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Sekou Boys

When someone is offered a job they like, they’ll be willing to do anything to keep their job. Sekou Boys will follow a fervent college student named Ishimoto who is eager to be a part of the industry of idols.

Surprised to her delight, her first assignment is managing a boy band known as The Sekkou Boys. The Sekou Boys aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. This group consists of four Greco-Roman sculptures, completely new to the entertainment world, much such as Ishimoto.

With her college experiences as well as her knowledge of the industry, it’s her responsibility to Ishimoto to ensure that the idols are successful in the idol industry. Much like its title the show is hilarious. idol series with plenty of humor that will keep you laughing and entertained.

Get It Up Girls This is the Movie

Wake up, Girls: The Movie is an amazing prequel film that is essential to see prior to beginning the series. The film does an excellent job of establishing the characters and their world. The girls aren’t interested in becoming idols initially and each has ambitions to be noticed.

Additionally, the film gives viewers a basic concept and spends time creating girls who are healthy, well-rounded people. The male character does not have any unique traits but he is awed and grateful for the girl’s help and commitment.

The film has a good balance of comedy and heartwarming moments perfectly. The graphics aren’t always the most appealing, as some might be unable to distinguish the two girls apart because of their identical designs. If you are able to ignore its poor visuals, you’ll be able to find the film captivating enough to keep you interested.

Love Live! School Idol Project

Love-Live! School Idol Project (Love-Live) is an incredibly emotional anime that is filled with amazing music, great dialogue, and bright characters. Although it’s not an ideal anime for everyone, those who are fans of pop artists and concerts will appreciate the show’s content.

The characters in Love-Live have a lot of range of character and charm. All of them share an affinity for music, the narrative focuses on their strengths and weaknesses. One example is that one character is an exceptional pianist while another is a dazzling singer.

It’s these distinctions that let viewers identify the characters they are most able to relate to. Additionally, the show has hilarious moments that add a bit of fun. If you love shows that feature appealing songs and charming characters and characters, then Love-Live is well worth watching.

The Idolmaster

The Idolmaster follows the lives of 13 professional idols that are under the supervision of the curious 765 Production Studio. As the popularity of these girls increases, their relationship with their families begins to wane. The anime examines their lives in which they have to work together to keep their family bond intact.

Even though it is an ensemble show The Idolmaster takes time to examine the lives of thirteen girls. Each episode features a unique storyline that is geared toward the background of the female protagonist. In addition, The Idolmaster implements some details to help make every episode relate to the bigger picture.

Additionally, you can anticipate the show to revolve around the character’s issues with others or themselves. There will be numerous instances when girls are involved in disputes over their words. But, the characters will unite in order to find positive solutions to the problems of their friends. If you’re looking for an anime about friendship and managing fame must take a look at The Idolmaster.

Skip Beat

Many believe that the most loyal friends are the ones who will have your back, no matter what. But it’s crucial to know the value of your life and to select your friends with care. Skip Beat is an animated series that takes on this subject head-on, setting its female protagonist Kyouko in this position.

After spending the majority of her time with her pal Shoutarou Kyouko’s admiration for him fades after she listens to him speak about her. Dismayed, Kyouko vows to get revenge on her former pal by joining the arena of entertainment hoping to surpass Shoutarou’s achievements.

Kyouko’s revenge scheme doesn’t go with a bang, since she’ll be confronted by people who push her out of her familiar zone. To fulfill her purpose, Kyouko is determined to take on the challenge of having Shoutarou pay for his deeds. The anime is a great combination of humor and pure enjoyment.

Although fans will feel for Kyouko due to the way Shoutarou was treated She’ll also have to endure situations where it’s impossible not to smile. It’s a fantastic show to watch for people who want to witness the tougher aspects of the entertainment business.

Perfect Blue

It is, in my opinion, one of the best-animated films ever made. The director was the late and legendary Satoshi Kon, famous for his other films such as Paprika, Millenium Actress, and Tokyo Godfathers. The anime explores the horrors that come with fame and love from the eyes of the hero, Mima.

In the film, Mima throws away her dream career in order to become a renowned actress, much to her other idols’ delight. As the years pass by the film is awash with disturbing events that leave Mia in a depressed state. The film is an enlightening film that is filled with mystery with twists that keep the viewer interested.

The depiction of the dark side of fame is awe-inspiring and truly frightening. Visually, the show is gorgeous and performs in a way that is superior to other films. It has a blend of real-world and dreamy images, which aim to mess with the heads of viewers. If you’ve ever wanted to understand what it’s like to put yourself in the shoes of a character from anime look into Perfect Blue.

Zombieland Saga

There are numerous shows such as Slayers or Puella Magi Madoka Magic that tend to explore their respective genres with fresh perspectives. Due to the success that these two shows have, it’s no surprise that more anime would take a similar approach. Then there’s Zombieland Saga, an anime featuring a humorous look at idol-themed anime and the culture.

The story is about Sakura along with the other six girls of various times who are brought back by a stranger. The man is looking for the girls to rejuvenate their hometown of Saga Prefecture, his homeland through the creation of the idol group. Sakura and the other girls accept the conditions and terms. The remainder of the show is a wacky adventure as idols and zombie girls.

Zombieland Saga strives to entertain the audience with its humorous situations, vivid characters, and catchy songs. Every character adds something to the story through their diverse goals and characters. Visually, this show is just as good as other idol shows. People who love pop stars will love how funny and bizarre this show can be.


Aikatsu is an episode that is based on the style of similarly themed shows. This is another show in which adorable girls dance and sing to their heart’s content. The show follows Aoi as well as her best friend Ichigo. They both apply for Starlight Academy in hopes of becoming famous as their role model Mizuki.

It is not known to them the path to fame will require them to participate in sports like climbing on rocks, taking obstacles, and more. If you’re concerned, fret not. There are plenty of scenes that show our cast singing, performing, and dancing. It’s just a matter of adding some spice by putting our actors in a dramatic setting.

In that regard, the characters have some surprises on their sleeves. There are numerous instances that will leave you confused and a bit stunned. However, the show remains true to its origins as an idol and lets our actors tackle issues that are associated with their profession. From having to create the right signature, to scheduling appropriate fan events the ladies explore everything.

This show isn’t right for everyone and is designed for youngsters. If you’re into shows that have bizarre scenarios that their protagonists have to battle with, you should check out Aikatsu.


AKB0048 is set in a universe in which Earth is now inhabited. The center of this bleak world lies The Deep Galactic Trade Organization, which has a firm hold on the newly-inhabited planets and considers music to be unclean. Their bizarre vision results in the creation of a group of talents called AKBoo48.

While music is generally considered prohibited, our group is determined to bring back music into the lives of people who once lived on Earth just one world at a time. With the risk of being arrested at any moment, Our group must endure various training programs to make the top music collective in the universe.

This is a show in which it is clear that the creators had a lot of freedom to do what they want to. The group is able to visit many planets and stage numerous concerts, but the show is prone to shifting in a different direction and showing the negative aspects of idol life. The characters of this show have relatable personalities and aren’t positioned in the show’s story to provide an eye-catching spectacle for a certain group of fans.

The music and animation are as impressive as you’d hope for. While the show doesn’t take the same amount of time defining its antagonists, the battles in this show are action movies. If you’re looking for an anime that has idols with an excellent mix of humor with a touch of charm and action, you should check out AKB0048.

Macross (Series)

Shows such as AKB0048 are owed the Macross series quite a few favors. This was one of the series that introduced the bizarre concept of mixing pop starlets with thrilling robots. Although Macross’s many sequels provide something fresh and thrilling to get your teeth into it’s better to go back to the first show to kick off the whole thing Macross did in 1982. Macross.

Macross unfolds amid an unidentified spacecraft that crashes into the planet Earth. Humanity is formed by The United Nations to oppose the threat. The UN forces take over the spacecraft and give it the name SDF-1 Macross. Zentradi (an exoplanet race) descends to Earth after a period of time but loses a few men because of the SDF-1 Macross’s explosion.

This causes galactic war. The Macross attempt to escape by jumping into the moon’s orbit but the city it was located in is teleported into the far distances of space. Hikaru Acrobatic pilot Hikaru as well as Lynn who is an aspiring singer are caught up in the chaos. In this thrilling journey, both of them face the horrors of war alongside Macross and the Macross crew.

There’s a strange, euphoric feeling you get when viewing this series. This show has a romantic feel mecha, music, and sci-fi aspects. The show explores the disastrous outcomes that result from the clash of different cultures, ideologies, and conflicts. A few of the characters have appealing personalities and add to the story in reasonable ways.

The same is true for Macross’s other series. A lot of entries bring something new to the universe of this series and remain true to its origins. Although there are some unfavorable, the majority are equally entertaining with compelling stories, characters as well as beautifully animated worlds. Although I’d recommend giving other titles a try It’s impossible to be disappointed with Macross from 1982.

We are, our top picks for the best anime over the years that focused on pop stars and idols!

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