Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Sheriff” Recap & Review

Episode 7 from Heartbreak High picks up where we left off in. Amerie is being interrogated by two female officers regarding what she has to say about her relationship with teacher Jojo (In this episode’s review, I’ll be using her name as Miss Obah to refer to her. This is exactly how they spoke to her in this episode). Amerie isn’t aware of any sexual relationships with her teacher and believes she is being played by someone else.

Someone made a call anonymously to DOCS and the head of DOCS was left with no other choice than to let the authorities examine it. Miss Obah has to rest for a few days because the investigation is still going on. Amerie is taken care of by her mother and is taken home with her mom. SLTs have been canceled between now and then, as the future of the school is in the balance.

As of now, Quin has gone nonverbal after her argument between her and Sasha and Darren is asking Sasha to allow her space. Darren is a wonderful friend and they’re always there to help Quinn. Darren and Ca$h are not communicating with each other.

Following an investigation, Amerie is back to confront Harper because she believes that she’s at fault for the mess she’s made with her. At first, Harper denies it but Amerie does not believe her, so in anger, she admits that she was the person who wrote on the brand new incest map and then made an inquiry to DOCS. In the end, Harper is kicked out and Dusty is able to offer an open ear and support to Amerie.

Miss Obah is furious she didn’t see her principal defend her, even when she knew that there was no basis for the allegations. She resigns and the principal assumes her SLts class. She is now the sheriff and is determined to make changes as she believes that Miss Obah’s method of teaching the class was not enough. She begins by showing the children with genital infections and reminds the students that STIs can affect anyone, regardless of gender.

Students are not thrilled to learn of Miss Obah’s resignation. Darren, Amerie, and Quinn attempt to influence her to reconsider her decision, but fail. She explains to them that they are suffering the consequences of their decision and she isn’t sure she’s going to be an educator anymore. Amerie decides to try her luck and speak to the Principal about Miss Obah’s resignation however, she denies her.

This causes Amerie to develop her own plan. She is inspired by Sasha’s demonstration at school. Amerie rallies the students of the SLTs and takes over their administration blocks. They won’t quit until Mrs. Obah is reinstated, but this will take longer than they anticipated since the principal isn’t in a position to barge. They spend all night at the Administration Block.

It gives them time to deal with any issues they face with one another. Sasha is sorry to Quinn however she’s still not verbal. Darren is having a talk with Ca$h. She confesses that she doesn’t like sexual intimacy and requests Darren to become friends. Darren is forced to accept the offer even though they’d like to have more. Dusty attempts to snuggle with Amerie and become closer to her.

As Amerie examines everyone in her nighttime routine, she bumps into Spider and has flashbacks to her day during the event. The spider was at the festival and was willing to assist her after she got into a fight and was unable to communicate with Harper. They went home together and were planning to go to bed together, but Spider suffered from a “performance problem” and they were unable to continue. In the evening, after Spider went off, Harper came to Amerie’s home. She seemed to be crying and demanded Amerie to allow her to in, but she wouldn’t. We now understand the reason Spider has been so cruel toward Amerie and Malakai. is jealous and resentful.

The evening continues to drag on and, by the time the next day arrives the children are exhausted and in need of items. Ant desperately needs to go to the bathroom, and they require water. Ant and Amerie get out of the window, only to be discovered by the caretaker, who pursues them. They are able to hide in the caretaker’s office, and in a moment of despair, Ant confesses that Dusty was the person who had the idea of presenting the woman Obah as a sex offender. Dusty as well as Spider assisted him in there were requesting SLTs to be stopped. Amerie sets out to take on Dusty along with Miss Obah finally arrives and the protest is successful.

After her expulsion, Harper is forced to stay home with her dad, a drug addict who is on a manic high. He becomes violent and loses track of the person Harper is. He believes Harper is the wolf that is determined to take over his possession. He is in a second manic episode when he returns home in the morning and is violent, frightening Harper.

Following her encounter in the presence of Dusty, Amerie realizes Harper tried to shield her from harm by preventing the girl from snuggling with Dusty. She rushes to Harper’s house but discovers an ambulance waiting on the street. Harper emerges from the house covered in blood everywhere on her. Harper sees Amerie and tells her, “It happened again.”

The Episode Review

This episode has given us answers in addition. We now know the events that transpired in the relationship between Spider as well as Amerie. I believe Harper is in pain because Amerie wasn’t there with her the night she was in trouble. It was clear that she was experiencing something. Amerie should have checked for herself. This is why Harper was so upset, she was disappointed.

Dusty is the vilest sort of man who goes their way to intentionally hurt others and fails to take accountability for his actions. Dusty makes use of his two misfits, Spider and Ant, as mouthpieces and as objects to implement his devious strategies. I’m hoping he is punished for his deeds this time.

As we move to the finale, we are to know what transpired during the festival. Based on the ending do you think Harper harmed her father in self-defense?



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