Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 5 “Bin Chicken” Recap & Review

Bin Chicken

It’s the day after the Mardi Slay Ball at Mardi Gras and it’s time to face the consequences of poor choices made while drunk the night prior. Malakai and Dusty would like to stay out of the whole situation, however, Harper isn’t afraid to talk about the situation. Malakai clearly doesn’t want Amerie to discover the truth. Dusty is coping by staying clear of Harper and it’s becoming annoyingly awkward between them.

Amerie examines Malakai and asks him why he’s not responded to his call over the weekend. She was worried about the incident that happened to him, and Malakai offers her an evening date. Amerie hopes that they will engage in meaningful conversations during this time.

Two major events are that are taking place at Hartley High this week, one of which is an Inter School Basketball semifinals and an initiative to pick up litter. The Principal has promised to award an amount of $50 PlayStation gift card to the student who cleans the largest amount of garbage. Quinn wants to get the voucher and Sasha is willing to assist her, but in the end, another student is the winner.

In the SLTs students discuss porn and how it can give a false impression of sexuality. Spider as usual is a sexy douchebag while the other students get into the discussion. Sasha shares that she found out from porn that she’s attracted to girls. The girls agree that porn helps people understand what they want and what they are looking for. The teacher Jojo invites students to write their thoughts anonymously about the things they would like to have in their lives. Then, they put them in a container within the classroom. They will then discuss the items in their next class and begin to normalize the expression of their wishes and needs in a healthy and healthy way.

Darren isn’t required to record what they are looking for because they’re looking for Ca$h but aren’t on the same page as the two. Darren is in a position to play the game in his hands, but Ca$h follows the initiative and invites them on first a date. The evening isn’t the same hot, heavy, and hot as Darren imagined in their minds. They ask assistance from Sasha along with Quinn to pick the hottest naked girls and take their hottest girls off to Ca$h.

Ca$h is still learning about sending or receiving naked women and Ca$h makes a cute attempt to return one. They spend a night with each other, but they do not have sexual contact. Darren thinks that Ca$h isn’t drawn to his sexuality since the pair keep refusing their requests. They get into a fight with Ca$h before screaming out.

On their first date, the Malakai Amerie enjoys a great time however, Malakai isn’t ready to discuss the racial profiling that he experienced. Amerie recognizes that he’s skilled in dancing and asks him why he’s not interested in it. Malakai states that he has basketball, even when he doesn’t enjoy it. He is also proficient at it. The conversation then turns to the question he had asked at the event. He didn’t get an answer to the question of whether Amerie is an actual girlfriend. The couple broke up, without ever being legally married! After the conversation and their official start date, they are officially dating. It’s a happy moment if we weren’t aware that Malakai screwed everything up by having three of them together with Harper And Dusty. Sigh!

The trio remains hanging above their heads as an ominous cloud. Malakai is beginning to doubt his sexuality and is having sexually sexy fantasies about homoerotics inside the gym. Dusty is not liking Harper and puts her up during dates.

In their next class, students were reading out their wants that they had written and someone came up with the brilliant idea of writing about the trio. Naturally, Amerie is angry but she manages the situation with the utmost grace she could. Let her go! It seems like she’s lost hope in Harper and tells the girl, ” I am only just realizing I have no idea who you are.”

Dusty, On the other hand, Dusty is all set to quit with Harper. He tells Harper he’s unhappy because she was a Malakai for too long. The trio slowed his enthusiasm for her, and he was in need of a break. Harper is able to vent to her close friends Sasha and Missy however they don’t have sympathy for her. They criticize her on the fact that she injured Amerie and Harper is able to come up with excuses but they’re not interested in it.

Amerie and Malakai have a conversation and decide to split up after dating for only 12 hours. Amerie is hurt more because it’s Harper who he was sleeping with. She claims she is unable to overcome the fact that Harper was her partner. Although she’s injured, she is aware that Malakai continues to struggle with the assault and isn’t well. She is willing to stand by to help him, as an advocate.

It’s Inter School Basketball semi-finals day comes around and Malakai ends up leaving the team following an argument with Spider. However, that wasn’t the most exciting event that transpired during the game. Harper “took a minute” to throw Dusty on the public in the worst humiliating manner that could be. I’m curious about how the head of the household will handle this.

The Episode Review

This episode provided us with lots of drama. It was a bit disturbing to see how Dusty reacts following the consensual threesome, but Harper was able to regain her power when she rants about the game. Was what she said at the game correctly? I’m sure that there is a more effective method to handle Dusty instead of emasculating Dusty in the public.

Malakai was facing many pressures and he felt overwhelmed. Malakai needs to speak to someone about the issues he’s facing. Amerie did a great job of handling the breakup and was kind to him until the close of the relationship.

In the case of Darren as well as Ca$h must come up with a reached compromise Maybe they’ll reach a consensus. Do you have a suggestion? do you think Darren give Ca$h more time to resolve whatever issue is at hand?


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