Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Could You Be the Sky That Becomes my Destination?

Episode 10 from Love in the Air starts with Prapai calling his father on the phone. The businessman admits that he took leave from work due to his wife being sick. He assures his father that there was no snooping this time and is very serious regarding his love life. Sky awakes and is shocked by the sight of Prapai inside his apartment.

He tries to pull Prapai away, but the latter declares that Sky was clinging to Prapai all night. A flashback of the past shows Sky experiencing his typical nightmare and the way Prapai helped him to recover by securing him. In the present, Prapai makes fun of him for the way Sky was a hug for him, and Sky would like to be free from him completely.

Prepaid set Sky to sleep and begins caring for Sky. Prepaid is able to bring his work into bed together with Sky and continues to attend to him during his sleep. The businessman also delivers food and aids him throughout the day. Sky holds on to Prapai in the midst of another night, following his nightmare. After Sky is completely recovered, he asks Prapai to let him go and the biker jokes that Sky is not a mercy.

Prepaid wants to know what he can expect as a reward for taking his care and Sky declares that if sexual intimacy is all he needs he’s not going to get it. Sky explains that he is looking to establish a relationship with him but requests that he not be blocking his phone. Prepaid is asked to go after Sky and leaves to work.

The sky begins to smile to himself at the moment Prapai departs, however, the biker unlocks the door to inform him there was food in the fridge to take a bite of. The sky is rushing and kisses Prapai on the cheek before saying goodbye and locking his door. Prepaid is smiling after Prapai has gone. In the meantime, Prapai is invited to another race where he runs into and has a chat with Payu.

The race gets delayed due to weather conditions. Payu claims that he will attend the ceremony for freshers at Rain and Sky’s University. The last part of the orientation for freshers is the last Cheer and Prapai will be joining Payu during the ceremony. Rain and his pals keep Sky from working as Sky just got back from a bout of illness.

Sky suffers a tough time, as his fever appears to be returning. He is shocked to find Prapai at the University. Prepaid checks on Sky and gives Sky his medicine. The sky is able to take the medication and attempts to sleep in Prapai’s arms. Prepaid suggests driving Sky home since he’s sick however Sky is keen to stay to watch the ceremony that will conclude.

The biker informs Sky that he might appear like a professional, but his motives with Sky are sincere and he truly wants to build an intimate relationship with him. The next day the seniors greet all juniors by tying threads onto their wrists. Prepaid is content while he watches Sky taking in the festivities.

The sky is waiting at the gate, bidding juniors farewell, when Prapai is also there. Sky returns to his typical fighting with Prapai however, the latter asks to be rewarded for his caretaking for Sky the night prior. The sky is concerned about what Prapai is going to request, however, the biker requests the student to acknowledge him with a smile.

The sky is shocked, however, Sky and his partner are interrupted by a group of new students. Freshers express their gratitude to Sky for his dedication regardless of his health issues to offer them an opportunity to celebrate. When they are gone, Prapai asks Sky to be honest and smile if he is truly happy with the praise. The sky starts smiling from ear-to-ear and Prapai is thrilled to see Sky’s smile.

Sky and Prapai return to their apartment and Prapai is watching Sky at night before bed following. Prepaid is losing his head about not being able to connect with Sky but he attempts to calm himself. Sky thinks about why he’s not getting angry over Prapai’s advances. The sky is wondering if he’s started admiring Prapai. Prepaid invites Sky on a trip to the Korean restaurant he has been to together with Rain Payu and Payu previously.

Because Prapai is an entrepreneur that is associated with the restaurant’s owner Sky is greeted by him. The sky is left stunned by the power of Prapai’s influence. Prepaid promises to bring Sky to better establishments in the future. Sky claims the fact that Prapai is the kind of person who could be with anyone, and Prapai admits that he has never been with anyone since he first met Sky.

In the complex where they live, P’Joy is gossiping about Sky and Prapai as the couple makes an appearance at the structure. Sky admits that he is not in a relationship with Prapai and that the businessman was there to assist Sky to recuperate from his illness. P’Joy and the other characters remain convinced of the fact that Sky as well as Prapai were in a relationship. Sky dislikes people who think that they know the truth about Prapai’s relationship. Prepaid.

The two reach Sky’s home and Prapai stays with Sky while the student focuses on his job. Prepaid holds on to Sky and Sky appears to be warming to the concept of Papai. He starts writing his journal while Prapai changes into comfortable clothes. As they sit next to each one another, Prapai draws the symbol of wind on Sky’s palm and Sky is back with the same gesture, drawing a neater symbol of Prapai’s hand.

After Sky is finished with the work, Prapai ass him to sit down for dinner together. The two begin discussing their personal lives, and Sky appears to be comfortable sharing more details regarding his personal life with Prapai. After they have the most romantic time, Prapai leans in to kiss Sky who was anticipating the kiss, but he stops before doing it. Prepaid says he’ll keep his distance until Sky is prepared.

Prepaid spends the night in their room of Sky, however, Sky’s student won’t allow him to share his bed and requests Prapai to lie on the ground. As he is forced to leave and return to his home, Prapai agrees to sleep on the floor. Sky and Prapai Sky and Prapai take a look at the sketches on their hands before they fall asleep.

The introduction explains the way Prapai found online ways to care for the sick. He helped Sky recover after becoming sick by changing his bedding and offering him a bath with a sponge and even calling his mother to inquire about remedies in order for Sky to recover. Sky’s journal entries are revealed and he also notes his favorite things Prapai enjoys, such as biking.

The Episode Review

Do you think everyone would like someone similar to Prapai for their own lives? It’s so adorable to watch how Sky is becoming increasingly loved by Prapai. They’re very enjoyable together, but I can’t help but notice the speed at which their romance appears. Because the creators chose to separate the two stories, it appears overly quick the way Rain and Payu and Sky and Prapai were able to fall in love at such a young age.

I am sure that the next two episodes will be about the way Prapai and Sky begin dating they are the most romantic couple, and it is the kind of relationship Sky really deserves. I would like that the show could have more episodes, but we’ll be forced to accept the reality that there are only two episodes left of the show left before that special final.


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