If You Wish Upon Me – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap

the Suspicion

Episode 5 of You Would Upon Me starts with Dr. Yang and Gyro-re having the words war. Go-re defends the team Genie and Yeon-Joo is a follower of Dr. Yang. Dr. Yang and Yeong-Joo discuss Se-hee’s declining health and he is adamant about Team Genie being too uninformed with patients. Yeon-Joo says that patients must enjoy their final days to the maximum.

He requests Yeon-Joo to stop informing patients that they’ll be dead soon, as he steps off. As he is in the hospice, Tae-Sik informs Dr. Yang that his cancer has returned and is now spreading into his liver. The doctor is in pain and Tae-sik sincerely thanks Dr. Yang for his assistance. He wishes that the news not be shared with those in the Hospice and requests Dr. Yang to grant the patient’s wishes prior to when his death.

In the breakroom in the break room, Yeon-Joo and Gyeore discuss about the nurse’s experiences at the hospice, in which Dr. Yang assisted her. Another nurse arrives and informs them of the fact that Dr. Yang gave permission to administer medication to Se-hee. In the night, Team Genie members brought all patients onto the front lawn of the hospice.

Se-hee’s parents are also there and are concerned about Se-hee since they were not aware that she was suffering from cancer. In the interest of his own self-deprecation, Gyu-Tae has decided to propose to Se-hee. The team Genie players are anxious when the play begins, however, they are smitten when they see Se-hee dressed all dressed. They laud Gyeo-re’s dress, but he’s uncomfortable.

The play starts and Se-hee sings for her audience. Yeon-Joo and Gyro-re talk about dreams, and they begin getting acquainted. In the middle of their performance Gyu-the spots an individual looking at Se-hee while she is crying on the stage. Se-hee’s ex-boyfriend knew she was suffering from cancer.

The truth is that Tae-sik invited him to attend Se-hee’s final stage performance. Gyu-tae takes him on stage to perform alongside Se-hee. The two perform together for the last time. In their performance, Gyro-re, as well as Yeon-jo, are caught sharing an awkward kiss that shocks both, as well as the audience.

At Tae-Sik’s request to attend Tae-Sik’s event, the secretary who Gyu-take scolded is aware of the actor has changed toward Se-hee. The man was about to bring a suit against Gyu-tae but reconsiders his decision after realizing that he is empathetic to the patient. The story is brought to an end with Se-hee’s final message for her fans.

Following the performance, Se-hee and her boyfriend bid big Gyu-tae and said goodbye. The actor has let her go, but she is sad this time, as Se-hee is hoping to see her in the future. Go-re is cleaning when he sees Tae-sik steal cash from his parents of Se-hee. He follows the elderly person to his ambulance and sees him deposit the cash in an empty box filled with jewels.

One day later, Soon-JA receives an email from her son, who is in the middle of nowhere. He apologizes to her for being in a position to meet her in the year. She is sad and lonely as she makes her way to work. In the hospice, Yeon-Joo reads an email for Team Genie by Se-hee. It turns out that Se-hee was already dead as was the reason for her letter. written prior to her death.

Se-hee was in her home, with her parents as well as her boyfriend when she went to her final breath. After Yeon-Joo reads the letter the entire Team Genie members are in tears, but Gyeo-re was the first to go. Yeon-Joo follows Gyeo’s in his car, enjoying the memories of Se-hee. She is reassured and jokes with him, trying to make him smile.

Go-re asks Yeon-Joo if they’ve ever had a happy life. However, Gyro-re says that there’s never ever been a happier time for Gyro-re. She switches topics by fighting with him and then teasing the latter. Go-re comes across Tae-sik in the hospice and inquires about the envelope he received to Se-hee’s parentage. The man who is old doesn’t answer his request and walks away.

Joon-Kyung just got released from prison and waits for Gyeore to take her to the hospital. In the hospice, Yeon-Joo realizes she has feelings for Gyro-re. He’s cooking a dinner that consists of Bibimbap in honor of Team Genie and his vet Jin-goo. Yeon-Joo attempts to put the chef off with a copy of the recipe he used for Soon-Jan’s Bibimbap the previous day. This makes him smile, shocking everyone present.

Joon-Kyung is waiting for Gyeo-re’s appearance, however, Seok-Joon shows up to collect her. In the hospice, Gyro-he realizes that he’s little help to patients in need and becomes overwhelmed. Dr. Yang meets Gyeo-re and informs Gyeo-re that Sonny is required to be kept from patients due to hygiene reasons. Go-re is also asked to study first aid.

Go-re gets angry with Dr. Yang and claims that he has only a few additional hours to do volunteer work in the community. In the Team Genie room, Gyeo-re is ranting at Sonny saying to the dog that they are each unwelcome at the hospice. In a way, Gyeore is trying to keep him from becoming attached to the hospice’s staff.

He places Sonny’s kennel in his room’s corner. Yeon-Joo is working out on the roof and says something to her. Yeon-Joo goes to Dr. Yang and she talks with him about the possibility of letting Sonny remain. He is furious with her, claiming that she must prioritize her patients. Yeon-Joo clarifies it wasn’t Gyeo-re who complained to her.

Instead, he asked Yeon-Joo to instruct him in First Aid and CPR after she made fun of him for trying to kiss her. Gyro-re is searching for Tae-sik after a patient named Mr. Jang discovers him. Since Gyro-re is a former convict and the patient claims that his final wish was to be dead and requests Gyeo-re to murder him because it’s likely not something that would be a huge deal for him.

Gyro-R scolds him but is lost in thought about how to locate Tae-Sik. He observes Tae-sink’s fight in the team of the Gang Boss is the one who was searching for Gyeo-re via Seok-Joon. While watching the fight, Gyro-re discovers that Tae-sik has lied about the need to use crutches.

Go-re is disappointed and demands that Tae-sik stop making up stories. He is furious and questions him about the money he had been keeping in his ambulance, as well as his involvement in criminals. He questions if Tae-sik truly killed someone before leaving.

The Episode Review

Se-hee’s journey through the episode was so touching and the producers were able to show how the true love of a person can change an unpopular and rude individual like Gyu-tae. The way that Tae-Sik is able to see through the people around him is enough to make me believe that he knows the dynamics between Yeon-Joo and Gyro-re.

I feel terribly sorry for Dr. Yang as a person the man he is. Dr. Yang seems to be a rational person stuck between the irrational empaths who are willing to do everything to make the wishes of dying people come true. Dr. Yang is determined to be realistic and ease the pain of his patients, however, the doctor is not aware that happiness can be a part of the pain.

Team Genie recognizes that even though they are suffering, patients desire to be content, even if it’s just for a moment. When Se-hee was reunited with her family and her parents, and finally achieved her dream of becoming a singer, the actor suffered more pain than normal. But, her joy was the only thing that could overcome the pain. Se-hee’s role as an example of a part of Team Genie Gyeo-re may finally be able to overcome the immense pain in his life.


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