Love In Contract – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Car Kiss

Episode 9 of Love in Contract starts in the past with Ji-Ho moving from his parent’s home and starting his own life. He ends up sweating profusely in the room because it’s so hot. His roommate is a girl in a lower grade, and he protects her from the pervy boys by calling her his sister. Ji-Eun is his roommate. She quickly leaves the apartment complex to pursue bigger and better things. We now know her connection with Ji-Ho.

Presently, Jung Ji Eun introduces herself to Sang-Eun as Ji-Ho’s ex-wife. This shocks Sang Eun. Ji-Ho, however, ignores the woman and grabs Sang Eun’s arm before taking her outside. He explained that Ji-Eun was like family and that they were married, but then ended up splitting seven years ago.

Sang-Eun decides that she will walk the remainder of the way home. However, she points out that Ji-Ho’s ex-wife is not her concern. She wanted to know why he arrived at the hotel and why she drove home. Both of these things he has failed to tell her.

Hae-Jin arrives that night to see Sang Eun after his shoot. He is there to cheer her up. Oh, and to also return her purse. A drunk Ji-Ho sees him helping her and thinks it’s the attacker. Hae-Jin is thrown into the air and starts to slap him. Sang-Eun then jumps in and stops him. Ji-Ho falls asleep right as she pulls him away.

Hae-Jin invites his uncle to join the fray and help. Hae-Jin visits Sang-Eun while Ji-Ho is still asleep and unable to move. Hae-Jin sits with her and asks why she reacted so badly to the party. She replies that she was just living in the moment. Although she’s been skilled at flirting and seducing men, she has never found true love.

Hae-Jin leaves to go get more food. Ji-Ho wakes up and talks to Sang-Eun. He is worried that all they have shared together was just a part of the contract and not her real emotions. Ji-Ho says that he wants to be kissed, but Sang-Eun responds the same way, so Hae-Jin leaps in and kisses Sang-Eun instead.

Ji-Ho is a savage and tells Hae-Jin to stay within the boundaries. Hae-Jin retorts and tells Ji-Ho to stop seeing Sang Eun, as the pair have already confirmed their love for each other. But, it’s false. In fact, Sang Eun is flustered and tries to tell Hae Jin that she made a mistake. It is finally said, which crushes Hae Jin, who struggles to accept the news.

Miss Yoo discovers that Sang Eun is the mystery woman who is dating Hae Jin. Sang-Eun is told she has done well. She compares what she did to grasping a diamond rope while clinging to her wealth. Sang-Eun leans into this, taunting Yoo.. but she has her own scheme. She calls Mr. Choi to confirm that Sang-Eun is with Hae-Jin. They decide to create a picture together.

Sang-Eun arrives at Ji-Ho’s next appointment, and he points out that he has slandered her to his ex-wife. Ji-Ho explains that their earlier chat was to persuade him and find out where she truly feels. He also lied about her at the partyJi-Ho reveals that he was trying to tell her his true feelings at the hotel. Ji-Ho then leans forward to kiss her.

Episode Review

Ji-Ho finally has the courage to share his feelings with Sang-Eun. It is a wonderful moment for all of them. Although Ji-Ho seems confident in his actions, you know Miss Yoo will be causing havoc for them both in the future.

This episode gives Hae-Jin a little more attention. We do see a soft side of Hae Jin, which is a good thing. It’s unfortunate that this episode has taken so long. This is despite a questionable development, which was that he paid someone to take pictures of Sang Eun in private.

Regardless of what, the ending leaves plenty to be done for the remainder of the series. There will be lots more drama, I’m sure.


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