Interview with the Vampire – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart

Interview with the Vampire Episode 5 begins with Daniel reading Claudia’s journal. This includes her “kill list”, which lists the last thoughts/words Claudia had for each victim. Rashid, Louis’s man of food, tells Daniel to not judge other people and they have a heated discussion. That is until Louis broke things up and got into Daniel’s head.

However, the story continues as before with Claudia staying in her coffin and going on a hunger strike… Or is she? Louis and Lestat arrive and discover the coffin empty. They also found her journal. Claudia’s hunger strike is over. Claudia is busy eating at various victims and sneaking in the night. Claudia is enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Lestat and Louis blindside Claudia as she returns home from work and asks her what she has been doing. They are not pleased with Claudia’s haphazard behavior and are even more so when they discover that Claudia is burying her victims outside of town at Chalmette. It is three feet below the river’s edge, so heavy rain is likely to cause problems. It’s all there – all the bodies are washed up on the dock.

The news spread quickly throughout the town, with each corpse being missing a piece. Police are likely to be on the lookout for them as they’re all from Quarter. They do exactly that. They find Lestat, Louis, and Claudia incinerated outside. It is not a pleasant sight. Claudia actually has all the pieces of her victims hidden, even a body, in her wardrobe.

They manage to evade the police but it’s not because they are suspicious. The police also admit that they don’t like the things they have seen. Claudia is clearly in a bind after Charlie’s death. Claudia reveals that Lestat had been keeping secrets from the couple, believing he has grown tired of them. Antionette is the one Lestat has been seeing and he promises to get rid of her soon.

Louis meets Claudia and she asks why he saved her. She is unhappy and walks out.

Lestat and Louis leave Claudia behind and decide to stay underground for seven years while trying to keep their profile low. Louis misses Claudia and sends telepathic messages to her in all directions, but she does not respond. Louis pleads for Claudia to come home, but his words are lost amid the Great Depression of the 20s that is sweeping the country.

Claudia meets Bruce, a fellow vampire, and Louis decides to lock himself up inside 1132 Rue Royale. He continues his education in the library, as well as reading constantly.

Claudia’s encounters with Bruce do not end well. He is referred to as a murderer by her, but Bruce says he has been watching her for some time. He suggests that the bodies be buried in a shallow grave, rather than being thrown out. He begins to feel a bit more comfortable when Daniel mentions that the pages of the diary have been removed. Although it is obvious that Bruce sexually assaulted Claudia, Louis refuses to talk about it. He is remarkably calm throughout it all and ignores Daniel’s taunts.

Continue the story. Louis is devastated to learn that his family has essentially abandoned Louis. He finds his name under Florence De Pointe Du Lacs at the cemetery. This is how it should be. He’s shocked by the news, but he doesn’t have any other options. Claudia is a spectator from a distance, watching in the shadows and eventually understanding Louis’ pain and why he saved him.

Claudia returns home. Louis hugged her and thanked her, while Lestat was less open to accepting. He refuses to accept Claudia’s apology, and Claudia lashed out at him. Louis is not going to be there, but she stopped by and said hello.

Claudia hasn’t been there for Lestat, however. Louis is caught in the middle of it all, torn between staying with Lestat and leaving Claudia. Louis jumps on Claudia’s throat and fights with Lestat across the house. It ends with Lestat sucking Louis’ blood. Lestat regrets Louis’ indifference to him. Louis pleads for help while being lifted high in the air by the vampire. Lestat does exactly that and releases Louis, allowing him to fall back into their home. Claudia sobs as he lies motionless, crumpled, and battered on the ground. Claudia stares at Lestat with murderous contempt when he descends.

The Episode Review

Louis and Lestat are in shambles, but it is because Claudia was included in the family. This is illustrated by the fight at the end, in which the camera effortlessly moves in a smooth motion to capture from Claudia’s point of view.

It’s not clear if Louis and Lestat will be the same again. However, it is clear that Louis, Claudia, and Lestat are going to be together. Lestat could be seen slipping back into the shadows. Maybe in Europe. This is the place season 2 will be set. There are already hints. The ending leaves no doubt that there will be more seasons.


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