Lou (2022) Ending Explained – Is Lou alive at the end of the movie?

Lou Plot Synopsis

Lou, a senior citizen living on an island, is able to help her neighbor Hannah to find her daughter following her disappearance. taken away. As the movie progresses it becomes evident the fact that Lou has a dark past and has relationships with the man who kidnapped the girl.

The film’s finale is when Lou appears to be dead. But is she really dead? Or is she alive after the conclusion of the film? Let’s have a closer look…

Who is Lou?

At first glance, Lou is a crotchety elderly woman who lives in a wooded cabin located on Orcas Island and only has her dog, Jax, for company. After taking all of the money she had from her bank account, and taking out some documents that she then burns, she writes an unsigned letter to her friend Hannah and then is seated with a rifle on her chin.

Just prior to Lou committing suicide her body gets a visit from Hannah.

We’ve already learned the fact that Hannah owned a girl named Vee and that her husband who was abusive to Phillip was believed to be dead. But, Phillip isn’t dead as Phillip shows up on the island and kills Hannah’s boyfriend, and then kidnaps Vee.

The terrified Hannah phoned Lou’s cabin and asks for help, likely because she is aware Lou is a hunter.

After being distracted by the suicide plan, Lou agrees to help and the hunt begins to locate Vee. As the story unfolds we discover the reason Lou is so adept at hunting and uncover her dark background.

How do we know Lou’s true name?

Prior to making the move to the island, Lou was a CIA agent.

This is not the only reason for her tracking skills, and spotting patterns, but it’s also the reason Hannah is so agile when fighting. We discover that when Lou and Hannah discover a house that is home to two people who work for Phillip.

Lou shows up at the cabin and pretends to be an elderly woman in need of assistance. As they realize that she’s not quite the fragile person she seems to be Lou is able to take them each down and gets details from one regarding Philli

Being an ex-CIA agent isn’t the sole hidden. In a different twist, we find out about Lou’s connections to Hannah’s abusive husband.

What is Lou’s connection to Phillip?

In her CIA times, Lou went undercover in Iran to be close to a prominent person. While undercover she was able to introduce her son to the target and was able to keep him to protect her privacy. The name of the boy is Phillip!

As her work in Iran was progressing, Phillip was taken from her by the individuals they were investigating. They were doing this because they believed that Lou was an agent of the CIA. To protect herself, Lou didn’t reach out to help Phillip however Phillip was saved by the CIA intervened and saved him themselves.

When he was an adult, Phillip joined the US Army Special Forces before he got married to Hannah with whom he had a baby with Hannah.

Lou was able to track Phillip’s location and during the process, learned that he had not only become a war criminal, but he also was an unfaithful spouse to Hannah.

Lou has somehow orchestrated Hannah’s relocation to the Orcas Islands to allow her to get away from Phillip. Lou then moved closer to Hannah to keep an eye on the girl and Vee.

A few years later, Phillip ‘died’ after his home exploded. Phillip was probably executed by the authorities due to the war crimes he’d committed.

When she heard about the death of her son, Lou assumed Hannah was now secure. This is the reason why Lou was convinced that her days of defending Hannah had come to an end. believing that her duty was over, Lou decided to kill herself.

However, when Hannah informed her that Phillip that had arrived, Lou realized that her mission was not over.

Does Lou rescue Vee?

Phillip is the one who takes Vee into a lighthouse and installs explosives on it. It is possible that he was doing this because Phillip knew that Hannah along with his mum would be looking for him and that his goal was to kill everyone.

They’re not the only ones seeking Phillip However, Phillip isn’t the only one looking for him. The CIA is also following his trail, and not just his Lou’s as well since the documents she burned in the film included top-secret information on the CIA’s involvement in events that occurred in Iran.

Lou, as well as Hannah, are at the lighthouse. After an argument with them, Phillip attempts to activate the explosives. The plan fails however when Lou is able to disarm the explosive.

Hannah along with Vee escape to the forest for safety and Lou is able to take on Phillip to keep him from following the two. The mother and son fight on the beach while the CIA is spotted in the sky in the form of a helicopter. The battle between Phillip and Lou is calming down, and when Lou breaks down crying, Lou admits that she is not a good mom.

Their tearful reunion ended with the CIA shooting the two of them and, presumably, killing them.

Is Lou really dead?

Her body is seen sinking into the ocean, so it could be assumed she was killed.

Then, Hannah finds the letter from Lou and realizes that she is the inheritor of Lou’s home and the money. When officials from the government arrive to inquire about Lou, Hannah tells them that she doesn’t know Lou’s location or her history of her. It’s a lie since Hannah found Lou’s identity earlier but we’re able to guess that she was concerned about the safety of her and Vee.

We then follow Hannah and Vee traveling on a ship toward a new life in Seattle. The camera then turns towards a woman watching them both through a pair of binoculars. What is the identity of this lady? It’s evident by the bracelet she wears on her wrist, that she’s Lou who is watching her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter. In other words, she’s not really dead!

What’s the significance behind this scene?

What is the reason Lou keeping an eye on Hannah as well as Vee? Do you think it’s because Phillip is still alive, or is she concerned that the CIA is convinced that Hannah has incriminating evidence regarding Iran?

We’re not sure. Phillip is probably dead, and it could be that Lou is watching them both in the event that the CIA decides to ever take the two. Perhaps it’s just that Lou would like to remain near Hannah as well as Vee in the event that they fall into trouble of a different type.

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