Jogi (2022) Ending Explained – Does Jogi survive at the end?

Jogi Plot Description

Based on the events that were the scene of 1984’s Anti-Sikh violence, Jogi tells the story of a Sikh man determined to protect their family members, his close friends, and his neighbors from a massacre that claimed the lives of many Sikhs. Following the assassination attempt on President Singh of India by two Sikh men, the Indian PM with the help of two Sikh men public’s attitude towards the entire family changed in a matter of hours and people began getting bloody.

Utilizing the resentment of the populace A politician attempts to feed his anger by inciting the slaughter and exterminating every Sikh in Delhi’s Trilokpuri in pursuit of the highest political post. Jogi recounts the tale of a man and his closest friends who all work to stop Sikhs from being cruelly killed.

What happened during the Sikh Riots? Why was it easy to identify the Sikhs?

The assassination attempt on Indira Gandhi occurred shortly after she issued Operation Blue Star, a military operation to protect the Golden Temple Complex in Amritsar, Punjab.

In the aftermath of the incident, the former Premier of India was killed by Two Sikh bodyguards. The result was the 1984 Anti-Sikh protests which turned into a mass shooting in which 2800 Sikhs were murdered in Delhi and hundreds more were killed across the rest of the country.

Sikh men were savagely attacked in the wake of this fury because they were easily identifiable since they wore Turbans. In Sikh tradition, the belief is that cutting hair isn’t natural since God (Waheguru) created human beings in their natural form.

Through changing their appearance, many Sikhs believed they were in competition with God and altering their appearance to appear the best versions of themselves challenging the creator who created them.

Why does Tejpal instruct to have the Sikhs killed?

Following the assassination of the prime minister, Indira Gandhi public’s opinion of Sikhs was slammed. Because of this the corrupt political establishment of Delhi began a massacre the release of criminals and demanding that they murder Sikh family members in return for a cash reward.

Tejpal an MLA in an effort to attain an upper level directs the police officers at Trilokpuri Police Station to make an exhaustive list of Sikh individuals living in the city, and take them out one at a time with the assistance of these criminals.

As Jogi has lost his brother-in-law and a couple of his friends to the public eye, he’s trying to rescue him. But, officer Rawinder is on the lookout for his friend to warn him of Tejpal’s plans.

What will happen to Sikhs in Lane 6?

Jogi along with his loved ones together with the Sikhs who live in the lane they reside in, Lane 6 seek refuge at the Sikh temple (Gurudwara). In the midst of their wait, an individual informs Jogi that the temples nearby were all attacked and that the Sikhs who were hiding there had all been killed, and he is determined to help out and protect his fellow neighbors.

Investigator Rawinder is at the temple when he reveals to his friend from childhood, Jogi, about Tejpal’s plans. Jogi wants to rescue the entire Sikhs in Lane 6 and demands that Rawinder thinks of an answer to aid them. Jogi decides to sacrifice his religious beliefs and cut his hair. The police officer suggests that they get help from the Muslim acquaintance, Kaleem who owns many trucks. They are planning to hide out individuals of the Sikhs in the temple within the truck, and then eliminate the Sikhs about 260 kilometers from Delhi at Mohali, Punjab (the original home of Sikhs).

Is Jogi able to drop the Sikhs at Mohali?

Before he is able to transport a few Sikhs to Lane 6 to Mohali, Kaleem demands Jogi provide fuel to the truck. After securing those in the truck, Rewinder and Jogi find out that the police as well as the officials had taken gasoline from petrol pumps, and taken them to their vendor who supplied weapons to aid in the massacre.

They are able to purchase the fuel, however, Tejpal becomes uneasy about Rawinder following the incident. Laali is provoked by the politician. They try to get out but are stuck at the toll station. Ravinder and Jogi fight with two men in the toll station and then flee from the check-post.

The police officer in charge of the Toll Station warns Tejpal regarding Rawinder as well as Jogi. However, in spite of the circumstances, Jogi is able to safely remove one-half of the Sikhs off of Lane 6 at Mohali. His parents have asked Jogi to protect his sister Heer who was in Delhi along with his fellow Lane 6 Sikhs.

Who is Laali? Is Rawinder caught by Tejpal?

In the end, Rawinder’s lies were exposed by Tejpal. The politician demands the officer kill Jogi himself and present the body of the Sikh man, or otherwise lose his children and wife. Ravinder is stunned by the gesture and as he leaves, Laali stops him.

They debate about the fact that Laali had also been close to Jogi at one time, and had let his disagreements with Jogi result in the deaths of a number of innocent Sikh men. Ravinder vows to defend Jogi along with all Sikhs through all strength and advises Laali to stay clear of his activities.

Where does Jogi keep the other Sikhs on Lane 6?

Ravinder is the one to inform Jogi Rawinder informs Jogi Kaleem about the threat made by Tejpal. As the politician learns of their plan to escape it’s impossible to escape the city right now. They decide that their sole alternative is to remain in their home until the government sends an army to stop the slaughter. They devise a plan to influence Laali.

Ravinder pretends to be spying on Jogi and Rawinder pretends to snitch on Jogi and Sikhs to reveal that they were hiding inside the temple. He requests all police officers to be sent to arrest and take them to the grave. But, when the police reach the shrine, they find that Rawinder has helped the Sikhs escape to Kaleem’s mosque. The Sikhs are hiding in the mosque, however, Laali is aware of this and rushes to Kaleem’s residence to inform his wife about the incident.

What is the name of Karma? What is her story?

While Laali and his companions are on their journey to the mosque Jogi requests the Sikhs to leave the mosque. They escape while being pursued by police who are firing at the Sikhs and injuring one of them. But, Jogi is able to safely transport all of them to a residence in the area of residence.

They discuss what they should do when Laali comes in and threatens to murder Jogi. A flashback shows how Jogi along with Laali’s daughter Karmo were lovers for one another. When she became pregnant without a partner, Laali threatens to marry her off due to religious problems.

Karma is not looking to marry anyone other than Jogi who is a Sikh man. Karmo cuts her wrists out the fear of being married by Laali. Laali is adamant that she owes Jogi for her loss, however after a heated dispute with Jogi, the latter discovers that the man was truly in love with Karmo. Laali let the Sikhs be and leaves the house without inflicting any harm on one single Sikh.

Does Laali aid Jogi or Jogi and Sikhs?

With the police watching, Rewinder and Jogi decide that the Police Station is actually the most suitable hideout for Sikhs since the police will search everywhere, but not inside the Police Station itself. Jogi, Rewinder, and Kaleem can take their fellow Sikhs to the Police Station using an obscure route.

Jogi is making a commitment towards the hurt Sikh man and then returns with Rawinder to help him, despite Heer’s pleas to remain in the back. The cops do eventually catch Jogi, Rewinder, and the wounded Sikh man and bring their bodies to Tejpal who is, ironically, in the same police station that the Sikhs are staying in.

He requests Jogi to disclose the exact location of the other Lane 6 Sikhs but Jogi insists on helping the Sikhs. Tejpal killed the injured Sikh man, causing fury in Jogi who attacks the politician, slapping him repeatedly. In anger at Jogi’s assault, Tejpal shoots him in the chest.

Does Jogi die?

Heer was shocked to witness her brother shot. She shouts and Tejpal discovers about the Sikhs were in hiding right under their faces. Tejpal instructs the police to kill the entire family. As that police headquarters is being set ablaze the armed forces appear together with Laali.

The Army Officers have put out the fire as the Sikhs are liberated. In his last minutes, Jogi ensures that his sister is safe, and is buried with his close friend, Rewinder.

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