he Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Resident Season 6 Episode 5: Resident Season 6 Episode 5

The Resident, a medical comedy that examines the life of the medical personnel at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. It is particularly focused on the highly skilled residents of Conrad Hawkins and the young doctors who he is training into excellent doctors.

If you’ve been watching this show over the past few months, you might be interested to know when the next episode will be going to be released. Don’t be concerned!

This is all you must be aware of regarding The Resident Season 6 Episode 5, including its premiere date when, what time, and where you can view it.

Where can I watch Resident Season 6? Resident Season Six?

Season 6, episode 5, of The Resident will premiere on Fox. You can stream it on your mobile device via The Fox App and on your computer or laptop via the Fox website. The show is also available to stream on Hulu Plus, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV. For Hulu the monthly plan cost $6.99 however, you can begin by registering for a free 30-day trial.

A Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Date of Release

Resident Season 6 episode 5 will be released on October 18th. Resident Season 6 episode 5 will air on October 18th, 2018 around 8 pm (ET). For those living in the UK as well as internationally there’s no specific release date for this episode yet.

The number of Episodes will the Resident Season 6 have?

Fox has yet to reveal the number of episodes that this season will feature. This show is unpredictable, as there’s been no consistency in the number of episodes that are shown per season. The show is likely to include 20-23 episodes in Season 6.

What Happened in The Prior Episode?

Dr. Sullivan’s addiction became the center of attention and he performed surgery on an infant who was in extreme withdrawal. Conrad was spending the day playing with his daughter while Pravesh assisted a patient that was mistakenly diagnosed. Padma, AJ, and the twins were discharged from the hospital with a clean certificate of health.

Do We Have A Video For Episode 5 Of The Reside Season 6 Episode 5?

Yes, it’s true! Conrad will be seeing an old patient who was treated the time he was an intern. Pravesh will be dealing with a fascinating person who says he has worked out the secret for eternal existence. I’m eager to discover his theory.

Watch the promo for the show below:


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