Love in Contract Episode 12 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

In Love Contract Episode 12

Love in Contract bills itself as a vibrant and entertaining romantic K-drama. The main character is Cho Sang-Eun. She is an attractive, beautiful woman with charisma and talent. Cho Sang-Eun is an assistant in a program that offers wives to singles in need of partners to go to events specially designed for married couples, such as school reunions.

Cho Sang-Eun is a pro in her field, but she finds herself involved with Kang Hae-Jin. She has to split her time between them at different times of the day. You wouldn’t know it? A love triangle is beginning! Who will Sang-Eun select? We’ll have to wait and discover!

If you’ve been watching this drama, you might be interested to know what time the next episode will be scheduled to air. So, stop here!

Here’s everything you should be aware of concerning Love in Contract Episode 12 and the release date, time, and location to stream this.

Where can I watch the Love of my Life in Contract?

Love in Contract is available to stream on Viki and Viu in certain countries. For Koreans however, Love in Contract is currently on tvN. The show is on around 22.30 pm (KST).

The Love of Contract Episode 12 Date of Release

Love in Contract Episode 12 will be released on the 27th of October, at around 4 pm (GMT) at 11 pm (ET) The team of subtitles at Viki may be a bit slow when the entire episode has been completely subdued. But, you can expect subtitles will be more detailed. As for Viu, expect less delay.

Be aware that this show is being shown a day after on Viki and if it’s not showing in the time frame listed above, it might be worth watching within 24 hours. The episode will be completely transubbed.

Expect episode 12 to run around 1 hour and 9 mins long, which is in line with the length of time for other episodes.

How many episodes will Love in Contract be?

Love in Contract is a 16-episode K-drama with two episodes being released each week. In that light, we’ve got four additional episodes to follow this one.

Is There a Love Trailer under Contract?

Yes! There is the trailer of Love in Contract Season 1 below:

What Happened in Episode 11?

We’ll have the entire episode included in our quick (and long) recap that outlines every major plot point and analyzes the chapter in an associated review. It’s available below following the release date:


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