Love In Contract – K-Drama Episode 8

Lingering Feelings

Episode 8 from Love in Contract begins with Sang-Eun, who is a regular guest, creating a mess in her flat. Gwang-Nam doesn’t seem to be very happy with the mess she leaves behind but seeing the final product her delectable cake alters his opinion. The cake doesn’t alter Ms. Yoo’s opinion, though. She immediately engages in an argument with Sang-Eun over her work and the meaning of being loved. Sang-Eun isn’t satisfied.

The next night, Sang-Eun and Ji-Ho are having their usual dinner however, it’s awkward sitting in silence. Ji-Ho finally reveals that he’s remembered the entire event that transpired during the night, and smiles as well. He’s definitely slowed down at times when he’s around her and his smile allows him to ease into the moment… up until she mentions her praise on his eyebrows and the way she’s crazy and she’s slightly embarrassed.

Gwang-Nam arrives to meet Hae-Jin. He decides to make him a bodyguard. Gwang-Nam doesn’t know what to think but decides to change his mind after he is presented with the monthly wage. The new job will require him to be close to Hae-Jin throughout the day however it’s a huge commitment. Gwang-Nam admits to being gay, but Hae-Jin smirks aside the issue as if it’s nothing. He points out the other friend is gay, too and it’s the misinterpretation as a gay person which irks him. The deal is sealed and Gwang-Nam decides to join his team in the end.

But the real problems for Hae-Jin are rooted in his family. Between his tense relationship with his father and brother, and the unfriendly manner, Hae-Jin is caught in a bind. As we’ve learned, the actor has been hired by Hae-Jin to play the part of his fake wife. However, this isn’t working for his family. They’re hoping to set the man up with a woman which will benefit the entire family and improve their status.

The following day, Ji-Ho and Sang-Eun set off together on another trip for work. However, this time Ji-Ho is more vigilant, helping Sang-Eun by bringing her golf ball and assisting her with her golf ball. All of this is a result of going to the forums earlier in the evening and asking random online users about Sang-Eun.

The situation for Sang-Eun is made more difficult when she finds out that Elena Group wants her to quit the country. Due to how she conducts her job and the situation with Ms. Yoo her attention is turned to Ji-Ho and decides to go to a restaurant and chat.

In the meantime, the girl meets Hae-Jin’s mom who invites them to go out and enjoy an alcoholic drink. It’s definitely a tense encounter as she is spotted while she’s moving through her books, and is wearing comfortable clothes, not exactly the image of sophistication she’s hoping for.

Sang-Eun is able to keep the cards near her chest. She makes impressions with Hae-Jin’s mother’s assistant, who shares how the class was radiating from her since she was able to understand the conversation that was taking place at the table next to her in French and also knew about the tea, too. For Hae-Jin’s mother, she’s not so sure and says she can recognize Sang-Eun’s face from someplace.

In the end, she thinks about whether she should examine Sang-Eun. This leads Hae-Jin to get involved with his own family. He threatens his mother with the loss of her sole son if she follows this route.

In the course of dinner with Ji-Ho Sang-Eun observes Ji-Ho’s vulnerable side, which includes Ji-Ho’s request for her to not abandon the country. After having a great dinner, Sang-Eun returns to her car but she has an issue.

Hae-Jin is in a total state in tizzy state, struggling and stumbling to keep himself from drinking and popping pills in his home. Sang-Eun doesn’t want to abandon him in that state, so she transports Hae-Jin back to his Hotel and then helps him get into his room. Photos are often taken and shared with the media with reports that she’s relaxed. Naturally, it comes on the heels of Ji-Ho saying goodbye to her and Sang-Eun saying she’ll be sleeping comfortably.

Ji-Ho sees the news, and as he sits with employees, she discovers they’re the ones that have responded to Ji-Ho on the forum that is anonymous. They aren’t aware that it’s actually them but their replies to the online query, which calls him an idiot, cause Ji-Ho to quit the forum.

Ji-Ho calls Sang-Eun to ask her to clarify why she was with HaeJin. She reveals the truth-telling her what happened however, Ji-Ho takes her by saying they should are meeting now.

Everything goes wrong when Sang-Eun appears on the premises of the hotel. The truth is that his ex-wife actually is there and she’s an attorney for the family of Haejin.

The Episode Review

Another great Episode in Love In Contract deepens the bonds between the characters but I don’t imagine a future with Hae-Jin and Sang Eun. The two aren’t mutually compatible and do not have a connection. Although his story is heartbreaking and more tender as compared to the past, it’s still not really romantically appealing.

In the meantime, Ji-Ho and Sang-Eun are clearly becoming closer and it’s wonderful to see Ji-Ho begin to recognize his own feelings after keeping them hidden for too long. The ending, however, looks like things are likely to turn upside down. Let’s go to the next  week


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