The Veer Union – I Will Make It Out | Album Review

Track Listing

I Will Make It Out
Fade Into The Future
From The Fire In You
I Will Make It Out (Acoustic)

Infusing new life into metal music requires a lot of courage and talent, and there are many metal bands trying to be the first to do so as a role example for young bands or bands looking to make it or falling short.

To be completely truthful, the genre is over-saturated, as many other genres are, and its newness has gotten a bit stale through the years. Veer Union is a refreshing alternative. Veer Union, though, offers a unique balance that many groups aren’t able to bring to the table which is an indication of the band.

I Will Make It Out isn’t an ordinary EP that is full of repetition and hyperbolic lyricism. there’s actually substance in this. It’s got all the suspense we’ve come to expect however there are times that the listener will be affected by the music they’re listening to. Sometimes, bands choose to emphasize fashion over substance and are more about their looks instead of delivering a poetic message and this can cause fans to break up and drift off on their own.

There’s plenty to be a metal fan to be content with. The rousing lyrics complement the fast-paced guitar-driven songs and the overall experience becomes extremely relevant and stimulating. This is a good thing for the music scene and for bands who strive to impress and draw inspiration from The Veer Union.

The EP opens with “I I Will Get It Out. The introduction is engaging and the lyrics tell the story of a man who is broken. The guitar’s work provides stability and aplomb. “Fade Into the Future,” is a different story, with screaming and unpredictability, and addresses fears of fear. The lyrics are crisp and driven by story.

“From To The Flame In You’ is intense and packed with hooks and is genuine. Every lyric has a meaning that is meaningful, and the screams and instrumentals complete the chaos.

The Veer Union is onto something this time, and they’re poised to make a larger impression on the community they’re part of.



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