Love In The Air -Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

not just rain, but a Raging Storm

The first episode of Love in the Air starts with two boys chasing an unidentified truck as it arrives at its destination. The truck is packed with racer bikes, which is a reference to bikes. When Sky’s buddy Sky wants for him to slow down, Rain, one of the two boys, rushes toward the bikes. The bike race that is illegal is about to begin, as Rain is actually searching for somebody known as Phayu. The security personnel is able to capture Rain but Rain kicks them before running away.

The commotion is noticed by Phayu himself observes. Rain puts a stop to Rain mid-stride and hands Rain the security guard. Rain is shocked when he discovers that the man who holds Rain is Rain. The story rewinds forward three weeks ago when Rain is driving his car while it pours down heavily. He is listening to a radio station called “Love in the Air” when his car fails on the highway. While Rain struggles in the vehicle, a bicycle is seen helping him by repairing his tire.

The biker is not a different name than Phayu. Rain thanks Phayu and is thrilled when he looks at the face of the biker. Two-way ways are that Rain is still in awe of Phayu. On the next school day, Rain shares with his classmate Sky about the incident with the biker whose name Rain was not yet able to catch. Sky wants Rain to let go of the person he has no idea about. When Rain’s alleged crush Ple begins to get exuberant about Phayu, Rain is annoyed and is determined to discover who the man is.

According to his acquaintances, Phayu is a model former student at the university and has won numerous design awards. Ple adds that Phayu is extremely attractive and gifted. Incredulous that his crush is unable to stop praising Phayu, Rain is adamant to find Phayu. As per Sky Ple and Sky Ple, Phayu has this mysterious look about him and no one is sure what kind of business Phayu’s family is involved in.

In the meantime, Phayu is at a garage, where he is examining the bike, which is believed to belong to a high-ranking client. In the college cafeteria, Ple talks about her brother’s love for Phayu however Rain is disgusting homophobic remarks that make the situation uncomfortable. The sky is trying to get sensibility out of Rain and Ple’s protests about Rain’s homophobic remarks. She walks away and Rain declares that he’ll attempt to win back his crush.

After classes, Ple is able to stop avoiding Rain completely which leaves him dissatisfied. The story continues to a college frat event in which Rain is attending the frat party, where his peers discuss Phayu. They are wondering why Rain isn’t aware of Phayu while they sing praises for Phayu, the former student. Then, Phayu arrives at the celebration. Rain is able to see Phayu as the handsome young man who helped him, but he is irritated when Phayu doesn’t remember having met Phayu.

He returns to his car, sad, and attempts to start car. It turns out that the car isn’t working and Rain is trying to contact assistance in his anger. Phayu is able to see Rain struggling to get into the car and inquires about what is he doing. Rain is begging Phayu to assist him, but Phayu believed that the other is just trying to lure him. Rain is stunned and wonders if he has heard Phayu correctly.

Phayu looked over the vehicle and informs Rain that he might have to transport the vehicle into the garage. When he’s about to depart, Rain convinces Phayu to remain and help Phayu out, instead of leaving him. Phayu contacts his friend to ask for help, and Rain is certain that a good-looking guy’ like Phayu is not gay. Rain accepts to stay for the night with Phayu since it’s been the day that it was raining heavily. After arriving at their home Phayu, Rain learns that Phayu’s family business is based around luxury automobiles.

Rain questions him about the amount to pay for the car repair when Phayu invites him to sit next to him. Phayu begins to help Rain dry her hair and suddenly, he kisses his neck. He is straddling Rain and Rain is stunned when Phayu asks Phayu whether he is gay. Phayu confirms that he’s bisexual and says that Rain initially approached him. Phayu declares that Rain was dropping hints throughout the years to meet Phayu, however, Rain claims that the senior thought he was a liar.

Despite Rain’s outright disapproval, Phayu starts kissing Rain all over his neck. After a few minutes, Rain is upset and insists on pushing Phayu back, but he does not let up. Rain is able to force him to leave himself and then screams at Phayu for pushing him to. He’s getting ready to leave his room of Phayu when the biker informs him that the mechanics will not be awake enough to fix his car until later. He informs Rain that he’s able to rest on the couch and vows to not ever again be a victim to him.

Phayu lies down to sleep in his bed, and Rain is forced to surrender and lie down at the table. Because it’s cold and Rain is without any blankets, he attempts to get to sleep on the couch, but he is unable to do it. He sneaks into the bed of Phayu and then slowly lies down beneath the blanket. In the morning, Rain and Phayu wake up next to each other and begin to argue during which Rain calls the biker an a$$.

Phayu is able to snare Rain but he is able to escape after Phayu attempts to smack him. Noticing that the doors of rooms are closed, Rain is begging Phayu to unlock the doors. While he’s doing so, Phayu sneaks a kiss on his cheek of Rain. Rain runs out and vows to let everyone know about the fact that Phayu was gay. A week later, at school, Sky asks Rain about his moody attitude during the past week. After Sky refers to Phayu, Rain is further annoyed.

The sky is trying to defend Phayu but does not know Rain’s issues with the alumni that irritate Rain to the extreme. Sky takes the blame for the roaring thunder and the bad weather. Rain receives a telephone call from the garage regarding his car, and is angry that he has to wait to meet Phayu. The garage is closed, and Phayu does not have enough cash to pay for the repair bill. The garage owner informs an employee at the front desk that Rain was Phayu’s boy and invites Rain to his room of Phayu.

Rain informs him that he’s got an appointment to attend to and rushes off to pick up the car. The mechanic lists the work they’ve made to Rain’s car, and he’s confused about how much his total bill will be. He is stunned when the mechanic informs Rain that the work was completed for free as the mechanic was Phayu’s boy. Rain remains a bit agitated and heads off with his car, but he doesn’t meet Phayu.

A mechanic tells Phayu about Rain and asks him to think about what he plans for the near future. The epilogue reveals that Phayu was awake in the late hours of the night after Rain was able to sneak into his bed. Phayu is able to cover the boy and says that he’s become more interested in him since Rain lies down to embrace Phayu in a way that is subconscious.

The Episode Review

My resentment with the physical assaults and the forced first romantic relationship that is common in Thai BL dramas isn’t going to ever be resolved in the near future and, from the looks like it, this initial season of Love In The Air really does not feel right due to the same reasons. Phayu is certainly amazing as a person, but the way he acted was to make himself vulnerable to Rain despite her constantly begging Phayu to put down his petty ways.

While I am a huge fan of the concept of the program, on the other hand, I found myself shocked by the sexually romantic assault. This one element of the show was left to the side I really like how Phayu and Rain were able to meet at a very natural pace when Rain’s vehicle broke down. Rain is cute and funny and I’m sure the chemistry between these two actors is the icing on the cake.

Rain is a typical submissive bottom that wants to fight against the top but ultimately gets caught in the trap of the coy top, Phayu. The show is filled with the same slapstick humor with a similar flow that is medium-paced. The music is also generic but I’m excited to learn the dark side of the race on the road and the ways in which Phayu is tied to the race.

New Episode
Expect An All-Season Write-Up After The Season Ends!


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