House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 5 “We Light The Way” Recap & Review

We Light The Way

Episode 5 from House Of The Dragon starts with a grey sky. Lady Rhea is on her own being stopped by a weird silhouetted figure, dwarfed by the castle that is perched on a hill behind him. It’s Daemon and he’s come to visit his wife.

She scolds him about his arrival, noting that they’ve not yet finalized their marriage yet. She also asks what exactly he’s planning to do with his crown. The stern expression on his face is enough to prompt Rhea to grab her bow. The horse becomes terrified and frightens her. He knocks her off, fleeing with her defenseless sitting upon her rear. As she picks up a rock Daemon (off-screen) hits her head inside.

In the meantime, Viserys is wretchedly ill and Criston Cole is growing in admiration for Rhaenyra. Alicent isn’t as happy, however, due to the fact that her father’s being pushed out of the Hand of the King. Outside in the courtyard when the rain is pouring down and he warns of there will be a time when there will be war in the land and especially when Rhaenyra becomes the King.

In the deepest part, Alicent knows the repercussions this can bring, and she tears for her father as she watches him be evicted from the castle and forced to go home. Alicent is clearly unhappy with her decision and is pondering the implications for her future.

Viserys finally makes it to the High Tide, where he’s received (coldly) by Lady Laena. Lord Corlys is waiting for him by bowing in a different way, for example, delaying his bow, and paying attention to Viserys coughing up bloody snot. A new King’s Hand is Lyonel who is given an encouraging word from Corlys. They hear the news that Rhea died “in a hunting accident” with her skull being crushed.

Viserys who is clearly aware that the throne is at risk from Daemon and not sure which side Alicent is on and proposes to marry Corlys her son, Ser Laenor, and Rhaenyra. However, Corlys doesn’t seem to be very happy with the thought of a woman assuming the reigns, particularly the one of Rhaenyra. Viserys is a great gamer but the promise of a second Age to Dragons is enough to convince Corlys to accept the conditions.

For Rhaenyra and Laenor reach an arrangement of their own and decide that they will “dine where they see fit” after completing their activities to help the Kingdom. This is, naturally an allusion to their favorite romantic partners, but the show does not want to explain that to us.

Laenor’s love for Ser Joffrey The love of her life grows for Ser Joffrey. It seems that Corlys and his wife are aware of his affairs with other women, particularly in the event that their conversation is any indication. The conversation here is wonderfully illustrated!

On the boat, as they head to the back, Criston Cole stakes his claim to Rhaenyra’s hand saying they should run away together and leave the crown as well as everything else behind. “I am the crown, Ser Criston,” Rhaenyra replies in her own way. This is a shrewd “no thank you” if I’ve ever heard one!

Viserys is able to return to King’s Landing but he’s weak and falls over as he steps out of the carriage. For Criston Cole, she’s called to visit Alicent where he confesses that the oath he swears to has been violated and that he had a sexual encounter with Rhaenyra. Based on the crime, Criston Cole asks for murder instead of being tortured. Alice decides to think it over.

In the case of Viserys his condition, he’s significantly weakened and, after the Maesters have swarmed about him offering leeches and medicines, Viserys is left with his hand, Lyonel. Viserys is determined to be known as a king who is exemplary and it’s evident that he’s tried his best throughout the year, however, everything he touches turns into ash. However, the King is able to get his strength back to get ready for the wedding of his royal bride.

The big day is scheduled with Ser Laenor and Rhaenyra each playing their part. Daemon is also seen during the show and is seen smirking, but being given a seat at the head table the same.

Midway through Viserys large talk, Alicent interrupts and approaches dressed in a gorgeous green gown. The shade of green also represents Oldtown’s banners of conflict. And throughout the dancing and celebrations, Alicent is given the acknowledgment of the Uncle who reveals that he’s at her side.

While they are at it, Gerold Royce comes up to Daemon and informs him that he has to pay for his crime. He is his cousin of Rhea and is aware that Daemon’s wife did not succumb to a fatal hunting accident. Daemon is smart, however, and makes it clear with sly eyes that dance, Rhea was just a few steps away from becoming the owner of Runestone. After her death, the stone is passed over to Daemon instead. Daemon plans to petition himself once the wedding is finished and shuts Royce off completely. Incredibly, Lyonel is listening to everything he hears.

Lenor is also aware that Rhaenyra has been sleeping together with Criston Cole, which prompts Ser Joffrey to show and acknowledge that they are both deeply involved in their marriage and it’s both good to not talk about it.

The daemon can be the Wildcard but he is the wildcard here and approaches Rhaenyra on the dancefloor who demands that he destroy the Kingsguard and then take her to Dragonstone If that’s what Daemon wants.

The guards then appear and the crowd is swarming throughout the hall. It’s difficult to comprehend what transpired… at first. Ser Criston Cole beats Ser Joffrey in the end, leaving him bruised and bloody – as well as dead.

Lenor as well as Rhaenyra are wed following this loss, with the former fighting to contain her tears. In the garden, Ser Criston is saved from his own suicide through Alicent Hightower. But it’s not enough to save Viserys who falls to the ground as the couple exchange vows.

The Episode Review

House of the Dragon once is back with a stunningly poignant and well-written episode. This particular chapter is filled with many double-entendres. There are also hints at what’s coming and what’s transpired, tucked with visual metaphors as well.

Watching Alicent attend the wedding dressed in the color green, is an obvious and uncompromising act of foreshadowing the fact the wedding of Rhaenyra is likely to have a huge impact. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Alicent manipulates Ser Criston Cole possibly using his name as a way to start a war or to keep the title of her “step-daughter” from the throne.

With Viserys likely deceased, can it be not within the realm of possibility it is possible that the Grand Maesters are behind this? The frenzied and inquisitive behavior of the King, offering the King tonics, and even claiming that Leeches are his favorite food might be a sign that they’ve been aggravating and not improving their health. I’m not entirely up to date about Westerosi mythology, but surely they could have offered him milk from the poppy in order to ease the discomfort?

Whatever the case it is clear that the pieces here are moving in the right direction toward the goal of a strategic battle, but what side will prevail is a mystery. What we do know is that the wildcard Daemon could flip over the tables and, if it does what happens to the world?



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