Has May It Please The Court been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Canceled or Renewed?

May It Please the Court is the newest law drama exclusively on Disney+. The show features a good cast of characters as well as some interesting cases.

You may have been following this blog for a while and wondered if it has been renewed. You don’t have to wonder any longer! Let’s find out what we know about renewal.

What’s May It Please the Court Season 1 all about?

Nok Chakhee, an outstanding lawyer, has the highest winning rate within a large law firm in Jangsan. Overnight, she is made a Jeongha public defender. Jaw Sibaek is her eccentric public defender. They take on a case of serial murder involving wealthy men together.

Chakhee will be able to defend the criminal that killed her loved one. The season is full of surprises!

May It Please be that the Court has been renewed for season 2?

As of the writing, Disney+ has not renewed season 2 of May It Please The Court. It will be interesting to see whether they renew the show for a second season, considering how obscure the ratings have been over the past weeks.

It’s hard to predict what Disney will do with it, as this original is Disney+. There hasn’t been much buzz about this.

It’s rare, but not impossible, to renew k-dramas that wrap up their stories in one season. We don’t think this is an exception and believe this won’t be renewed.

Season 2:

Disney+ has not yet officially confirmed whether the second season will be renewed.

The majority of Korean dramas are limited to one season, with the exception of Love ft. Netflix. The following shows are available: Marriage and Divorce. It seems unlikely that the current one will be renewed.

However, it is possible that actors may return to the show for a sequel, even though that possibility is very slim, contrary to what we have predicted.

This has the potential to be a second season, however, Disney may decide to make another push. We are currently in the dark, but we believe that May It Please the Court won’t be returning for a second season.

This page will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.



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