Interview with the Vampire – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 from Interview With The Vampire starts with Daniel leaving him to his own choices. Louis is sleeping which gives him the chance to look through old journals. These are from the viewpoint of Claudia but she calls Louis a dark angel who kept her from an unforgiving fate.

Louis asks Lestat to transform into Claudia for her to live before quickly bringing Claudia into the house. Even though he’s badly burned, Louis does exactly that, and Claudia gets stronger than she had she was before. Claudia is regenerated and is shown around the home.

It is interesting to note that Louis and Claudia are also able to communicate through telepathic communications which Lestat cannot hear and which could be a key element to the plot’s progression. We’ll see! The two men don’t promise secrets, but they will show Claudia the tricks of the vampires together.

Claudia is a hunter with her husband and is unstoppable. She definitely spiced things up, but she is also a prolific writer in her journal that we know Daniel has been reading. When she is reading it looks around, and she sees Lestat and Louis who are sharing their coffins. Based on their original pledge not to reveal their secrets, it appears that they’re actually doing it!

In the evening, while in the lake, Louis brings up the dangers of being a vampire Claudia. He explains that killing is a crime and she begins to settle into a better rhythm than she did before. In reality, the year goes by and Claudia will be celebrating her birthday in the usual Claudia manner, including new kills and bloodlust.

The world appears to be good…until Louis receives a phone call that alters everything. He’s lost his mother. in her death. Naturally, things are inevitable to be awkward at the funeral, particularly with the socially awkward Claudia who is more relaxed about the idea of dying than she was before.

There’s a fascinating romance that reverberates throughout the entire episode as Claudia as Lestat says – is awash with hormones. She is fortunate to meet a man named Charlie who she ends up having feelings.

The two eventually have a sex session, however, Claudia is unable to control herself during the process, and she begins biting his neck. As blood drips down her cheek, Claudia realizes she’s killed her lover.

Lestat isn’t too concerned and is apathetic when Claudia appears with Charlie’s body, and pleads for him to turn her around. But the truth is that Charlie is dead, so that’s not possible. However, Lestat teaches her a lesson and makes Claudia observe the body of Charlie being burned. This is a warning not to touch people who are not.

Claudia is stricken by grief but she also hurts herself, she allows sunlight to sink into her body and eat away at her body. As Charlie’s last words echo through her ears telling her to be the angel she is, Claudia feels certain she’s been on the right track and believes there’s plenty more to enjoy in the world. As if she’s just starting the story ends with a gloomy note as she moves ahead.

Episode Review Episode Review

Interview With The Vampire is coming to an end this week and features an intriguing shift in pace which is based on Claudia as opposed to Louis. It is a great way to understand the mental state of the young girl and comprehend the joys and lows of vampirism. Having a hard time trying to control her powers while simultaneously setting the group up as an unstable family, adds an interesting poetic element that harks back to the notion that teenagers are insecure and difficult to control.

The episode is able to serve as an allegory about growing older… only with more bloodshed and murder! However, it provides the show with an edge that is a bit different by allowing us to change perspectives to see things from different points of view.


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