Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 2 “Renaissance Titties” Recap & Review

Renaissance Titties

The second episode of Heartbreak High starts with the students preparing for school the following day. Amerie is having a hard time trying to maintain her new name. Amerie has a run-in with a rude student. Dusty arrives to assist her. He talks to her about a concert which he’s going to perform on Friday evening. Dusty has a group and they’re still trying to decide what to call the band. Amerie is super excited and eagerly awaiting Dusty performance, however, there is an issue.

Ant Spider and Spider are responsible for selling wristbands to Dusty’s concert and they’re not attracted to Amerie. Amerie must figure out how to purchase tickets, and she’s a determined girl. She initially attempts to contact Ant but he’s unhappy over how the map has caused him to lose his life. He leads her to Spider being aware that Spider will never grant her an opportunity to get a ticket.

It seems that the Sexual Literacy Tutorial (SLTs) class has been proving to be a fairly typical class and the students struggle to comprehend and connect with the subject. It was difficult watching the noodle-based video which was supposed to educate students about the dangers associated with sharing naked women. Sigh! Teacher Jojo is trying to modernize the class but is promptly reprimanded by the Principal. The principal feels that having truthful discussions about sexuality is giving students the wrong impression.

Amerie is trying to convince the principal to stop the class. She is hopeful when the principal says that they will take a look. Amerie believes that having this class abolished will allow her to recover the social circle she once had. She uses this even to get tickets from Spider however, the principal isn’t willing to cancel the class and she is made an assistant teacher.

In the SLTs class, Quinn discovers the latest version of the map of incest. Someone has written under the lockers. She thinks she ought to tell Amerie about the maps, but Darren is hesitant to let her know. Meanwhile, Quinn has her own problems with her romantic relationships she is in love with Sasha and it takes some confidence to admit the feelings she has for Sasha. Sasha loves her too and even invites her to an evening date.

The evening doesn’t go as planned because Quinn is distracted by the sounds and lights of the restaurant. She returns to her partner and Darren assists her in calming down. He suggests she talk to Sasha once more. Sasha is convinced that Quinn isn’t interested anymore, but Quinn is honest and admits that she has autism. Once the miscommunication has been cleared, they kiss, much to the delight of Darren.

Darren struggles to make friends with his dad. Darren believes his dad is disappointed that they did not turn out as the boys in his novel. ( The father of Darren is an author.) Their dad is asking him to help out with the family since Darren is employed. At the end of the episode, it seems like they’ve come to an agreement.

Amerie is able to sneak into Dusty’s birthday party because of Malakai who is there to help her. Amerie has a lovely time together with Dusty in his bedroom, however, the events don’t go as smoothly as she had imagined. Dusty is forced to dedicate his first single in honor of Harper and Amerie finds out they’ve hooked up. Amerie is able to confront Harper but she is unable to explain what’s happening to her. Amerie is able to go to her home Malakai who helps her when she injures her ankle.

The party goes on, and Ca$h takes his keys from Dusty father’s vehicle.

The Episode Review

I was awed by that scene from the bathroom where Darren is helping Quinn to relax. Quinn admitting she has autism and Sasha instantly stating she’ll learn more about autism was a great scene. I enjoyed the way they handled their storyline. Amerie is so enthralled by Dusty that she’s being left out of Malakai who clearly has a desire for her. I’m hoping she’ll look around. I am unable to comprehend the reason Harper isn’t telling Amerie why she is doing something wrong. She should at least be able to provide an explanation considering the manner in which Amerie clarified the situation. It’s clear that ignorance part can be a problem for her.



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