Love In Contract – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Redemption of Hae-Jin

Episode 13 of Love in Contract begins with Ji-Ho saving Yoo while on the road. Both are fine, but Ji-Ho suffers a broken arm. Sang-Eun arrives at Ji-Ho’s aid, concerned about Ji-Ho. You then tentatively thanks him for saving Yoo. You laughs at Ji-Ho’s suggestion that she file this as a hit-and-run case. She knows who is responsible and that it’s a warning from Chairman to stop the Sang-Eun/HaeJin ties from being ruined.

Hae-Jin, however, decides to be a good man and makes a public announcement that he and Sang Eun are no longer a couple and that they are splitting up. To let Sang-Eun know, he calls her and apologizes for his bad attitude. Sang-Eun encourages the young man to pursue happiness and promises to cheer him up from the sidelines.

Ji-Ho’s boss and coworkers arrive at Ji-Ho’s hospital to visit him. They have nothing but positive things to say about him. His boss comments on how gossip has stopped in the office and that Ji-Ho clearly cares about Sang-Eun. After they have handed over their gifts, the group leaves Sang-Eun for Ji-Ho to care for. He has a big smile on his face, and he is extremely grateful to her for helping him turn his work colleagues around.

Hae-Jin makes his public address, telling everyone to forget about Sang-Eun. Ji-Ho and SangEun end up watching the event together at the hospital. Ji-Ho comments on how good he is. Ji-Ho is afraid of the hospital and packs his stuff and prepares to go home for treatment.

Gwang-Nam takes them back, but Ji-Jo decides to stay at Ji Jo’s, while Ji-Ho stays at Sang-Eun’s, and she decides that she should take care of him.

While this is happening, Ji-Ho discovers more about Madame Yoo as well as why she lurks in the shadows surrounding Sang-Eun. It is clear that she has a strange maternal affection for Sang-Eun. This is further confirmed when we discover that she is actually her mother. Although she didn’t always have Sang-Eun’s best interests at heart, she wanted her to be elevated into the realm of royalty.

You can see that Sang-Eun is truly in love with Ji-Ho, even though Ji-Ho is living with them at the moment. Ji-Ho confronts Yoo, explaining that he knows Sang-Eun’s mother but still wants them to get along. He knows that Eena Group is threatening her, and by extension Sang-Eun.

Kang Seon Jin propositioned Sang-Eun while this is happening, and suggests that they get married. He believes he can jump from Hae Jin and dangle Yoo’s debts to make things work for him. He allows Sang-Eun to think about it and she then riffs to Ji-Ho and Gwang-Nam about what happened. They are interrupted by Hae Jin giving a huge speech and finally coming to terms live with their own insecurity and issues.

Episode Review

This week, Love in Contract brings you a new chapter for Hae Jin. It’s a satisfying series of scenes that he finally gets, highlighted by his appearances on TV and his help to Sang-Eun. This is a great way to round out his character but it’s also another sign that he has been truly wasted throughout this season. His actions are questionable at times.

Ji-Ho continues to be close to Sang-Eun and it’s wonderful to see them chatting and laughing together. This episode is a great example of their chemistry. It seems that Elena Group could be involved in more drama, which would leave the door open for the 3 remaining episodes.


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