Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

I like rain and I’m Not Talking About the Weather

Episode 3 from Love In The Air starts with Prapai greeting Phayu in his garage. Prepaid asks himself why he is so excited and thanks Prapai for something Phayu is unable to comprehend. Phayu thinks about what is going on with his friend when the thought comes to mind of Rain after Prapai has gone. Rain is in class, and the student feels overwhelmed when seeing his calendar for the month ahead.

He is aware that he has back-to-back assignments and submissions. The sky is confused as to what is the reason Rain is overwhelmed and Rain informs his friend that he’s trying to convince the boy to accept him within 30 days. The sky is initially shocked Sky’s friend has been trying to get the affection of the boy. Sky tells Sky that the first thing to do is to always appear before the boy he’s looking to please.

Rain is determined to meet Phayu frequently in order to get him to fall for Rain. Rain then plans to meet Phayu at the garage, but is turned back due to Phayu’s biker isn’t there. Rain is devastated when the biker returns to his home. After being unable to be with Phayu for 4 days, Rain loses all of his energy boosters from the first day and lies down in his art studio.

Sky discovers Rain and attempts to encourage him by encouraging him to go through the difficulties and find the way to his personal path. At that point, Rain gets a text from Phayu whom he tells Rain that Rain has a better way to reach him. Rain is thrilled when he heads off to the garage. He asks for help from the garage’s mechanic who informs him that a quick phone call to Phayu could be the key to seeing Phayu.

Rain is calling Phayu but the biker doesn’t respond. The student caves in and send a heartfelt plea to Phayu which prompts him to respond to Rain. He requests Rain to stay with them in his garage. Rain is delighted that he has succeeded in his first task. He sits at the back of the garage sometime before Phayu’s brother Saifah is able to check on Rain. Sarah says to Rain that he’s not the only person waiting for long hours to wait for Phayu to appear.

Rain informs him that he does not have affection for Phayu and that he is there to visit Phayu. Phayu is there and Saifah stands up, yelling at the man for making Rain sit to wait for two whole hours. Rain is angry and decides to leave the scene when Phayu is able to stop him dead in his tracks. Rain states that he doesn’t want to bother Phayu further and demands to be taken home.

Phayu realizes that he’s insecure and is enthralled by jealousy of Rain. He asks Rain to get him to feel so in love that Phayu has only eyes for Rain. He then compels Rain to eat together, and then drags him to the restaurant. The restaurant is where Rain orders food, however, Phayu does not place an order yet. In the meantime, Phayu places an order for Rain by himself. In a discussion, Phayu calls Rain silly, which pisses him off. Phayu is now staring at Rain and then teasing Phayu about the fact that Phayu was trying to pursue Phayu.

The rain feels embarrassed. She asks Phayu to talk softly since they were in the open. Phayu is the one to instigate Rain and asks Phayu to resign when he isn’t committed to the possibility of pursuing Phayu. Rain is furious at this statement and informs the waiter and other diners that he is going to have Phayu fall in love with Phayu. Phayu is delighted to discover that Rain has fallen for his scheme. He finds Rain stupid, which angers him.

The two dine while Phayu continues to make fun of Rain. The two leave the restaurant once Rain is still furious because Phayu keeps calling him stupid. Phayu says to Rain that he must begin replacing the word stupid” with ‘cute’ from now forward. Rain is embarrassed by their comment about Phayu as he thinks of every time the biker dismissed him as stupid.

The following morning, Rain seems to be nauseous in school, but he is able to light up whenever Phayu texts him. Both Ple as well as Sky are concerned about Rain’s inattention during class and request Rain to focus, but Rain persists in texting Phayu. Phayu also seems to be taking his work for granted in response to texts from Rain. Following class Rain leaves, and Rain Sky isn’t letting him go, asking him to complete his homework.

Rain declares that he will have to do it again later and departs before Ple gets the chance to speak to Ple. Sky thinks that Rain did not realize that the girl he was in love with Ple. Rain is in the garage, waiting for Phayu as he works on his work. When Phayu is here, Rain hands him the snacks he came to hand out. He becomes nervous when Phayu looks at him.

The biker requests the biker to bring Rain out for a date, and he sets his homework aside in order to meet Phayu. Rain is up all evening to finish his assignments. Contemplating that there are just a few hours until the time to leave to go to college, he takes an afternoon nap, where he fantasizes about Phayu. Rain’s mom wakes him up to go to school the next day, and it transpires, he’s tardy.

Rain is late to college, but the professor criticizes him for not submitting his work on time. Despite Rain’s pleas for mercy, the professor is unable to give Rain an extension to submit his paper and reprimands him. Ple and Sky attempt to comfort Rain but he’s angry. Rain assures them that he’s fine and needed some time to rest. But, Rain finds himself outside Phayu’s garage, soaking up the rain.

Sarah lets Rain stay inside, stating that Phayu was at work. Sarah contacts Phayu who immediately leaves work to go to Rain. In the room Phayu, Rain is sad about the events in class. Meanwhile, Phayu drives in the rain to arrive at Rain. After seeing Phayu Rain, Rain falls down in a flash when the biker consoles the student over what transpired.

Rain is puzzled as to why he faked ignorance about the scolding of his classmates, but then immediately broke down when he saw Phayu. When Rain changes, Phayu looks over Rain’s assignments and informs Rain that the professor was right in the actions he took.

Phayu explains to Rain why it is crucial for him to be aware of his priorities and keep an equilibrium between his academic as well as personal. Phayu explains that while as a student Phayu had the same situation, which he later consoles Rain. A prologue to the episode illustrates Phayu conversing with Saifah in the afternoon after the frat celebration. In the end, Phayu had seen a picture of Rain prior to the event and remembered the night in the rain, when he assisted the student change his tire.

The Episode Review

The show is gradually getting better with each episode, however, Love In The Air still is the typical Thai BL show in many ways. The trailer seemed to suggest that there was something extremely uncertain about Phayu’s situation that could put Rain in danger. It seems that we’re having a hard time getting to that point. The show is entertaining so far, and who would think that a missed homework assignment could lead Rain to recognize his feelings toward Phayu? Great job with the fighting!

The show has a lot of similarities to other peers, but I really enjoy Sky’s character. Sky. I like that we have a safe calm, logical partner for Rain and I’d like to find out how he can find his way into Prapai’s heart as the series progresses. Phayu appears to be in a state of gaslighting and manipulating Rain but as their bond can be so intense it’s best to just let it go, right?


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