Little Women – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 from Little Women starts with In-Kyung seeing In-Joo lying on a bed of blood and Hye-suk’s deceased body. In-Joo is blamed for the incident and In-Kyung is stunned. In-Joo claims that she was the person to restore the orchid which caused his death. Do-il is rushing inside the home while In-Joo is suffocating. He discovers the orchid next to Hye-suk’s corpse.

Hye-suk’s family holds her funeral while her relatives gossip about In-Joo. In-Kyung is furious seeing In-hye with Sangha. Following the funeral, Sangha speaks to In-Joo about her relationship with Hye-suk. She says that the elderly woman was their caregiver when she was a child and also the mother figure for Sang-ha upon the passing of her mother.

In-Joo confronts Sang-ha regarding the orchid and asks what made her give that flower in the first place. In-Joo reveals that she experienced an incident that made her look up at Hye-suk, and all she remembers is that she found herself bleeding Hye-suk on her back.

She asks Sangha if her aunt passed away due to the orchid. Sang-ha then relates the story of Hye-suk. She describes how the former nurse helped her to come to terms with her mother’s passing. She speaks of a “closed door” where Sang-ha held her emotions in a closed space and suggests that In-joo not feel overwhelmed and put her heart behind a closed door as well.

Sang-ha says that when she’s in a more positive location, she is able to let her emotions and revisit her feelings. She claims that the orchid will not be to blame for the death of Hye-suk. In-Joo says she won’t bury her emotions and keep them from the world but will try to find a cause for the death of Hye-suk.

Hye-suk’s lawyer explains the assets she has and her liabilities to her family members. The elderly woman had decided to choose In-Kyung as the sole heir of her home and stocks. After it was found out that Hye-suk’s debts were greater than her assets, all of her relatives renounced the inheritance to avoid having to pay the deficit of 8 million won. In-Kyung has the right to claim the amount and says she will be taking into account all the assets of In-hye as well as her liabilities.

In-Joo has a meeting with Do-il’s workplace, and she inquires of him about the murder of Hye-suk. She mentions that he’s frequently aware of deaths prior to when they occur and asks what prompted him to warn her before she arrived at Hye-suk’s residence the following night. He claims that he’s not aware of the person who committed the murder. Do-il threatens to cancel their plans to go to Singapore with Do-il, but she is not frightened by the threat.

In-Joo is devastated and makes an offer of 70 million won to him to track down the person responsible for the murder. Do-il says that the investigation is only possible when They return from Singapore and states that the 60:40 agreement is in effect. In-Joo and In-Kyung talk about their aunt’s passing and In-Kyung say that she’s in pain following her death.

In-Kyung is in Hye-suk’s home where she is given the dead great aunt’s card, documents, and keys. In-Kyung discovers a key card that even Hye-suk’s lawyer doesn’t know of its purpose. In-Kyung goes through the belongings of her great aunt and is empathetic when she finds the gifts she received from Hye-suk many years ago.

In-joo phone calls In-Kyung to inform her that the person who shot Hye-suk was arrested. According to the news, Hye-suk’s chef Sang Hyeok had confessed to murdering the elderly woman due to her suggestion that he makes investments in stocks led to him going broke. In-Kyung isn’t convinced that the man who was responsible for Hye-suk’s food for the past three years could take her life.

In-Joo believes that someone could be a hired gun to plan for years, and eventually kill Hye-suk at their orders. In-Kyung inquires with her elder sister to discuss the orchid, and In-Joo divulges all the details about her involvement with the Jeongran Society and Sang-ha gifting her with an orchid the night of Hye-suk’s murder. Jun-ho is at the home she informs her sisters about the chef’s

declaration included an image of him holding an orchid in his hands.

At his workplace, Soo-im is angry at Do-il who injured her fellow employees during an accident. He warns her and tells her to let In-Joo be alone. She accuses him of being a “traitor’s son” however Do-il threatens to expose her to Park Jae-sang in exchange for the money he has taken from him. At Hye-suk’s residence Jong-ho, Inkyung, and In-joo stumble upon a secret room which they unlock by using the unidentified key card.

The room was cleared, but what was left in the room remained an orchid. The suspects believe that before Hye-suk’s murder it was taken away by someone else belonging to her from the lockers. In-Kyung sips the flower and becomes determined to uncover Jeongran Society. Jeongran Society and learn the facts about the blue orchid and Hye-suk’s murder.

In-Kyung is told by In-joo that the money is held in a savings account located in Singapore and she’ll be able to withdraw the money soon. Jong-ho is attempting to get part of the funds as he is at risk of his life. In-Joo says he will hand over the ledgers and ledgers to In Kyung for her to write the expose.

The sisters throw a smack. Park Jae-sang also won the initial mayoral election. The three are watching his speech from Hye-suk’s home when In-Kyung announces that Jae-sang copied the speech of General Won from the Vietnam War. In the clip from the period during the conflict, In-Kyung identifies Hye-suk in the role of one of the nurses.

Park Jae-sang, Sang-ha, and Park Jae-sang meet General Won in the hospital, where they discover that he breathed on himself for over 20 minutes spite being in a state of comatose. Jae-sang explains to General Won and informs him that he has been appointed Mayor, however, Sang-ha informs him his intention was to become President.

He mocks her and appears to be angry, but pretends to not care. At home, Jae-sang and Sang-ha are involved in an argument after she tells him to put his hands off of her. She is scolding him for being persistent and rude as his father did Park Il-bok. Hyo-rin is agitated and in their room of In-hye after the fight, In-hye glances outside to see Jae-sang’s guards forcefully bringing Sang-ha into the house, as she runs away.

Hyo-rin and In-hye go to the room hidden just above the stairs to keep their minds off the events that were taking place. The attic contains an old dollhouse dubbed “The Closed Room’ which is identical to Hwa-young’s home. The dollhouse has a red-heeled doll in the closet exactly like the one In-joo found in the body of Hwa-young. Additionally, the dollhouse was featured in an outdated magazine, titled Sang-ha’s collection of art.

Meanwhile, In-Joo as well as In-Kyung are looking through Hye-suk’s old photographs and discover that their great aunt was a Vietnam combat veteran. They find out they are part of the Jeongran Society that was founded. Jeongran Society was created when the Korean soldiers were at this same hospital. They believe that out of thirteen members of the society, the two survivors who remained are general Won and Choi Heejae, who was MIA for a long time.

In-hye and Hyorin, however, you can find photos of childhood pictures of Sang-ha and her younger brother with their mother’s image cut out of every picture. Jong-ho revealed that Choi Heejae is Do-il’s father. The pair also discover Do-il’s mother is in prison for murder and has left in order to see her first.

The following day, Jae-sang informs Hyo-rin and Inhye that Sangha will be staying in her bedroom for the next couple of days due to her illness. He requests In-he’s help Hyo-rin while two of the older Oh sisters get to meet Do-il’s mom in prison. In-Kyung claims she was imprisoned as a result of a contract murder, as a result of which Do-il was able to go to university in the United States.

In-Kyung says that the crime had no motive and that’s why she committed it in someone’s direction. After she gets frustrated, which prompts the latter to go away, she brings Do-il to the table. She says she is the one who is Do-il’s mother and informs her mother of the ledgers. The mother of Do-il gives them an address for Do-il’s father. In-Joo is asked to relay her message to Do-il.

Park Jae-sang departs from the rally with Sooim who tells him about the Oh sisters visiting the prison. He encourages her to place her most talented men in work and to follow Do-il. In-Joo and Do-il are drinking in a bar, and she persuades him to go to the address. In-joo initially is furious at In-Joo for interfering with his private life, but In-Joo is adamant about giving his address.

She also relates the response of his mother and claims that Park Il-bok, Jaesang’s father, was the one who framed his mother for murder, and that is the reason she’s in prison. Do-il is impressed by In-Joo’s plan to take revenge for Hwa-young’s murder and gives her a flash drive. He reveals that the family of Chef Sang-hook is being relocated to a different residence, alleging that he was also set on the hook to kill Hye-suk based on the instructions of someone else.

In-Joo is told that she’ll be alone, however, she says she believes that Do-il to save her if the need arises. On the following day, Jong-ho and in-Joo take Do-il’s tail to get to the home where his father, Choi Hee-Jae resides. Choi Hee-Jae resides in the forest in a residence secured by two dogs. In-Kyung monitors Do-il’s movements inside the home.

The next day, Sang-ha writes an In-hye note that the younger sister sends In-Joo. The note states that In-Joo is asked by Sang-ha to go to Singapore and bring some money to her so that she could leave Park Jae-sang and the two girls Hyo-rin as well as In-hye. In-hye is greeted by Jae-sang and he takes her to the top of a building, asking her to leave her life and her family to be a part of his family.

He says that the next couple of days will be crucial for them, and says that he’s eager to see how she copes with these days. Then Jong-ho and In-Kyung arrive at Choi Hee-Jae’s home to collect information from Choi Hee-Jae. In-Kyung deliberately gets bitten by his dog to be invited into Hee-Jae’s residence.

After the two have entered Jong-ho records the documents with a spy camera attached to his spectacles. In-Kyung divulges her identity, and Hee-Jae gets furious when she mentions her involvement in the Jeongran Society. He disperses them, but In-Kyung has left her card at home and is certain that Hee-Jae will contact her. In-hye attends her school whenever In-Joo comes to her before heading off to Singapore.

In-hye leaves her with some money and asks her to visit Singapore with In-Kyung when she is settled in Singapore. In-hye presents In-joo with a present for her birthday which happens to be the dashcam footage of Hyo’rin lying in the middle of an orchid. After their conversation, In-Joo is taken to the same restaurant that she attended with Hwa-young and Sang-ha wearing a bizarre outfits for a special birthday dinner.

Do-il confronts Jae-sang about having someone follow him, and gives Jae-sang his father’s contact information. Jae-sang orders his men on a mission to take out him, but the house is set in flames with an explosive that detects motion and causes the deaths of the men.

In-Kyung also chats with another veteran of war who talks about Hee-Jae as a rare sniper. Do-il stows the murder weapon his mother had used in a locked locker. He then goes to meet In-joo in the restaurant.

The flashback shows that Jae-sang was requesting Do-il to remove In-Joo. In the restaurant, Doil informs her that a person called Oh In-Joo is living in Singapore. The man shows the woman a photo and the woman is wearing an orchid tattooed on her ankle as Hwa-young. Do-il informs In-joo that they need to hurry to Singapore to get the money prior to Hwa-young doing and doing.

The Episode Review

This was by far perhaps the greatest Little Women episode to date and there’s plenty to be unpacked. Although we are aware that Hye-suk’s chef was murdered following the instructions of Park Jae Sang I believe that leaving Sang-ha off as a suspect isn’t difficult. She’s a skilled manipulator. Choi Do-il is not an unimportant character at all, and both of his parents are part of the family.

It could be that Hye-suk may be the mom of Sangha and it is possible that the Won family as well as their Oh sisters are connected by blood. The attic and dollhouse prove the fact that it is so.

However Do-il is the one who could betray her however, she has trust in him and this makes the situation more difficult for her. I’m pretty sure that In-joo is going to kill Hwa-young (who pretends as In-Joo) in exchange for money.

Jae-sang informed In-hye that there are a lot of things going on in the coming days that make him worried about what he will do the next day. Whatever the case I am sure that the sight of In-Kyung’s nose in at the flower was the last step for The Oh sisters to break apart. Instead of being the epitomize of sisterhood, the K-drama could be a way to show the ways that greed and politics can tear families apart.


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