28 Days Haunted Season 1 Review – Netflix’s hilarious reality show is comedy gold

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Day One Get Out!
I’m done
The Awakening
Troubles Can Cause…
Perforating the Veil

In a month that has brought us sad endings for the She-Hulk series as well as Rings of Power, 28 Days Haunted might be the most entertaining show of the season… however, for the incorrect reasons. The show is billed as a scary reality TV show (which will immediately set off the alarms going) Netflix’s hilarious ghost-hunting crew is set to hunt down ghosts on the screen and are ready to go to any lengths to achieve that goal.

Three teams of different types travel to three different places, each team is comprised of three participants (1 “sensitive” and 2 paranormal investigators) to discover haunted places all over the US. They all follow the path that was done by Ed as well as Lorraine Warren, who have been exposed as frauds many a time, and include the notorious Amityville Horror. Anyway, I digress.

The investigators of paranormal investigations have figured the fact that it requires around 28 days for them to penetrate the barrier between the living and dead They’re planning to stay for the same amount of time in these places, hoping that it will allow them to connect with spirits that are not.

The usual suspects are available to help you hunt for ghosts However, almost at the time these people and women step through the front door – ghosts begin to haunt them. Lights flickering, a creepy radio, feeling as if you’ve had “punched in the gut” It doesn’t matter what the ghosts are there on the first day. Although this may be the case one of the places is actually a museum that’s accessible to people of all ages.

Naturally, it’s all planned to keep you intrigued to find out what’s to come for the remainder of the program, and looking at the fact that the cast members were in the house for 28 days in three various locations. It’s clear that they could only gather enough footage for six 30-minute-long episodes.

The editing also leaves much to be left to be. The show is able to move between different areas using a nagging zoom-out-zoom that works with all cameras. It employs an actual map to navigate across segments. Additionally, there are also head-to-head interviews with the heads of all the investigators who explain exactly the things they’ve discovered or encountered during the time of their interview.

It’s also hilarious to watch. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, doesn’t matter because this show goes over and beyond to create its own agenda, regardless of the facts.

In the initial episode, two paranormal investigators talk to spirits through the old-fashioned radio. “We need some names!” One of them shouts. The garbled response is more like “#@sdjh!” and completely obscured. A tiny silence. “Was that Liam?” I misplaced it. Then I laughed.

These kinds of scenes are aplenty throughout the show and episode 4 as an example, involving the group at the Captain Grant’s Inn, where they discover the star pendant, which was buried in a grave… that they instantly believe is the pentagram. It also is said to have the word “lot of energy” attached to it. It is, of course.

That’s part of the attraction. It’s not a great show and you should not be taking it seriously. However, this is definitely comedy gold.

There are some really funny segments here that are more enjoyable than the episodes of She-Hulk earlier in the month It’s car crash television in its very best form and must be kept for an additional 10 years as of now. It’s time to make this happen Netflix.


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