Interview with the Vampire – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Like Angels Put in Hell by God

Episode 6 in Interview with the Vampire begins with Louis looking at his damage. After the fight with Lestat the week before, Louis has bad dreams of falling, reminiscing about Lestat’s ability to fly as a rare ability that only a handful of vampires have. Even though he was with him for over 20 decades, Lestat did not show that he was gifted with flying. Louis believes that Lestat kept this secret in order to maintain a level and even relationship in their relationship.

So it’s been a while since Lestat tried to apologize, and was scowled at and snubbed by Claudia and Louis The latter slowly begins to recover trying to hunt an animal around the house to eat dinner. With a cane in his hand and his breathing ragged, Louis eventually gives up. “We’ll take a second look next time,” Claudia suggests.

Tomorrow is the next day. The next day turns into years, but Lestat strives to return to the duo. Six years of trying at all times, but eventually it begins to break Louis his armor. In the spring of 1937, the composition is delivered via post in the shape of an album. Lestat performed all instruments by himself, with the exception of singing… to his wife.

While initially not liking the incident, Louis ends up getting Lestat back, however, only with a few conditions. First, there must be no contradiction between the two. Lestat is also required to take down Antionette. In addition, he has taken care to love Claudia as a sister, rather than a father.

Despite the trio being back together, they have ended up having a strained relationship. There is still tension between Claudia, Lestat, and Louis but they are discussing their dinner plans and food choices. Even though they’re all in agreement but it’s not the right way to go. Louis is hoping for Claudia to be more open and become more gentle with Lestat and Lestat believes that they’ll never be the same. He also believes there’s a dark side in Claudia that was not there before.

Funny enough, the two are more alike than they want to admit. They are able to both capitalize on their weaknesses and even engage in verbal sparring when playing the game of chess. The game of chess played mentally between them is more exciting than the physical one and the discordant music playing in the background is an elegant stylistic choice. In the spirit of weaknesses, Claudia and Louis watch Lestat in the evening, when he heads back to Antoinette who is still alive despite the promises he made to him.
Louis decides to remain silent about the incident, but the numbness persists.

Claudia is fed up and decides to go away, taking a train to leave and escaping Lestat and vampires similar to “him” (that is Bruce). Louis who is torn decides to remain. He has promised to return to her aid should things turn out to be a disaster. But things don’t go as planned. Germany invades Poland However, it’s Lestat who arrives on the railway Claudia is riding and starts the first mass murder which kills all the people on it and brings Claudia back to the belief that Louis requires her.

At home, the chess battle continues and Claudia talks to Louis as she moves her pieces across the board. Claudia is done with the games, however. She’s determined to take down Lestat. Realistically, in a proper manner. Claudia believes that she has the power to kill Louis, and she’s convinced that Louis is determined to kill him, too. In a strange twist, Claudia wins this game, which is a surprise to Lestat and then is a source of anger for Lestat. Louis believes that killing Lestat is the only way to get rid of him.

Then we jump forward and find Daniel having his first encounter with Louis in the bar. He mentions that his profession as a journalist, and searches for people hidden in the nooks that make up the urban. He admits to being an alcoholic, but he passes the matter off as an absurd joke and breaks the silence between them.

The Episode Review

Conversation with the Vampire has taken on a fascinating dimension this time as the psychological and even physical game played between the trio is given an additional dimension. Being able to see how Claudia is beginning to become smarter as she plays, and how this is contrasting with Lestat’s arrogance that gradually weakens his confidence, is an interesting way to look at everything that has transpired within the group.

Lestat’s secrets are not limited to the surface and despite his promise to keep there no secrets between the three of them, it’s obvious that he’s an obsessive lying liar. There are parallels to the story of an abusive relationship Claudia pleads with Louis to get out and go with her, and Louis continues to stay to see if things improve it’s a great method of putting his inner struggles with this.


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