he Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 1 “Habeas Tortoise” Recap & Review

Habeas Tortoise

Episode One of The Simpsons season 34 starts with Mayor Quimby speaking to the residents of Springfield at a town hall in an effort to ensure Springfield isn’t celebrating Columbus Day. He invites his stage, Helen Lovejoy, to share her ideas. Helen is against the idea of setting up DIY libraries that are free. Homer who doesn’t know about DIY is asked by Marge what the word “do it yourself” is. Marge replies “Do it yourself”. Homer says he’s trying his best too.

Helen is worried about the implications in the event that one of the books found in DIY libraries contains the Kamasutra or another sexually explicit written work. The argument rages on and a chatter is sporadic throughout the hallway. Then poor Homer rises and offers that all the books be kept in one place accessible to everyone. He said library, without using the word library. A chorus of laughter is heard in the hallway, with some people making funny but true remarks regarding Homer having a very dum-dum savant. Home, Homer is down the lows. He feels like he’s being hit every when he attempts to speak about it, just as they did on the Titanic. Marge attempts to comfort her son and takes the whole family to the animal park to encourage Homer up.

Homer is a victim of being snubbed by animals in the zoo. After a short stroll in the Zoo, he discovers that the tortoise Leonard is missing. In a bid to show the world that he’s no idiot, Homer pledges to find the tortoise.

After they have returned when they return, he takes out photographs from the zoo. This is something He believes to be extraordinary proof. But, according to Chief Wiggum, the pictures are proof of nothing more than Homer’s utter stupidity.

With her husband looking feeling anxious and down, Marge suggests he should investigate if there’s an online group that is dedicated to solving the tortoise missing case. Surprisingly the group he found is known as Lost Leonard, Homer nervously discusses his thoughts about the matter with the group and the group members agree. The group members are in agreement with the group. Homer feels excited and eager to have a meeting and meet his fellow members.

Homer informs the group that there aren’t any incorrect answers, which means that every theory about Leonard’s disappearance is correct and will be given proper attention. There is a belief that Leonard was taken by scientists to conduct research into breeding, and, according to another participant, the tortoise may be the drug mule. The group comes to the conclusion that the most effective way to protest is to stage a protest in the direction of the director of the zoo’s home. But, the protest does not produce anything.

Then, after the Simpsons family discovers the tortoise in the kitchen Marge demands Homer to explain the situation. Although initially uneasy, Homer reveals to his family members that Leonard wasn’t abducted and that he discovered him in the rabbit hole. Homer tells Marge that he was reluctant to reveal the story because he was worried that the entire group of friends would abandon him when the case was solved. In a wedding ceremony, when his group of friends discusses punishment for the manager of the zoo, Homer stops them and warns them about Leonard. Marge takes the turtle back to the spot and soothes those in the group who were upset with Homer.

Homer states that the main thing is that they attempted to be ethical as a group. A community in which everyone is valued and respected. All of us agree with Homer. To stay away from the monotony of being stupid The group headed by Homer decides to embark on a different mission: finding the place where the Calamari actually comes from. There are no answers. can be found that isn’t true.

The Episode Review

It’s, in truth, an uninteresting episode lacking in humor and comic elements. The story is dull and flimsy, the plot’s graph doesn’t move up even once in the duration. However, there are some aspects worth mentioning, including the simple presentation of a basic story.

At times the episode is like a more personal story than a comic. The inclusion of thought-provoking dialogue is a plus, however.

Overall this episode does not achieve the standard established by the episodes of earlier seasons. Watch this episode only If you’re content with it not being entertaining. If you’re avid on drama, then you may like the show. However, for the rest of us watching sitcoms to laugh The first episode isn’t the one for you. The show will return next Sunday to watch another episode.


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