House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 7 “Driftmark” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of House of the Dragon starts with the funeral of Laena. Everyone mourns her passing and Velaryon and Targaryen, as well as Targaryen, gathered to pay tributes. Daemon interrupts the proceedings with a hilarious laugh, while Aegon appears to be annoyed.

When Laena’s coffin has been dragged into the ocean by ropes Rhaenyra talks to her son, reminding him that he’s where he’s at – And how powerful the House of Velaryon is. Jace takes Daemon’s two kids in his arms and one of them holds Daemon’s hand and the other holds his hand, which is a lovely gesture. In regards to Daemon himself, Daemon is clearly drunk and has numerous close glances at Rhaenyra.

As the night progresses, Viserys takes himself to sleep without Alicent while Corlys scolds his son for running off and wailing to the bottom of the ocean. In the following, he ponders the family tree that is Driftmark with his family and decides which part of his family is going to accept the blame. “Rhaenyra’s children aren’t of your blood.” Corlys ‘ memory is reinforced. In response, he states: “History does not remember the blood, but it does remember names.”

Outside, Corlys’ suspicions are almost confirmed by Rhaenyra who is walking with Daemon on the beach. She confesses that she didn’t have happiness with Laenor however she was able to find it when she was with Ser Harwin. Rhaenyra is adamant about Daemon leaving her and, as the waves gently lap up on the beach, the two kiss. “I would like to have you kiss me,” Rhaenyra whispers. Then the two have sex.

On the other side of the beaches, Aemond causes all sorts of trouble. He spots Vhagar, the dragon orphaned by Laena in a lonely spot. He sneaks up to it and attempts to ride the beast. He’s completely dwarfed by its presence. magnificent creature, and is almost burned as the beast releases flames deep inside its belly.

Then, Aemond manages to tame the dragon and sends it away for a grand tour through the castle. Because of the chaos it produces, it causes a major wake-up call to the rest people in the castle… which includes Baela as well as Rhaena. They, in turn, take on Jace and Jace. All three go down the stairs and begin to beat Aemond when they see him.

Since the dragon was supposed to be taken by Daemon’s sons The combustible mixture causes chaos. Almond has his eye cut off, Luke has his nose broken… and Lord Corlys shows up at the exact time Viserys insists that everyone be quiet in the hall.

The two main characters are Alicent and Rhaenyra and they go around and around like two mothers in an elementary school playground. The difference is the fact that the future of the kingdom is in the of the. Almond is ordered to disclose who spurned these gossips about Rhaenyra’s slum children… as well then he refers to Aegon following a lengthy look at Alicent. “Everyone knows. Take a look.” Aegon replies.

Viserys has reached her limit and demands that everyone stop fighting and apologize. “That isn’t enough,” Alice says, and she decides that the right punishment is to take one of Rhaenyra’s daughters’ eyes to pay for the debt that was incurred.

If Viserys isn’t willing to cooperate, Alicent orders Criston Cole to take over and execute this, thereby thwarting the King’s orders. If he is hesitant then she grabs a sword herself and hurls herself at the children.

Rhaenyra takes her former friend and stops her from moving, whispering “And now they know you exactly as you were.” She then slashes Rhaenyra’s wrist and spills blood all over the floor, in a furious retort that it is unfair that Rhaenyra is free to do what she wants and doesn’t stand up to her duty the way she does.

Aegon finally stands and calms the tension before claiming they’ve conducted a fair exchange. He might have lost one eye, but the dragon has been reborn. The issue is now resolved.

In the aftermath of that, Otto is back at the Hand of the King. He calls Alicent following her incident inside the hallway and acknowledges that he’s happy for her. He goes on to explain that this was an ugly game and the way she reacted may have actually served their cause. He is sure that Viserys will accept her apology and says they’ll be able to prevail. They are facing a dragon as well and Viserys is bound to be able to forgive Alicent. Otto says to her daughter that she should be patient.

In the case of Rhaenyra, She’s patched by the Maester and talks to Lenor. He acknowledges that he’s not doing enough and prices at the Gods for allowing him to be who he is. Rhaenyra describes him as a reputable person with a heart of gold smiling and telling him that’s not a common thing to find.

Lenor decides to increase his efforts and remain dedicated to her as her husband. He spots the target on the back of Rhaenyra’s and decides that this is the most important option for his wife and for the Kingdom. Rhaenyra is pleased but has a different idea.

Rhaenyra is approached by Daemon who suggests that they strengthen their bonds in a proper way. She would like to tie their blood like Aegon the Conqueror did and wants to have Daemon be her Prince and husband. The only way that this could be feasible is in the case that Laenor is deceased.

So Daemon takes on Ser Qarl to have him killed. When the action goes from their fight to Lord Colys appearing at the door, they discover their son still burning in the flames… Or are they?

A clever revelation will reveal a hairless Laenor still in existence and was taken out of the building through Ser Qarl. If Laenor has been dreaming about the Stepstones and searching for an escape route This is a way to kill the two birds that strike with one feather. It also gives an ending that is happy for the man.

When the show comes to an end in the final episode, we see Rhaenyra, as well as Daemon, getting married with their children watching.

The Episode Review

Daemon and Rhaenyra’s marriage is likely to create shockwaves throughout the globe. It’s not just going to be interesting to see Corlys wanting to fight back with her, but it could cause a massive war to finish off the first season as well. There are lots of moving parts and the chain reaction was first started by Aemond who has taken the dragon to himself.

It’s evident that Alicent’s kids share the same temperament, and, ultimately, this fight is resolved with Rhaenyra realizing that she needs to assert her position to have an impact on the world.

The end certainly provides an interesting twist, with Laenor actually alive and enjoying what he’s always wanted: an escape. He no longer has to think about his family’s lineage or making heirs and the deal he’s made with Rhaenyra is the most important thing throughout the story.

The next week’s finale is expected to end the drama. I wouldn’t be shocked that we’ll get some more deaths in the process.


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