Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 6 “Angeline” Recap & Review


Quinn is elated in the opening sequence in Heartbreak High episode 6 because she is set to experience the most significant moment in her life. It’s the day that she will attend to her favorite writer at a book reading and she’s thrilled. Based on the decor of her room she is in love with her love for the “Angeline” book series and she has been preparing for this moment ever since the age a kid.

Harper is dealing with the news that she is her own. She has chlamydia and is set to be suspended for her rage during the basketball match. Her father tries to convince her to be allowed to play, but Harper blocks him before she is able to go into detail about what she’s been through in recent times. Whatever the reason, Harper is not okay and isn’t ready to discuss the issue. The principal makes the decision to assign her the library privilege for the remainder of the time since the detention room is full.

After the parent-teacher conference, Harper sets out to make an announcement to Dusty about her health condition, but the teacher gives her the cold shoulder. A large portion of the school is angry at her, while another half believes she’s an “untouchable icon.” Amerie will not let her go but her heart hurts and she has Malakai in her head.

Darren is still mad at Ca$h. He has been trying to talk Amerie to throw an evening party at her house to distract her. The purpose of the party is to celebrate Amerie’s social revival. Sasha is willing to offer Amerie another chance and is looking forward to the event. Quinn isn’t able to attend as she’s attending the book’s launch event and book signing book “The Angeline of the Underworld .” Sasha is willing the opportunity to join her at the event, and then to Amerie’s party later. Quinn isn’t certain if that can be done as she has a schedule she has to adhere to. As an autistic person, it aids her in sticking to a routine.

In the class for SLTs, teacher Jojo recommends that students play a game known as “stuck in the mud”. The aim of the game is to instruct the students about power imbalance in relationships as well as sexual relations. Spider gets angry after the game, as his belief is that the goal is to smack each other. He also mentions the fact that Harper was handed the “lighter ” punishment for publicly dissing Dusty however he was given exiled because of “looking the wrong way.” The teacher Jojo reminds him that he and Dusty are not the victim and this irritates him even more.

After the class, teacher Joo is the one to pull Harper away to talk with her, but Harper isn’t interested in the conversation. Amerie believes that Harper is bringing her bad luck but the teacher Jojo says she must be aware of when something is wrong with the person. Amerie is able to recall the day in which Harper behaved differently than usual, and she was receiving texts from a person she would not identify. She contemplates trying to contact Harper but she then changes her thinking.

Quinn and Sasha embark on a book launch, but Sasha continues to interfere with her plans. Quinn asks Sasha to stop for a gelato. She is introduced to a friend at the gelato shop and they decide to get back on the train. However, Quinn feels uncomfortable, and that makes the situation even more uncomfortable. In the event, Sasha is not showing any excitement or enthusiasm about Quinn. She constantly checks her phone, and it appears as if she has other important places to be.

As she drives home, she’s not thrilled she is upset Quinn will not be capable of making it to Amerie’s birthday party. Sasha is sad because she isn’t able to be a normal teenager with Quinn. She was determined to attend the event, but Quinn agreed to go on her own. Quinn was in need of time to settle her nerves after getting to meet her favorite author. They had an argument in which Sasha charges Quinn for playing her “autism card.” Quinn returns home angry and gets angry however Darren is there to help her.

Darren attempts to speak to Ca$h once more, but they cannot figure it out. Darren was willing to make a compromise, but Ca$h insists that it was not the ideal time to speak. He scolds Darren and accuses them of being selfish, before making them look foolish before his peers.

At the party Amerie, Malakai arrives after he smoothly slammed his way into an invitation. He initially had said there was no intention to drink but ended up drinking. He had a minor dispute with Dusty while Dusty is having a fling with Amerie at the event to make him angry. Dusty as well as Amerie decide to move things into the bedroom, however, Harper arrives at the right time in order to prevent Amerie from having a sex session with her. Amerie believes that it’s because she’s jealous, however, Harper is protecting her as Dusty is suffering from Chlamydia.

The party gets worse when the drunk Malakai is attempting to jump off the roof to land on an inflatable trampoline. He is yelled at by other drunken fools. Luckily, Missy’s older brother Jia holds him down before he leaps.

At the end of the episode, Harper is finally able to tell Dusty and Malakai to be aware of the chlamydia infection and they receive medication. The episode concludes with Amerie getting a call from the principal. A few people would like to speak about her. Darren and Quinn make their way to the SLTs classroom, only to find it closed off. The classroom is now legally a crime scene. one person has written on “incest map 2.0” that Jojo, the teacher, was sleeping with Amerie. Jojo was sleeping with Amerie.

The Episode Review

The show continues to deliver with its plot. I thought it was unfair to Sasha to be a part of Quinn’s plans, only to become upset over it. She was aware that Quinn was ecstatic about the occasion, she was making plans for this for months. If she didn’t have the opportunity to attempt to be supportive and be a part of the excitement with Quinn it would have been better if she had not gone and stayed home and been to Amerie’s birthday party.

I was annoyed as the children kept screaming for Malakai to jump Is foolishness infectious or something? This was a risky situation and I am happy Jai assisted Malakai. It’s about time that Malakai finds someone to speak to before falling further into darkness. After a traumatizing incident, he’ll need assistance.

Finally, Harper may actually have an interest in Amerie And I’m happy she shielded Amerie from Dusty however Amerie ought to have known better too. I’m wondering who put such a horrible matter on the brand-new incest map. It appears that teacher Jojo is in legal trouble, and this accusation is something to be handled carefully.



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