Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 3 “Eetsway ” Recap & Review


Episode 3 from Heartbreak High starts with Ca$h and his band making use of Dusty dad’s vehicle to rob a shop. I’m guessing that he’s not just selling drugs, but also in other criminal acts. The car won’t begin during the heist and they are then forced to flee it, while the police are in pursuit. They are able to escape, and Ca$h gets the stolen items to hold the items.

Amerie is in a rage over Harper’s betrayal for having a night with Dusty. Amerie returns home and burns any trace of her relationship with Harper. The next day, Harper returns home after spending the night with Meredith whom she called her “aunt.” We still aren’t sure what occurred to Harper however, based on the few clues that were dropped in the initial two episodes, she’s been through trauma and isn’t prepared to discuss the experience. Dusty attempts to be close to her, but she declines the invitation to meet him and says she’s not ready to get married.

Amerie is, on the contrary, working to overcome Dusty and has made a vow to keep away from relationships and emotions. She’s determined to not be obsessed with boys and will distract herself by joining clubs after school which doesn’t have hot boys. That’s the reason she ended up being at the Haha club, and it wasn’t her style of play. She is attempting to get into the social justice group but Sasha declines her. In the end, she is in the chess group and is confident that she’s free from the distractions of boys.

The SLT’s class, they’re discussing how to best talk to their friends about what they feel at ease with sexually. The students, as always, laugh, but there’s also lots to learn from these situations. The class makes it difficult for Amerie to stop thinking about boys or sex. After the course, Harper tries to talk to Amerie but Amerie dismisses her.

In the course when Ca$h is in class, he receives an email and runs home to retrieve the bag of stolen goods. He visits Darren’s house asking them to take the bag on his behalf, but Darren’s dad is able to hear the conversation. He tells Darren to deliver the bag. This obliges Darren to bring his bag to the Ca$h store. Darren does offer advice on the best location to put the stash bag. The two move closer, and they begin playing.

Amerie gets lost in words when Dusty shares his feelings about Harper and seeks advice. Amerie offers him advice that isn’t good and hopes that they don’t succeed but they end up helping Dusty and Harper to become closer.

Amerie’s vow to chastity is becoming difficult since she’s spending more time with Malakai and begins to become attracted to Malakai. Malakai should concentrate on team trials for the district, however, Amerie is turning into a distraction for Malakai. This bothers Spider since they’re supposed to be working together in order to be a part of the team and try to earn an opportunity to be on the basketball team of the district.

Amerie returns home to find Harper in her bedroom. Harper informs Amerie she did not intend to harm her while she was sleeping with Dusty. She adds that she doesn’t wish to keep their relationship going. Amerie is confused about what she is thinking she isn’t able to understand why Harper refuses to reveal the reason to her. Amerie isn’t able to recall the events of the festival.

Harper is taken to Dusty’s house following her chat with Amerie. Amerie however, goes to Malakai’s home and is able to break up with him. Later that day, Malakai isn’t able to turn to his basketball practice.

The Episode Review

Whatever transpired during the festival is likely to have profoundly affected Harper And for some reason, Amerie isn’t able to recall. I don’t believe Amerie was thinking about it prior to losing the love of her life to Malakai. I’m sure she used it to distract herself from her exchange with Harper.

In addition, I believed that Malakai was interested in being part of the basketball team for the district. If so What did he do? Did he lie to please his father and coach? He looked at texts on his smartphone and then decided to go back to bed with Amerie. This episode posed many more queries than we could answer,, but it was definitely fun!


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