Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

Episode 12 of Love in the Air starts with Prapai helping Sky with his college assignment. After Prapai is able to cut his finger by using an edge Sky is concerned regarding the cyclist. The sky starts ranting about Prapai not being cautious and makes the biker smile. The student soothes his friend’s wound using the ointment. Prapai makes fun of Sky and smacks Sky, making him laugh.

Prapai says to Sky that his injury will heal quicker when Sky kisses the wound and Sky agrees to the request. It is a shock to Prapai. Later that day Prapai has a rendezvous with Saifah who is puzzled as to why the cyclist is so focused on his finger. Prapai begins to talk about how he feels about Sky when Payu is also there.

The twin brothers joke with Prapai about being lovers while the businessman receives an email from Sky which prompts him to end the conversation. Sky has requested Prapai to buy stationary at a shop that offers items for sale at a bargain price. Prapai says that the stationery is less expensive at University as well as exposes Sky for making up the prices to get to know Prapai. The couple then goes on an evening date, in which Sky is grilling up meat for Prapai to enjoy.

Prapai attempts to feed Sky by removing his hands. The sky is reluctant because they’re in public but eventually, the student agrees to eat the meat piece as Prapai makes a public announcement to the staff of the restaurant. Prapai is able to ask Sky what caused his cheeks to be red due to the chaotic exchange. Sky says Sky was not blushing, it was just the weather. In the next few minutes, Prapai gets a call from a friend who wants to go to an event for his birthday.

Prapai Sky and Sky are staying at Sky’s home where Sky is preparing gifts for the birthday person to that he was invited. Prapai doesn’t want to go away with Sky to return to his home by himself and requests Sky to join Sky. Sky and Prapai end up talking about their last visit to Prapai’s place and then end up getting married while they openly confess their love to one another.

After their intense night of make-up, Prapai drives to his friend’s birthday party, and then leaves Sky at home in Sky’s car. Prapai would like to attend the event before taking Sky back home. After Prapai has gone home to return home, Sky is embarrassed about how he revealed his feelings towards Prapai however, he still blushes. In the home, Prapai meets his friends, as well as other people, had an affair with.

Prapai attempts to get home when he meets Bas the girl who was his former fling. Sky has to go to the bathroom, so he exits the car. When he gets to the bathroom he hears two women discussing Prapai the Payu’s other popularity the women and men who attended the event. They assert that Payu isn’t on the market since he has one now, however, Prapai is still a person they want to chase because he’s easy to get.

Sky gets uncomfortable and starts to walk out of the room after Sky sees Prapai in the pool, with Bas who is drooling over him. The sky is upset and starts to cry as he walks toward the vehicle. In his car reminisces about the time he was a victim of his ex-boyfriend Gun and cried because he was injured once more.

Prapai attempts to dissociate him from Bas and then he talks to his ex-fling about Sky and says that she is the most adorable person he’s ever had the pleasure of spending time with. Prapai demands Bas to stop looking at him as if the man was taken and heads off to the car. Prapai spots Sky asleep in the car and kisses him on the cheek prior to taking Sky back home. After Prapai departs his car, Gun’s friend known as Petch calls him to inform Prapai about Sky being in love with Prapai.

Inside the vehicle, Sky is upset about how he fell the love with Prapai. In the following hours, Sky keeps blowing Prapai off by not seeing Prapai or even responding to his messages and calls. Sky goes to the point that he stays together with Sig in his home and not going back to his apartment, in the knowledge that Prapai will be waiting for him at the door.

Prapai is furious because he is unable to reach Sky while P’Joy’s concerned because she’s never witnessed an entrepreneur so angry. Prapai’s family is also concerned about his anger. The biker phone calls Sky via one of his mobile phones and Sky insists that the joke was merely a prank on Prapai but Sky claims that Prapai did not take his joke seriously.

Sky says he did not feel any affection towards the cyclist and wants to stop his prank entirely. Sky informs Sig that he’s changing apartments and will never go back to his previous home. After a week, since his last encounter with Prapai Prapai, Sky goes back to his home in order to find one of his notebooks from the past.

When they get inside, Sky gets worried when Sky can’t locate the notebook, only for Prapai to sit in the room with a dark curtain behind him with the book in his hands. Prapai shares the sweet notes Sky had written about Prapai during the course of their friendship.

The sky is crying and asks Prapai to quit because he is tired of the pain of being injured again. Prapai soothes Sky and they reconcile after they share their love for one another. The biker assures Sky that he has an eye for Sky and not anyone else. The sky is unsure of Prapai what he can do to do to ensure that he doesn’t let Prapai be bored of Prapai. Prapai assures the cyclist that just being who the way he is.

The student confesses that he had a turbulent past relationship and didn’t want to hurt anyone due to the fact that he had seen Prapai with another person at the same party. Prapai assures Sky that he’s not Sky’s ex. He also claims that Prapai was in love with the girl.

The following morning, Rain in a chaotic manner interrogates Sky as well as Prapai concerning their relationship. Prapai and Rain argue while Payu and Sky are able to watch the two individuals who create chaos. Sky eventually defends Prapai while leaving Rain in shock.

The Episode Review

I feel this show may be getting close to an end, but I’d like to see the producers would have discussed Sky’s past experiences a little earlier. The sky, as well as Prapai, are soulmates. Sky has a history that has a lot of trust problems.

If the show had been a linear story with the tales that both partners had told simultaneously we might have seen the show run for longer with more episodes.

With more episodes, the viewers could also be able to relate to the tragedy, but there are a handful of things to anticipate from Thai B-L shows based on the way they’re produced. Sky and Prapai’s tale is more intense than Rain or Payu which is what makes the second part of Love in the Air much more important.

I’m looking forward to the season’s finale. From what I can see, Prapai will help Sky over his trauma, as well as the pair is likely to be happy.

The tale of a footballer and bad guy like Prapai falling attracted to a tragic guy like Sky is very intriguing and I’d like to see the makers would have spent more time on the unique story of SkyPai.


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