Love In The Air Episode 12 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch 28/10/2022 by Val M

Love In The Air Episode 12

The Thai Bl’s have become famous for their romanticism and extremely sensual. Since the past couple of months, BL dramas produced in Thailand have received positive reception across the globe. Most recently, the latest BL drama that has been released will be Love In The Air: The Series based on a popular novel. The show features actor Boss (Payu Storm, also known as Storm), Noel (Rain), Fort (Prapai aka Strong Wind), and Peat (Sky).

The show is based on the lives of Rain and Sky as they journey towards finding love in spite of their circumstances. For Rain, the story begins as a test to convince his girlfriend that the guy, Payu, she likes is a man. The sky is suffering the effects of having a toxic relationship. Even as he attempts to get away from the prospect of a sexual partnership, Prapai comes into his life and shows him that people aren’t alike.

Where Can I Watch Love In The Air?

Love In The Air will be available to stream throughout Thailand through GMM25. The show will also air globally on IQIYI. Following its official release, the episodes of the show will be accessible on the MeMindY official YouTube channel each Thursday.

Love In The Air Episode 12 Release Date

Episode 12 from Love In The Air will launch on Thursday, November 3rd at 4 pm GMT.

Season 1 to include 13 episodes, with each one lasting around 50 minutes. Additionally, expect episodes to be released with subtitles, too.

How Many Episodes Will Love In The Air Season 1 Have?

Love In The Air will include a total of 12 main episodes, as well as one special episode to air after the 12 episodes have been air. The show will air as an ongoing drama, with one episode airing every week. Episode 12 will be the season’s finale to Love In The Air with an exclusive episode of the show’s premiere a week after the 12th episode.

In Episode 11, we observed the way Sky was gradually warming up to Prapai and was finally able to accept Prapai after witnessing his unrelenting efforts. In spite of his past trauma, Sky hopes he can believe in Prapai. Prepaid is fully committed to the relationship he has with Sky while he creates an edgy brooch for himself. He would like to announce to the world that he is an unfaithful man. He also erases the numbers of his ex-girlfriends as well as his hook-up partners willingly, which proves his dedication to Sky.

In the next installment, it will have lots of romantic moments between Sky as well as Prapai as they begin the process of becoming each other’s friends. As the teaser tease, Prapai and Sky act like a couple which seems odd for Sky but is natural for Prapai.

Is There A Trailer For Love In The Air Season 1 Episode 12?

It is! There is a movie trailer for Love In The Air Episode 12 here:

What Happened In Episode 11?

The whole episode has been complete with helpful (and long) recaps that go over the major plot elements and analysis of the chapter and a follow-up review. The recaps are available below:


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