I Used To Be Famous (2022) Ending Explained – Does Vince choose fame over friendship?

I Was Once A The Most Famous Plot Synopsis

I Used To Be Famous tells an account of Vince who was a former boy musician who had a difficult time and Stevie an autistic teenager who is a gifted drummer.

If Vince recognizes the talents of Stevie and their talents, he begins to get acquainted with the young man and forms the band along with Stevie. They become close friends, however, when Vince is invited to tour with an accomplished old bandmate, Vince is faced with the option of either leaving Stevie and getting another chance at fame or continuing to support Stevie and maintain his friendship with Stevie.

So, why does Vince prefer the fame of his life over friendship? Let’s take a look at the film.

How do Vince and Stevie meet?

Contrary to Austin and his famous former bandmate, Vince’s career was cut short after his boy band broke up and broke up. To survive, Vince now plays music on the streets, however, his talents aren’t admired by the people who pass by.

The luck of the draw changes when Stevie gets on his bench and engages in an unplanned jam session with Stevie. Stevie makes use of the bench to drum, and it’s obvious that he is talented as a drummer.

It’s due to Stevie that there are a lot of people gathered around them, recording the two musicians using their phones. Amber Stevie’s mother is there and snatches her son away, but Vince then sees Stevie again after he spots Stevie entering a church along with his mom.

In this place, he observes Stevie’s music therapy class in the very first instance, and the second time he gets a chance to see the teen’s abilities. The music educator Dia offers Vince to join in and he participates in the drumming class that’s being held.

Then, Vince learns that the videos of him and Stevie performing on the bench is now viral. Vince leverages this to gain a gig in an establishment in the area, however since the venue hasn’t yet requested Stevie to join his band, the first step would be to gain the boy’s blessing.

Is the gig going to go ahead?

Vince arrives in the house that is the home of Stevie as well as Amber and is finally invited in for jammie dodgers and tea. After introducing them to the concert, Stevie is excited but concerned about his safety her mother of the family Amber isn’t eager to allow Stevie to entertain a massive audience.

Vince and Amber fight, which leads Stevie to experience panic attacks. Vince can soothe him by reproducing the drumming sessions of the group of music therapists and this is a big hit with Amber. In the wake of this experience, Amber reluctantly accepts the job.

Stevie and Vince are then practicing their next show and Vince learns more about Stevie and his love for music, and his dream to attend music college.

It’s the day that the concert is here and, after the second show is over, Vince and Stevie take to the stage. The show goes smoothly and the duo performs admirably however the moment Vince is tempted to do a song that is more than the others, some in the crowd become discontented. One person is especially angry and he slams the pans and pots Stevie is using for his drums.

Vince reacts with rage, hits him, then is later removed from the pub along with Stevie. This humiliating moment gets less embarrassing after Austin whom Vince invited to attend the concert by Vince and sees his former bandmate grabbing himself up off the ground.

Vince advises Austin to go away and then calls Stevie to ensure that the boy is fine. However, Amber is furious and she informs Vince to stay away from her son.

Does Vince keep a distance from Stevie?

Vince is devastated when he discovers the police have no way to contact Stevie and then returns to his home.

We discover a bit more about Vince’s life. Vince plays home movies of him as well as the younger brother Ted as well as we can look at the amateur band they formed while they were young. Unfortunately, we discover through flashbacks that Ted later passed away, and that Vince did not show up on his brother’s behalf due to his commitment to his group.

It’s evident that Vince is still feeling guilt-ridden about this, and he calls his mother to inquire to borrow his harmonica from the other brother. He is empathetically told she’s not sure where to find it.

In the meantime, Stevie creates flyers for The Tin Men and is able to secure the band for a show.

Stevie phone calls Vince and informs him of the good news, but Vince isn’t convinced that they should proceed with the plan due to Amber’s concerns. Yet, Stevie matter-of-factly tells Vince to apologize for what happened to Amber for what she did that Vince is later to do when he spots the two of them outside the church.

After an apology, Amber becomes a little more accepting of her relationship with his son and the three attend the group for music therapy. This is where Vince is requested to lead the group, as it becomes evident that he’s able to be a good teacher.

Vince is tempted by the opportunity, however, when he’s later approached by Austin and Austin, he is faced with a second decision to make.

What was the reason why Austin get in touch with Vince?

After watching a clip showing Vince as well as Stevie playing, Austin realizes Vince still is able to stand on stage and is able to ask Vince whether he’d like to perform some of his songs during the end of his tour.

The singer is in agreement and is thrilled about his chance to earn fame. However, he is disappointed when he’s informed by Dennis Austin, Austin’s producer that Stevie isn’t invited to perform alongside him.

Vince shares with Stevie that he has bad news for Stevie. Stevie appears to be in a state of shock, but he encourages Vince to do it regardless, as he may never have another chance at fame.

Does Vince choose fame over friendship?

While Vince thinks about going on an excursion together with Austin, Stevie prepares for the music college by playing his drums.

Amber Visits Vince and expresses gratitude to Vince for helping her son through friends and music. She also advises Vince to stay away from Stevie because she fears that he could confuse her son by making false promises.

It is possible to conclude that this will give Vince the motivation to leave Stevie to focus on the final concert with Austin. Later, we observe Dennis handing Vince an agreement to sign, however rather than signing the contract and getting his second chance to be famous He decides to concentrate on his relationship with Stevie instead.

On the day that Stevie’s birthday the boy and his mother spot posted-up signs in the street with directions to be followed by the pair. These signs lead to a mini stage and when they take their seats at the top of the line and settle in, they are pleasantly shocked to see Vince. Vince performs a special tune to Stevie and invites him to the stage to perform with other musicians, including those from the group of music therapy.

The film is cut short shortly afterward however it is possible that Vince was a teacher which was provided to him and that he stayed in acquaintance with Stevie.

Why did Vince get another shot to make it big?

In the event that he didn’t show over his brother’s body before the time he passed away, Vince likely returned to Stevie as he did not want to miss this chance to care for someone another person who was in need of his help.

It’s also possible that Vince realized that he didn’t require acceptance from a group to make him feel better. Instead, it could be assumed that Vince realized that friendship is the only thing that counts, and with Stevie and his mother, the two of them had a relationship that was all he (and they) required.

It’s our take, however, if you have ideas about the reason Vince sacrificed fame in exchange for friendship, you can write us a note below!

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