Heartbreak High Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Three of Swords

Episode 8 from Heartbreak High starts with Harper and Amerie finally having a sane discussion. Amerie states that she would like to know the struggles Harper is going through and asks her if she’s ready to talk to her. The sequence instantly goes to Harper’s flashback from the day she attended the festival.

Before attending this festival, the pair ran into Ca$h and bought some drugs from Ca$h. Harper wants to know Amerie whether would like to spend the night in her home. Harper doesn’t want to go back to her house because she believes it’s haunted. Amerie immediately agrees and says she’s irritated to learn that Harper needed to inquire.

They attend the festival and meet Spider who gives them drinks, but only Amerie accepts the deal. Harper is aware that Spider is a fan of Amerie and, when Amerie decides to go to an expert in fortune telling, Harper tells him Amerie is too wonderful for her. The fortune teller offers the happy reading to Amerie however Harper’s reading is dim. Harper received three of Swords cards, and the fortune teller says she’ll soon experience heartbreak, grief, and heartbreak.

While at the festival her father keeps calling her, which dulls her mood. She decides to not take the medication she had purchased earlier at Ca$h and tosses the items away. Amerie is unable to comprehend what’s going on and the reason why she’s suddenly down. She would like to know if everything’s good but she’s not responding. Amerie decides to go out to drink an alcoholic drink and that’s when she gets dissociated from Harper. She attempts to contact her, but Harper’s phone goes dead before they can speak. When Amerie is absent, Harper changes her mind and is able to get high.

She awakes in the car of Chook, with his gang of friends and Ca$h. It’s evident to her that they’re not planning to take her house. Ca$h is aware of this and is fumbling around as he’s not sure how to assist her.

Chook is stopped by the convenience store and takes advantage of the opportunity to aid her getaway. He asks Harper to go to the store. Harper sprints at the fastest speed she can to the woodlands. Chook and his crew chase her in pursuit, however, Harper manages to sneak away and they are able to escape.

Then she emerges from the forest and goes to Amerie’s home, but she’s there with Spider worried that Harper will be less envious than she came out. Harper goes home and discovered her dad in an insane state. He chases her around and yells that she’s a wolf trying to get his milk. Harper gets up and hides her in her room until the next day.

The next early morning, paramedics show up to transport her father to a hospital, after neighbors contact them. Harper is shaved and is put into foster care in an emergency.

We come back to the present moment in which Amerie apologizes to Harper for not being present at the moment she was in need of her most. Harper is also sorry for her actions toward Amerie for her insensitivity and convinces her that she wasn’t intending to hurt her, she was suffering and was not herself. They come to terms with and fix things while they make humorous amusing jokes regarding Spider.

Amerie’s mom calls them, and she informs Harper that her father is awake. She informs her she can meet him, and she is able to accompany her, but Harper isn’t quite ready. Amerie is currently living with Amerie. Amerie admits to her mom that she is ashamed of having let Harper down. Amerie’s mother assures her that they’ll figure it out but they won’t let Harper return to her home with her father.

Amerie convinces Harper to file a police report against Chook along with his band, however the police state that without any evidence they are unable to indict Chook and his gang. Harper isn’t able to prove anything. Amerie confronts Ca$h, and confronts him about his choices of friends, and insists that he beware of Darren.

Ca$h is struggling with the shame of that night and believes he’s not enough for Darren. He decides to confront the issue however to do this it is necessary to gather evidence from Harper. He picks up one of his buddies’ phones and emails the video he recorded of the night that ended his life to Harper. Harper now has proof to support her claim.

On a happier and lighter note, The lovely Miss Obah has returned and the SLTs are being regarded as a success. It will continue for the duration of the whole season. Dusty apologizes to Amerie and Harper however, Amerie insists that it won’t solve the problem. It’s not a surprise that, in the course of things, Spider refuses to apologize for his conduct.

Darren speaks to their father and admits to being obsessed with the rapper Ca$h. Their father tells them that they need to fight to protect their love. Darren takes his advice and decides to meet Ca$h. They share their feelings and vow to support Ca$h. Ca$h continues to battle his own demons, and he is ashamed of his actions and he decides to turn them off and removes them.

What is the Heartbreak High end?

After she has sent this video Harper then uses it to inform Chook and his gang. The police arrive and capture Ca$h, but he catches them and makes a dash for the video. He makes his way to the school, and he spots the SLT class in session. He confesses to his love for Darren and they exchange a kiss, before the police arrest the suspect into custody.

Chook is freed due to a legal issue since Chook was not captured in the footage, but Amerie and Harper see his car as they were taking ice cream. They ignited his car.

The Episode Review

It was a pleasing conclusion. The episode answered the questions that we were asked throughout the series. Harper has gone through a lot and is only beginning her recovery journey. It’s comforting to know she has a support system that can help her.

Malakai received assistance from Jai and appears to be in a much better mental state. Based on the way he looked at Amerie I believe Malakai still feels a connection with Amerie. The future may be uncertain with regard to Darren and Ca$h, but at least Ca$h has opened his heart. I wish he could spend some time thinking about and improving himself.



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