Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 4 “Rack Off” Recap & Review

Rack Off

Season 4 episode Heartbreak High starts with Amerie and Malakai having a day of fun with each other, and it appears they’re hot items. Amerie announces the news of having lost the love of her life to Malakai together with Darren along with Quinn.

The relationship wasn’t defined and Amerie considers it to be just a casual affair, however, Malakai is there on the following day with flowers at his school. He wants Amerie to become his girlfriend but she’s not sure if she would like to be more serious. She confesses to her friends that she just visited his home to express her sadness. Darren recommends inviting him to the pre-party preparations ( they call the pre-party preparations prior to the big event) and finding out whether she feels a connection with him.

Darren invites Ca$h to join the party as well and Quinn mentions that Darren is fond of his. Darren admits it, but they’re missing signals from Ca$h and hope they will spend time with each other and work out the details. Quinn discovers the perfect time between a long flirting time to call Sasha to Darren’s pre-party and she is able to accept.

In the locker rooms, Malakai is getting teased by his peers about their relationship with Amerie. The conversation becomes sexual, and Malakai is forced to share details of their sexual experience. Shouldn’t he be aware of this? Spider is not thrilled to learn that Malakai got America’s “V card. In all honesty What is the matter with Amerie that he’s always in a way of being mean to her?

In the SLTs, they are treated as special guests like two police officers who can teach them something or two about sexual assault. The cops divide the girls by gender and girls are taught how to resist sexual assault. They are taught self-defense. Harper is selected to be a volunteer but it triggers her. I believe she’s an assault victim. What happened to Harper during the festival? While the kids have fun and hang out with the police officer who is in charge.

When the class is, the two groups come together to discuss the lessons they’ve learned. girls are amazed that the boys didn’t receive the same training on sexual assault as they had. Spider claims that they don’t require it since they’re all feminists. What! He also divulges the details Malakai revealed regarding his sexual encounter with Amerie. It’s not surprising that Amerie is furious to learn that Malakai disclosed explicit details of their date.

Ca$h tries to retrieve the bag containing the items stolen from the hide-out and discovers it is gone. He is in danger as Chook( the leader of the gang) is after his money. Ca$h says he will pay back, but Chook continues to hit him and is able to give him a black eye.

In the pre-show, Quinn and Darren try to resolve the conflict among Malakai Amerie. Malakai apologizes, and Amerie accepts his apology. They are having fun dressing in their Mardi Gras Slay Ball, an event that celebrates queerness and Pride within the institution. Despite his dark eye, Ca$h is there and Darren is thrilled. Quinn, however, is kicked out by Sasha which frightens her.

At the Mardi Slay Ball for Mardi Gras, Quinn and Sasha discuss their issues about their lives, and for teens, Quinn and Sasha are both grown-ups in the way they handle their concerns. When they leave the event, Malakai is physically assaulted by a policeman and Amerie would like to publish the video of the incident on the internet. Malakai is obviously traumatized, but she is asked not to publish it, but she posts the video online. Malakai is then able to lash out at her, and then break with her before escaping away. Harper and Dusty locate him and bring him to his home. They are three.

The Episode Review

This show touched on important issues like sexual assault and racial discrimination by police officers. In the present police officers should have been aware of this. Boys may also be victimized by sexual abuse, and they ought to be taught to defend themselves.

Tragically Malakai was a victim of police racism profiling, but Harper and Dusty ought to have brought Malakai home and assisted him. The trio was the final thing they could do. Harper might no longer be close to Amerie however she knows this will be detrimental to her. Are they trying to harm Amerie intentionally? The betrayal of Amerie is likely to be even more devastating than the previous one. Dusty?



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