Love In Contract – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Secret Is Out

Episode 10 of Love in Contract opens with Sang-Eun coming home with a big smile. Until she sees Miss Yoo on the couch, judging her.

Ji-Ho rings her in bed to check on him, and she wants to talk. Ji-Ho is quite objective and tells her she should go to bed as she looks tired. He also mentions that Hae-Jin is her wife so she needs to rest. Ji-Ho compensates for the awkwardness by texting and asking for a meeting sooner as he misses her.

Gwang-Nam wakes Sang-Eun up, concerned that Madame Yoo is acting strangely. She’s actually made breakfast for them both. This is because she’s planning and organizing this wedding between Hae-Jin and her. She is also responsible for cleaning Sang-Eun’s room.

Ji-Ho, on the other hand, heads to work. He’s totally different. He greets everyone and is happy. His boss even invites him and Sang Eun to all work events.

As Madam Yoo plans to continue her scheme to move Sang Eun back to the residence and to arrange Hae-Jin’s marriage, all of this is about to come to an end. He is now pondering whether Sang Eun is playing hard to get along with him or really doesn’t want him to be with them.

Sang-Eun finally dispels all doubts and arrives to see HaeJin. She admits that she wants to go to the next step with Ji Ho. Hae-Jin doesn’t take no for an answer, and she asks for the same time as Ji-Ho. Sang-Eun doesn’t like it at all and says she wants to live her life now, away from Kangjin & Eena Group.

Instead, Sang-Eun heads back to Ji-Ho to see him. He takes her to the golfing range to teach him how to properly swing and improve for their next couple of dates. Ji-Ho’s boss arrives and the plans for their first dinner together are ruined.

Ji-Ho holds Sang-Eun’s hand while they eat dinner together. She also points out that they are trying to have a baby for deception.

Yoo’s plotting is far-reaching, especially when Ji Eun hears Sang Eun talking to Ji Ho on the phone at the grocery store. Hae-Jin rings her to inform her, and he goes on to say that this was just part of their arrangement. Ji-Eun believes Ji-Ho is also in trouble, but Hae Jin tells her to stop trying to get involved and instead focus on his privacy.

Hae-Jin appears suddenly to meet Sang-Eun just as she is about to arrive at Ji-Ho. Ji-Eun, however, shows up to point out that Ji-Ho’s relationship is not what he wants with Sang-Eun. She gives her card to him and asks him to stop playing “sick” with Sang-Eun. There are paparazzi everywhere and snap photos of the pair. Sang-Eun walks away eventually.

Sang-Eun actually shows up at Ji-Ho’s for the night. The pair then decide to accept each other as they are. It’s a very nice moment, and they decide to order food at the end. Sang-Eun’s shrimp had been ruined by Hae-Jin’s picking them up.

Sang-Eun also decides to end the contract with Hae Jin and get all in on Ji-Ho. Ji-Ho agrees with Ji-Ho that they should go out for food after the celebration.

Sang-Eun arrives at Hae-Jin to break the news and tell

him that she wants him to be happy. They resolve the issue amicably but there is a problem. Sang-Eun’s photo has been leaked by the news and it is now known who she is. It’s all over the internet and has gone viral.

Ji-Ho sees it all the time while at work and knows that this will undo all his hard work, especially if his bosses find out.

Episode Review

Love in Contract’s latest episode ends with a huge bombshell revelation featuring Hae Jin, who, let’s face it, hasn’t made a lot of impressions. This episode has been less about a love triangle than it was about a couple who are being hindered by business transactions. Although there are some moments that stand out, it’s a shame.

The chemistry between Sang Eun and Ji-Ho is fantastic and works well… until the end. It’s clear that all is lost and it’s not known what the repercussions will be. It is clear that Ji-Ho is in a world of turmoil, but it is not yet known how much.


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