If You Wish Upon Me – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Seo Jin’s Retribution

In the opening of Episode 6 of If You Make a Wish Upon Me, Tae-Sik tries to reconcile with Gyeo-re by offering him a cup of coffee following their argument from the night prior. Gyoe-re is unhappy that Tae-Sik is a person that isn’t his friend.

The old man departs after snarking about Gyro-re. Joon-Kyung is in an establishment that offers saunas where she is playing phone games, waiting for Gyeo-re’s answer to her calls.

Seok-Joon spots her then makes an appearance and threatens to take them out if she’s not able to inform him of where Gyeore was. She irritates him by declaring him mentally ill, and he gets angry with Joon-Kyung. He offers her his credit card and demands that she find a hotel room and reside there instead of the sauna.

The next night, Seo Jin is on a phone call with Hyung-Joon who is her boyfriend when he returns to his home after classes. He’s in the waiting room for his red lights to change red as Seo-jin sings an anthem. As the lights change to red, Hyung-Joon starts crossing the street.

A car is speeding by and overtakes the red light, speeding past the student who is bleeding on the road. The driver is quick to see if Hyung-Joon is okay and leaves as the high school student shivering in pain.

Seo-jin is in the hospital along with his parents as reporters from the media arrive to report on the incident. The doctors aren’t sure whether Hyung-Joon can make it however the reporters are his parents and discuss their involvement as drivers in the incident.

It turns out that the driver was a well-known political person and the media are worried about sensationalizing the story as Hyung-Joon’s fate is at stake. Seo-jin enters an operating theatre to see Hyung-Joon.

Under the ventilator, Hyung-Joon makes a comment to Seo-jin. She visits Tae-Sik and tells her that she needs his help to fulfill Hyung-Joon’s dream. As Hyung-Joon is not in danger, Tae-Sik informs Seo-jin that he is unable to meet her desire.

She begs him to listen and informs Tae Suk that Hyung-Joon wanted revenge on the powerful family who took advantage of him. As they are powerful who are powerful, they can get away with the accident, however, Seo-jin says that a key witness was still Hyungjoon’s dream.

Seo-jin follows the wife of the man who was responsible for the accident but is not able to see him due to the security guards protecting him. In the hospital, the politician Dong-work attempts to meet his daughter Ji-woo, but she’s hesitant to greet him.

The child is aware that her parents do not seem to be in any way concerned about the incident, however, they are trying to protect their reputations. She remembers the night when her father of her was drinking and snoring when he drove the vehicle.

After Hyung-Joon suffered injuries because Dong-Wook had broken his signal, Dong-Wook then drives away. In the car, Ji-woo is haunted by images of Hyung-Joon who was injured.

She wakes up to a jolt while driving with her mother, but doesn’t reveal the nightmare. Outside of her school, Gyro-re notices Seo-jin has been victimized by her peers and invites her to a restaurant for lunch. While in the vehicle, Seo Jin asks Gyeo-re for help to avenge the attack on Hyungjoon.

She blames her for calling Hyung-Joon into the accident, but Gyeore is stern with her by saying that the fault of the politician. At home, Seo-jin lives alone in her large home while in the hospital, Gyro rethinks about her remarks while at the station in her car.

Seo-jin has revealed that she was bullied at school due to the bad choices her parents made. Go-re remembers his struggle for Joon-Kyung in his youth and was punished for it because the orphan was his. He also recounted how, over his life, he would be unfairly dismissed by adults merely because of his poverty.

He meets Yeon-Joo, who is taking a break. Go-re begins by telling her that he doesn’t have a house of his own and then recounts his complicated situation. The two are in love over their conversations and Gyro-re questions Yeon-Joo about what is it that will bring her joy.

In response to the question, Yeon-Joo plays with him and makes Gyeo-re frightened. She says that her latest ambition on this earth is to keep Gyeo-re’s smile because he has the most beautiful smile ever.

Go-re is awestruck and asks if she’s sharing her feelings with her and she replies that she was. Later that day Team Genie is working alongside Seo-jin, who is absent. The-Sik confesses that he angered her. Go-re, on the other hand, is helping Seo-jin to avenge Hyung-Joon’s death.

They stand outside Ji-woo’s school while her mother brings her off the school. Go-re encourages her to be logical and to refrain from scolding an innocent child for the sins of her dad. Seo-jin is determined, and she makes her way to Ji-woo’s class.

Go-re however is sending flowers to Dong-Wook as a fake. He enters his hospital room and waits for a phone message from Seo Jin. When Seo-jin has gotten Ji-woo’s attention, she asks her who Hyung-Joon was, and what happened to him.

Her parents are concerned, and Seo-jin is able to scare Dong-wook by claiming that Ji-woo is in danger. After Seo-Joon’s threat, Dongwook promises to accept the blame for the accident and apologize to Hyung-Joon’s parents for his blunders.

Ji-woo apologizes to Seo-jin for the mistakes of her dad. Seo-jin apologizes for being overloaded by Tae-sik as she brings Seo-jin home. The-Sik inquires about Gyeo-re’s reason for not including the address of the school on the ambulance and Gyro-re explains that they need the team leader Genie.

When Ji-woo’s parents rush off to the school after they saw them in danger, they apologize to her in the hopes of stepping for their actions. At the hospital, Seo Jin says to Tae-sik that revenge was not Hyung-Joon’s desire. She says that, instead of worrying about his own safety, Hyung-Joon asked whether the driver of the vehicle was fine.

Dong-Wook and his spouse formally apologize to his parents for Hyung-Joon’s. The doctors inform Hyung-Joon that he would be fine and were gaining consciousness.

In the hospice, Yeon-Joo ishes Gyeo-re’s bags full of cash, which pisses the man off. Yeon-Joo asks herself if she’s done something wrong. While she is wondering, Gyro-re hid the money in the car boot inside the vehicle. He also drafts a will, just as the first thing he was required to do in the first part of the Team Genie instruction. In the note, he notes that the funds will be donated the Team Genie after his death.

In the meantime, the Gang Boss is warning Seok-Joon to not allow him to get Gyeo-re with his home in any way. In the hospice, Gyeore is starting to feel comfortable once he begins to realize that his time volunteering is about to end.

However, Joon-Kyung is back in the job as a broadcasting jockey Seok-Joon as well as his men. The-Sik and Seo Jin are enjoying lunch when Seo-jin requests her to respect her parents, who are working tirelessly for her.

Go-re drops an unfinished painting of her old patient, and then improves the painting so that she’s not unhappy. Seo-jin and Taesik talk about the fact that now that Gyeo-re’s volunteering hours were coming to an end they must think of a strategy to keep him in the hospital. The-Sik says that he’ll eventually have to reveal to Gyro-re the mystery of this room located on the fourth floor, after all.

The Episode Review

So far, the show is interesting, but it seems to be a bit slow for a K-drama by Ji Chang-Wook. Ji Chang-Wook is well known for his dramatic roles, and playing an empathetic and calm Gyeo-re is certainly a different kind of character. I hope the romance angle between Yeon-Joo and Gyeore begins moving forward soon. This episode was a cute moment with the pair.

Seo-jin is a fierce young woman who wants to take revenge for her boyfriend’s mishap however it was jarring to watch her collapse after she hurt the girl. It’s wonderful that Hyung-Joon is secure and there weren’t any deaths in this episode.

I believe that Tae-sik has a connection to the gang that Gyeo-re stole money from. Now that Joon-Kyung has been released from prison, we might see the ferocious Chang-wook return as Gyro-re. It’s not entirely possible that Gyeo’s son is Tae’s however, it seems like the patient in Room 403 may be connected to Gyro-re.



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