House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Black Queen

Episode 10 from House of the Dragon starts the final episode with Rhaenyra discovering Luke looking at the map of Westeros. Luke doesn’t want the Sea Snake to die and doesn’t believe Driftmark should be passed to him too. Rhaenyra states that she’s learned through trial and error that you need to be patient and accept the fate you’ve been given. However, she’s interrupted when she hears the news of Rhaenys coming to visit.

Rhaenys appears and informs us that Viserys is deceased. She then mentions Aegon has crowned the successor. Daemon is furious and blames Rhaenys for not burning all of them down to earth. Rhaenys takes a smack as she points out that it wasn’t her war that began.

What is the process Daemon prepares?

“The Greens are coming for you Rhaenyra You must leave immediately.” She begs. However, this isn’t going to happen given that Rhaenyra is in labor.

In the meantime, Daemon sets up soldiers around the perimeter and decides to make them appear more powerful than they really are. It’s time to act as the two Jace Luke and Luke are taken to Rhaenyra to discuss the events that took place.

Jace is aware that Jace is the real successor and takes a stance toward Daemon while they’re discussing strategies. While Daemon was thinking of flying to Rivermark to confirm Lord Tully’s backing, Jace has different thoughts. Jace explains that Rhaenyra isn’t interested in getting anything done…but Daemon ignores him.

Is Rhaenyra’s baby girl a success?

For Rhaenyra the mother has an unplanned birth but the baby is not born. It’s an incredibly painful experience to witness, and a painful method for Rhaenyra to be welcoming a new baby into the world. Daemon is able to see snippets of the aftermath before heading to the beach to grieve before igniting the baby in the fire of the dragon.

Following this incident, Ser Erryk is summoned and swears allegiance to Rhaenyra who is crowned with her own crown and her people at her by her side. Of course, this does not even come close to the power of Alicent and Aegon’s total control from King’s Landing, but it’s at the very least a beginning.

In the middle of Dragonstone With the map glowing with a cool glowing orange light, Daemon updates them on the numbers that their side holds. They have 300 crossbowmen, 30 knights, and 300 soldiers. For defense, this isn’t an issue per se, however, in terms of conquering. It’s not going to make an end to King’s Landing.

What’s the way Rhaenyra reacts to the proposal of Otto Hightower?

While ravens were sent to various regions of Westeros but men are not important in comparison to their dragons. It’s 13-4 by Daemon’s calculation but that’s not even including the wild dragons that they could be able to control to tilt the balance in their favor.

Before they proceed, a ship appears on Dragonstone carrying Alicent’s banner. This is Otto Hightower. He’s confronted by Daemon and, just as before in this season this battle is broken by the appearance of the dragon.

When the two sides negotiate terms, the two sides are eventually divided with Rhaenyra dropping the pin that represents the Hand of the King off the battlements’ edge as she calls Otto an apostate. But, he’s got an Alicent’s page in the hopes of influencing her and reminding her of the affection they shared in common. Rhaenyra decides to ponder Otto’s demands for peace which include her children becoming cupbearers. She informs Otto the King’s Landing will have an answer within the next day.

Does Rhaenyra gain Corlys’ support?

Rhaenyra is weighing her options in a careful manner, keeping control while the rest of the group wishes for war. Lord Corlys is impressed by this and arrives with Rhaenys a few hours later to discover Daemon absent in the room. Corlys explains that Rhaenyra is supported by the whole of his family and fleet. Rhaenyra does not really want to go to war, but he isn’t ready yet and is deciding to wait and see what happens.

Corlys has revealed that he is in total control of his control over the Stepstones along with his control over the Stepstones and Narrow Sea. This means that they regulate trade and even travel to King’s Landing. In addition, they can also take over the Red Keep and lay siege on the Red Keep and force the Greens to give up their arms.

To accomplish the entire plan, Rhaenyra needs to find out the names of her allies, and this includes transmitting messages to Winterfell and The Eyrie as well as Storm’s End. Instead of ravens Jace, as well as Luke, decide to take on dragons, as they are more convincing. After her two sons are broken apart and the cogs ready to begin this war machine the music taken from Game of Thrones picks up in particular Ramin Djawadi’s Targaryen theme as the dragons fly across Westeros.

As Daemon appears to be able to control an unruly dragon Luke is at the Storm’s End. The problem is, they have an even bigger dragon waiting on the horizon. We are aware of the dragon. Almond. Unfortunately, Aemond happens to be in the chamber of royals.

Luke will be able to make it through the night? Luke Survive?

While he is watching from far away and from afar, Lord Burros ridicules the lineage, and an uneasy tension is raging over the events. Aegon has signed an agreement to marry things, while Luke is a straightforward warning.

“Go home, Pup,” Luke asks that he will leave. Almond does not want to fight the boy, so he cuts him in the face and insists Luke to give up his eyes. Thankfully Lord Burros is able to stop this from turning into an all-out slaughter, prompting Luke to run to find his dragon.

When the sky is in the air the sky, everything goes down. Luke is snatched by Aemond and his dragon which dwarfs his. In the present, Aemond only intends to be a troll, but he loses control over his dragon thanks to a blaze of fire from Arax. It all spirals out of hand and at the end of the day, Luke and his dragon are both killed. Luke along with his dragon killed.

Daemon is back in Dragonstone and Rhaenyra is clearly shocked by the news. Her face is turned angry.

The Episode Review

House of the Dragon ends on a high note, featuring an excellent amount of action from the dragon and all the pieces coming to a good pace to prepare for the war that is coming. Similar to Game of Thrones season 1 it’s all about setting the scene and getting ready for the next battle and it’s refreshing to see a show like this one that doesn’t attempt to pack scenes of action in order to keep its viewers engaged (looking to the future, Rings of Power.)

The war for the realm is set to take quite a sloppy turn, and the final battle of Luke’s death is likely to be the moment that will see the world change from tranquil to complete chaos. The time of reckoning may be on the horizon for Westeros and it’s evident it coming into season 2 in a very good way.

This episode perfectly illustrates what good television looks like. Good characters, a compelling idea, and a controversial plot that doesn’t treat the viewers as if they’re idiots. It’s not perfect, however, House of the Dragon has been one of the most significant unexpected films of the year.


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