular zombie-themed franchise.

What exactly is The Walking Dead Season 11 about?

The Walking Dead Season 11 is the conclusion of the long-running series and adapts the story from issues 175-193 in the comics. This episode focuses on the group’s interaction with the Commonwealth which is a vast network of communities with modern technology and more than 500,00 survivors in various settlements.

There are also confrontations with the Reapers A mysterious group of hostile survivors who struck and took Meridian which was the place for Maggie as well as her current group of people The Wardens.

Is The Walking Dead been renewed for season 12?

As of the date of this article, The Walking Dead is not renewed for season 12. The announcement actually occurred prior to the time that the show aired with AMC declaring this to be the last season. It could be that the show does the “Attack on Titan” and declares it’s the last season only to suddenly throw additional episodes out with the words “To Be Continued” but this is extremely unlikely.

However, there are many spin-offs that are in the pipeline that includes a separate Daryl show, as well as a different Maggie as well a Negan story, as well as, finally, a Michonne as well as a Rick AMC series. Although the series that started it all, The Walking Dead, is coming to an end the show’s origins are rapidly spreading in various directions.

In the meantime, we can affirm we are certain that The Walking Dead will not return in season 12.

What we have learned about season 12 thus far:

As stated in the above article, Season 12 of the show is not on the schedule because AMC has declared that the show was removed. But, we can expect next season (2023) to come filled with Walking Dead spin-offs, as explained above.

Even though the end of the show differs from the comics, the Walking Dead’s conclusion on the 20th of November, 2022, marks the conclusion of this legendary series.

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If you’ve followed this show for many years, then you might be wondering whether this show was renewed or canceled. So, stop worrying! We have the following information about renewals:


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