Little Women – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

In episode 10, of Little Women, we first witness Sang-woo putting an AK-47 gun on Park Jae-sang’s neck. Sang-woo talks about his grievances to the former and demands that he be called out of his position. He threatens Soo’im during the video chat by threatening Park Jae-sang and demands that she immediately set up the money to help him escape.

Soo-Kim and her team hurry to fulfill Sang-woo’s request and, in the meantime Jae-sang managed to take out the CEO who was fired. Then, he tries shooting Sang-woo but is shocked to discover that the gun does not contain any ammunition. Jae-sang gets angry and full of rage.

If Sang-woo is a snarky person and screams at him Jae-sang becomes confused and beats him. Sang-woo becomes so angry that he grabs one of the stones and beats Sang-woo to death. When he returns home, Sang-ha congratulates him and says he did an excellent job and requests to take a break by offering him sleeping pills so that he can prepare for the big event the next day.

At that point, In-Joo as well as Do-il sneak into the home with the assistance of the maidservant. They meet Hyo-rin. The girl says that Sang-ha is responsible for the disappearance of In-hye. She believes that In-hye will never leave her to her own devices. They hear Sang-ha scurrying around the house and observe she is going to a hidden area within the home. Sang-ha is inside the locked room with In-hye. The child is in awe of the next move of Sang-ha.

She says she’d prefer to die rather than live in Sang-ha’s confined room. In-Hye’s comments leave Sang-ha awestruck by her statements and describe how his mother’s absence from her daily life, while she was in the same space, was a source of worry for her. Sang-ha reveals that his mother was a fervent Christian and was not a fan of the practices of The Jeongran Society. She locked herself inside the room, and then committed suicide.

Sang-ha believes she should have stayed as if nothing had happened and pretended to lead a normal life. She also says that her brother, too, should have been a part of the fun, while she sheds a few tears. In-hye is then presented with a photo of herself with Jae-sang, Sang-woo, and Sang-woo as children and requests her to paint the picture for him.

In-Kyung has concerns about Sang-woo. Hee-Jae says that one weapon was lost. Hee-Jae claims that Sang-woo’s not the type of person to kill someone, while In-Kyung is wondering if the former CEO was planning to kill Jae-sang by himself. While In-hye paints, Hyo’rin As well as Do-il, In-Joo, and Hyo-rin get into the room, and chase In-hye away from the Park house, as Hyo-rin joins them as well.

Jae-sang is in the crowd in which the crowd is cheering for him. Soo-im informs him that Do-il has been involved in the Oh sisters. He then orders Soo-im to get his mother admitted to the hospital in order to stop him. In-Kyung doesn’t be featured on any of the major news, and Hee-Jae is disappointed. In the morning Sang-ha is bringing her home to a standstill when she finds out that Hyo-rin has gone missing.

In-Joo has arrived in In-Joo is at the Park house to meet Sangha. She tells Sangha they are all on their own and trying to lead an ordinary life, away from the chaos. She asks Sang-ha to allow them to be. She delivers an apology letter from Hyo-rin. her mother is emotional. She is convinced that she’ll be able to bring her daughter back, but In-Joo advises her to quit and live an ideal life.

The two girls seem jolly on their trip to Japan. Sang-ha stokes a seed of doubt in the head of In-Joo regarding her faith in Do-il. At the house of Hee-Jae, In-Joo is wondering if In-Kyung is willing to let everything go for a few days and embark on an excursion abroad, but In-Kyung says she’s determined to reveal Jae-sang before she does. In-Kyung is shocked when she sees an item on her computer and is shocked when she is greeted by In-Joo who soothes her.

Do-il and his wife are in the area in which Jae-sang will hold his rally. The veteran presents his son with an inventory of the weapons he has. He says that if Hee-Jae is not able to attend the next day following Jae’s murder, Do-il will be responsible for the weapons but his son is not willing to take care of the weapons. Do-il calls the Hee-Jae as an unidentified person, and then leaves the scene when He receives a call from Soo-Kim.

When Do-il is visiting his mother when she is there, Jae-sang appears. After a discussion, Do-il concludes an agreement with Jae-sang to assist in killing Hee-Jae and end the assassination for his mother’s release. Do-il accepts the offer and appears to betray In-Joo and his team when he insists that her sign a document to give her powers over the money to 70 billion won. In-Kyung and Jongho look over the document and say that the In-Joo sister should be the one to sign the document. The oldest sister agrees to sign it.

Soo-it’s men are able to hear the conversation through an earpiece on Do-il’s wrist and Soo-it is able to release Do-il’s mom from the hospital. Do-il also informs Soo-it’s men know where to find Hee-Jae’s guns in order to assassinate the Ja. The guns are taken away when Hee-Jae leaves them. Do-il has In-joo send a message to the veteran of the military that In-Kyung has previously visited along with a letter on behalf of Do-il.

The veteran offers to purchase the collection of Hee-Jae’s weapons and Hee-Jae accepts to give the weapons to the man. Soo-it’s crew plant an explosive inside the truck which explodes when Hee-Jae arrives at the house of the veteran. Soo-it’s men observe Hee-Jae getting transported to the hospital after he burned himself. They also observe a panicked In-Joo desperately trying to contact Do-il.

Do-il, however, is traveling with his mother, with the assurance that he will never go back to his home country. Jae-sang, Sang-ha, and In-Kyung are thrilled with their success since the latter is scheduled to appear on a television news show. However, the news channel is showing a special program featuring In-Kyung. The former reporter is presenting Do-il’s mom and it appears like Do-il has managed to cross Jae-sang twice.

Hee-Jae is in good health at the hospital, and In-Joo is amazed to see him unharmed even with the burns. On the news website, In-Kyung discredits Park Jae-sang’s father, Il-bok, for being the cause of Do-il’s death So-Yeong’s victim. So-Yeong claims that Ilbok murdered the man to build a slush fund that was worth trillions of won, and then used her to bear the blame in his place.

Hee-Jae’s evidence was stored with Il-bok’s DNA from the weapon used in the murder and then utilized it to prove that Jae-sang’s father was the murderer. Do-il is rushed to the hospital in order to help Hee-Jae and In-Joo, and the trio flees. In-Kyung says she will be answering more questions in the next few days.

In-Joo has been shocked at the chain of events that occurred without her knowledge. Do-il narrates the story of how it all began when she accompanied him to meet with Hee-Jae. The story also reveals that In-Joo was not the only one involved in the plot since she’s not capable of telling the truth. In-Joo is quite angry over Doil’s lying while she laughs at his expense.

Jae-sang and Inkyung bump across one another on their way out, and she promises to expose him using all the evidence she has. He is mocked for being mentally retarded, however, she says she’ll let the country know the name of their mayor in actuality. While Do-il, In-Joo, and Hee-Jae walk through a parking lot the police are able to take the veteran into custody for the illegal possession of weapons.

The following day, it was published in the media that Hee-Jae was detained after a tip said that the veteran planned to kill Jae-sang. Mari says that despite the news, the public’s opinion of Jae-sang has been untouched. In the evening, he is in the crowd of spectators.

Do-il and In-joo are also in the distance watching as In-Joo plays the video clip of Jae-sang committing murder on Sang-woo, as recorded by Sang-woo himself. Soo-Kim is able to shut off the video, but after a few minutes, Do-il starts playing the second video clip of Jae-sang brutally killing Sang-woo. Jong-ho praises Inkyung for her courage.

She is moved by the fact that In-Kyung is able to report the typhoons. Jong-ho reveals that Jae-sang also was a typhoon kind. Soo-im stops playing the second video and Jae-sang informs the crowd that it was fake and they should believe him. In-Kyung appears in the news once more and she details the way in which the victim, Sang-woo himself uploaded the clip to the server for her to locate following his death.

Jae-sang’s representatives inform media and journalists they believe the footage was created with a sloppy fake of Jae-sang and was completely synthesized. In the meantime, Jae-sang manages to win the presidential election despite the scandal of the sisters. Jae-sang reveals that it was time to do it from scratch.

In-Kyung has been interviewed for the third time, and during her show, she announces that Jae-sang committed suicide after falling off the roof. In-Joo, who watches the television from her home is stunned while In-Kyung remains still when she is requested to make a statement live on TV. Sang-ha is looking at Jae-sang’s corpse in the morgue. There is an orchid of blue on his palm.

Sang-ha calls Injoo as she heads out and warns her of what’s coming her way in the coming days. In-Joo is concerned about Do-il as she calls him and he isn’t answering her calls. She checks the balance of the account for international banking and finds that 70 billion won have disappeared as well. The woman hears some who are banging on the door of her house when they enter the home only to discover her in shock.

The Episode Review

The episode is likely to be an unpleasant go for many, and it is interesting to see the brutal murder of Sang-woo by Jae-sang in about 10 mins or even. It’s a bit disheartening to think that Sang-ha has let this take place in order to make money. It’s ironic that her father left the orchids to her, and how she turned things around by bringing back those orchids.

Little Women is nuanced with its narrative and how the viewers were initially led to believe that it was Jae-sang is the key manipulator, and Sang-ha was just a pawn but then it was reversed. The wealthy and the poor I am happy that Hyo-rin, In-hye, and Hyo-rin finally have a place to escape and are safe from the war.

I think the girls will be given an even bigger role to play when they finish the series as we enter the final week. I don’t believe that Do-il betrayed Injoo by stealing her money, even as she’s detained as seen during the show’s preview. I believe this is part of his strategy and that he’s really doing this to deflect any actions Sang-ha may have made up against the Oh sisters.


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