Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

I Love Phayu (Storm) and I’m Not talking about the weather.

In episode 2. Love in The Air starts with Rain returning to his car after returning his vehicle from Phayu’s garage. Rain then receives a phone message from the man himself.

Rain is puzzled as to how Phayu found his phone number and he recalls writing it on the slip to the customer when he was released that the automobile was out. He considers Phayu unprofessional, while the biker demands Rain reimburse the repair costs. Phayu insists that Rain doesn’t have to pay cash, but in kind, which will leave the biker wondering. Phayu asks Rain to behave respectfully with all those around him to avoid punishment and then ends the call.

Rain causes a lot of frustration when Phayu hears the forecast for the weather on the radio that warns people of regular thunderstorms (in Thai, phayu/play). After the call has ended Phayu’s younger brother questions him about his cheerful mood, however, Phayu goes off on a tangent. At the University, Sky wonders why Rain is always hiding behind the pillars. Sky laughs at a clearly terrified Rain while they enter the building. After entering, Rain is shocked after he sees Phayu.

The biker attempts at dragging Rain away, but he’s uneasy. Phayu informs Rain’s fellow students that he’s here to collect the fees owed by Rain. He says that he already collected half from Rain and was now here to pay the rest. He is about to confess that he stole into a kiss with Rain but the latter is able to cover his mouth with his own. Rain is dragging Phayu alongside him while Sky is left confused by their relationship.

Rain drags Phayu to the room for men and the former nags Phayu about paying the cost of the car repair. Phayu is standing up near Rain’s face while the younger one is feeling overwhelmed. When they hear noises from outside Rain takes Phayu to a bathroom that’s empty. Phayu begins to feel the body of Rain however, the latter demands that Phayu stop. The biker requests Rain to politely request Phayu to stop, using honorifics within his sentences. Rain is determined not to let in, and Phayu is tempted to kiss Phayu.

When he begins to create confusion, Phayu is quick to warn Rain about people who might hear him and starts to swoop his mouth over Rain’s neck and face. Rain initially is confused but finally gives in and courteously insisting Phayu just stop. Phayu continues to torture Rain and asks Rain to swear not to swear at Phayu in the future. After a couple of minutes, Phayu lets Rain go and the boy scurries from the bathroom quickly.

Phayu is following Rain and says that he was only doing what was done because Rain was not able to adhere to his end of the deal and continued to curse at Phayu. Rain is unsure of Phayu whether is forcing himself on Rain but Phayu is able to calm himself and declares that he’s kind. Phayu quits Rain by announcing, asking for him to reconsider his use of bad words. After Phayu goes, Rain cusses him out after he realizes that she’s an obnoxious boner. Sky discovers Rain in the men’s bathroom and is in awe of Rain’s response.

After a few minutes, Rain rushes to the cafeteria, and finds his brother Som there. Some questions Som about the weaknesses of Phayu, however, Som only has positive comments about the former student. Rain is a bit rough with Som and they have a heated argument. Sky intervenes and apologizes to Som when he goes off. In the meantime, Rain tries to warn Ple against Phayu but she also cuts her off while following Som.

Sky confronts Rain over his conduct, but he rebuts by saying that he’s going to give Phayu an important lesson. He then Sky asks Sky for assistance. Sky eventually caves in without warning. The story then shifts to a race on two bikes racing with the blue biker Phayu beating his rival Prapai. It’s started to rain, and Prapai declares that they should have gone because he remembers that they did not like the rain. Phayu declares that he is no longer averse to rain.

The show then goes back to the night, when Rain stopped the bicycle race. Phayu suddenly declares that he knew that it would rain soon. On the contrary, Rain wonders if Sky got the correct information about Phayu’s presence in the race via his previous. Rain goes on to leave Sky to himself as he walks into the location. Sky does not want to go with his path as Rain is looking for Phayu. Rain is pursued by security after Phayu detects the disturbance and then catches Rain. Phayu assumes responsibility for Rain and insists on security not ignoring the disturbance.

In his home, Phayu begins spanking Rain. Rain questions what Phayu did as Phayu gets up from his chair. Phayu tells Rain that Rain was at risk in the absence of Phayu. Phayu is furious at Rain and gets angry at him by stating that being caught by an illegal race without permission could be a major blow to his future. Rain is angry with Phayu and responds by admonishing Phayu for calling Rain dumb. Rain abruptly grabs grip on Phayu’s face, and kisses him hard.

After breaking the news, Rain promises to make Phayu be in love with him to the point that he will never consider Rain stupid. Phayu responds to the kiss with the same passion and insists on Rain keep it going before leaving Rain in peace, regretting his error. After leaving the room Phayu considers Rain’s promise, and thinks about whether Rain would have kept the promise if he had known Phayu better. Rain regrets his actions the next morning when the day begins in the room of Phayu’s home.

Phayu offers him a new set of clothes, and the two argue about Rain not keeping his word. Phayu annoys Rain by providing him with small-sized, underwear. The breakfast table is where they argue over the underwear a bit more before Phayu requests Rain to complete his breakfast. Rain looks over an unfinished architectural project Phayu had been working on behalf of his clients. Rain expresses his wish to tackle something similar to this in the near future.

While Rain examines the work, Phayu sneaks up behind him and gazes into his eyes, distracting him briefly. Phayu mentions the fact that Rain was wearing pants and mocks him for the situation. Rain is angry and continues eating his breakfast while Phayu observes him. Phayu is then able to drop Rain at his house, where Rain instigates Rain. Rain promises Phayu that he will get the biker to take a liking to Phayu in the next month.

Phayu is impressed by Rain’s new request and requests him to take the party. In his home, Rain wonders if Phayu is dancing to his tune, but Phayu dismisses the notion. The episode concludes with a prelude from the night of the race that was illegal where Phayu contacts his boss to resign and pulls back from the race following Rain causing a disturbance on the track. Prepaid is surprised that Phayu ignores an important race, and Phayu declares his opinion that Rain has more important to him.

the Episode Review

This episode was more enjoyable than the previous and the bond of Phayu with Rain is so real. Rain’s motive for wanting to meet Phayu is so simple and unsettling I love the way it is presented. I’m sure the creators made it clear they knew that Phayu was bi during the initial episode, but I’m hoping that the show will provide us with insights into the reasons that Rain discovers his sexuality once the time is right.

Being aware of the kind of attention Thai BL dramas typically go I’m sure there won’t be any announcement about it, but one is only hoping!

I think that all the other characters in the show serve as enablers to Rain and Phayu’s relationship. I like Sky because of how supportive he is Rain. But, calling your loved ones out when they’re not right is excellent quality as a friend, so Sky, Ple, and Som are definitely worthy of some brownie points for their actions.

I am awestruck by the fact that Love In The Air is not attempting to clean up the harmful mindset of homophobic characters prior to offering them a redemption story instead of showing viewers an example of homophobia being pointed out.

Phayu’s lifestyle seems fairly normal for a motorcyclist who’s illegal. I’m hoping that the next episode will provide the tension and drama surrounding the race since the pace of the show is pretty slow as of now.


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